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Wade, Chauncey C. Title: Chauncey C. Wade papers
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: Papers of a soldier with the 339th Infantry in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1920, the "Polar Bear Expedition."
Waggoner, Raymond W. (Raymond Walter), 1901-2000 Title: Raymond W. Waggoner Papers
Extent: 15.5 linear feet
Abstract: Neuropsychiatrist, professor of psychiatry and chair of the department at the University of Michigan. Professional papers, chairman's files of department of psychiatry.
Wait, Clara Hadley. Title: Clara Hadley Wait papers
Extent: 16 volumes (in 1 box)
Abstract: Member of the Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution; scrapbooks, journals, and photograph albums.
Waite, John Barker, 1882- Title: John Barker Waite papers
Extent: 0.2 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of law at the University of Michigan. Correspondence with editors and others regarding articles submitted and published in popular and legal journals.
Walker, Bryant, 1856-1936 Title: Bryant Walker papers
Extent: 10 linear feet
Abstract: Detroit, Michigan attorney, shell collector and student of conchology. Correspondence, notebooks, and lists relating primarily to his interest in mollusca and shell collecting; also copies of family letters, 1830-1841, written from Buffalo, New York, Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan; a University of Michigan student notebook from a course in physics, 1874.
Walker, Charles I. (Charles Irish) Title: Charles I. Walker Collection
Extent: 1 cases
Abstract: Professor of law at the University of Michigan. Papers collected relating to the founding of the University; include original draft of the act to establish the Catholepistemiad, table explaining meaning of names of professorships, various drafts and amendments, receipts, correspondence, and related documents; contain papers drafted or signed by Augustus B. Woodward, John Monteith, and William Woodbridge.
Walker, Louis Carlisle, 1875-1963 Title: Louis Carlisle Walker papers
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Muskegon, Michigan equipment manufacturer. Correspondence, scrapbooks, printed materials and miscellanea concerning student activities at University of Michigan, the Shaw-Walker Company of Muskegon, Michigan, unemployment during the Depression, State Republican Party affairs, political conservatism, the Muskegon Red Cross, Liberty Bond drives and the United States Shipping Board during World War II, and his activity as an author and patron of conservative writers.
Wallace, George John, 1906- Title: George John Wallace papers
Extent: 10 linear feet
Abstract: Ornithologist; professor of zoology at Michigan State University; correspondence, organizational files, collected materials on the use of pesticides, bird lists, and course materials.
Wallace, Mike, 1918-2012 Title: Mike Wallace papers
Extent: 9 linear feet
Abstract: The Mike Wallace papers collection covers Wallace's television and newspaper career in the years 1956 to 1963. Personal and professional correspondence, administrative files, transcripts and outlines of shows, research material, unedited texts of interviews, and other materials related to Night BeatNew York Post Column, Newsmaker Productions, Mike Wallace InterviewSurvival And FreedomBen Hecht Show WNTA Mike Wallace Interview, and photographs.
Wallace, Mike, 1918-2012 Title: Mike Wallace CBS/60 Minutes papers
Extent: 176 linear feet
Abstract: Papers of Mike Wallace (1918-2012), broadcast journalist; CBS News correspondent; co-founder and correspondent on CBS 60 Minutes news program from 1968 to 2006. The collection comprises 60 Minutes program files, including transcripts of the broadcasts and interviews with participants, viewer correspondence, background research, newspaper clippings and photographs, and story ideas in various stages of development that were dropped or never aired. General files consisting of Wallace's personal and professional materials covering his responsibilities within CBS News beyond 60 Minutes, notably his work covering the war in Vietnam and political campaigns in the 1960s and 1970s. The general files include speeches, awards and personal correspondence. Photographs and other visual materials, sound recordings, and biographical materials.
Walsh, John Klaerr, 1887-1964 Title: John Klaerr Walsh papers
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: Kalamazoo, Michigan newspaperman; papers relating to his career in journalism and to his trip to the Far East in 1940.
Walter, Erich A. (Erich Albert), 1897-1977 Title: Erich A. Walter papers
Extent: 3.4 linear feet
Abstract: Erich A. Walter (1897-1977) was a faculty member at the University of Michigan for 53 years, beginning as an instructor in rhetoric in 1919 and ending as the Assistant to the President (Harlan Hatcher) and the Secretary of the University. In addition to his work at the University, Walter was a very successful editor and author, his most popular works being the Essay Annual (1933-1941) and A Pictorial History of the Great Lakes, which he co-authored with Harlan Hatcher. This collection contains Walter's University related papers, including correspondence, research and projects, essays and speeches, and photographs used in and drafts of A Pictorial History of the Great Lakes, in addition to papers related to his work as an editor on Essay Annual and Toward Today.
Walton, Hanes, 1941- Title: Hanes Walton papers
Extent: 977.45 MB (online)
Abstract: Papers documenting the professional life and advocacy of Hanes Walton, an eminent professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Michigan. Collection includes correspondence, book reviews, dissertations produced under his guidance, materials demonstrating Walton's participation in university minority advocacy committees and publications, course syllabi and exams, oral histories and statistics gathered in the course of Walton's research, and files pertaining to his role as a supporter of historically black colleges and universities in the United States. Select files in this collection are in digital formats.
Walton, Ivan. Title: Ivan Walton Papers and Sound Recordings
Extent: 21 linear feet (in 22 boxes and 40 tape reels; )
Abstract: Professor of English in the College of Engineering at University of Michigan, and student of songs and folklore of the Great Lakes. Correspondence, 1931-1956, bibliographic notecards on Great Lakes and Michigan folklore, unpublished manuscript entitled, "The Great Lakes", recordings of Great Lakes folk music, transcribed lyrics for the folksongs, notes, books and newspaper clippings on topics relating to folklore and history of the Great Lakes; and photographs.
Ward family. Title: Ward Family Papers
Extent: 31.2 linear feet
Abstract: Orchard Lake, Michigan, family, with various business interests, including lumbering and land transactions (in Michigan, California, West Virginia, and British Columbia), and also active in the development of the Orchard Lake area, especially from the 1920s to the 1940s; Correspondence files of individual family members, subject files detailing family interests and activities, business and legal records, maps, blueprints, and photographs.
Ward, Lee J. Title: Lee J. Ward letter
Extent: 1 folder
Abstract: Soldier from Numa, Iowa, served in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1920, the "Polar Bear Expedition." Collection includes letter written from Archangel to his wife describing cold weather, daily routine, and hopes of returning home.
Ward, Marcus Llewellyn, 1875-1963 Title: Marcus Llewellyn Ward Papers
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of dentistry and dean of the School of Dentistry at University of Michigan. Personal files primarily concerning his professional interests and activities; and university files detailing his relationship with various officials.
Ware, Richard A. (Richard Anderson) Title: Richard A. Ware papers
Extent: 11 linear feet
Warner, Frederick Maltby, 1865-1923 Title: Frederick Maltby Warner papers
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: Republican governor of Michigan, 1905-1910. Account books, and legal and business papers of P. Dean Warner, Oakland County, Michigan, farmer and cheese manufacturer; and political scrapbooks and other papers of his adopted son, Fred M. Warner, largely concerning election campaigns; and photographs.
Warner, Mark T. (Mark Thomas), 1889-1975 Title: Mark T. Warner papers
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Colorado clergyman, proponent of the creation of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River as a national monument, U.S. Army chaplain during World War II. Correspondence with family members while serving as chaplain during World War II, also other documents from his military service, including programs from services he performed during the war; papers accumulated from his career as Presbyterian minister in Colorado, especially notes from sermons; scattered papers of other, earlier family members; and Black Canyon Monument series which includes correspondence, blueprints and landscaping designs, clippings, and various publications; files relating to research and writing of book about Black Canyon; and photographs and postcards of the area.
Warner, Robert Mark, 1927- Title: Robert M. Warner papers
Extent: 37.5 linear feet
Abstract: Historian and archivist at the University of Michigan, archivist of the United States, dean of the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies. Records, 1980-1985, detailing his activities as Archivist of the United States; documentation prepared by Warner in 1972 and submitted to the Indian Claims Commission relating primarily to Indian land claims in Michigan and Ohio; files detailing archival career interests, as director of the Michigan Historical Collections (now Bentley Historical Library) and as a member of the Society of American Archivists.
Warshay, Diana. Title: Diana Warshay Papers
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Michigan sociologist specializing in areas of abortion rights and crisis intervention training. She conducted study of Abortion referral agencies 1971-1973, one of whose members was the Michigan Clergy Counseling Service. She was also coordinator of the Detroit Police Department's Social Conflict Research Project, 1978-1979, and was one of the founders of the Tri-County Coalition Against Domestic Violence; correspondence, minutes, bylaws, newsletters, grant applications, and other materials relating to her work in studying abortion and domestic abuse cases.
Warthin, Aldred Scott, 1866-1931 Title: Aldred Scott Warthin papers
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: University of Michigan pathologist. Correspondence, primarily with physicians, articles, and other material relating to University of Michigan Medical School and medical practice in general; files relating to his editorship of the Annals of Clinical Medicine; and photographs.
Warthin, Aldred Scott, 1866-1931 Title: Aldred Scott Warthin pamphlets and reprints
Extent: 1 box
Washtenaw Abstract Company (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Title: Washtenaw Abstract Company records
Extent: 42 volumes
Abstract: Land title company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Abstracts of mortgages, deeds, and other legal papers recorded in Washtenaw County; and plat maps for Washtenaw County additions and subdivisions.
Washtenaw Council on Alcoholism. Title: Washtenaw Council on Alcoholism records
Extent: 0.7 linear feet
Abstract: Washtenaw County, Michigan, citizens group concerned with alcohol-related problems. History, administrative records, and slides.
Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Center. Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency. Title: Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Center. Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency
Extent: 16.75 linear feet
Abstract: Records documenting coordination of substance abuse prevention and treatment efforts in Washtenaw and Livingston County, Michigan; subgroups include administrative files; records relating to the interaction of coordinating agency with direct care substance abuse services providers; collected materials pertaining to various professional and citizen advocacy groups concerned with the problem of substance abuse; and subject files.
Washtenaw County Dental Society. Women’s Auxiliary. Title: Washtenaw County Dental Society Women’s Auxiliary records
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: President's books containing minutes, reports, and other organizational material.
Washtenaw County Historic District Commission. Title: Washtenaw County Historic District Commission sound cassettes and summaries
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Oral history interviews with residents of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and other Washtenaw County, Michigan, locales largely concerning their remembrances of their lives and activities during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Washtenaw County Historical Society. Title: Washtenaw County Historical Society records
Extent: 17.5 linear feet (in 18 boxes)
Abstract: Local historical society for Washtenaw County, Michigan Organizational records and collected historical materials.
Washtenaw County Medical Society (Mich.) Title: Washtenaw County Medical Society records
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Component county medical society of the Michigan State Medical Society; organizational files and minutes of meetings.
Washtenaw County Metropolitan Planning Commission. Title: Washtenaw County Metropolitan Planning Commission publications
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Various publications of the Washtenaw County Metropolitan Planning Commission, also includes publications of the predecessor organization Washtenaw County Planning Commission.
Washtenaw County (Mich.) Title: Washtenaw County (Mich.) Publications
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Miscellaneous publications of various Washtenaw County government offices and departments.
Washtenaw County (Mich.) Title: Washtenaw County (Mich.) records
Extent: 14 linear feet (in 16 boxes)
Abstract: Correspondence files of the county clerk, register of deeds, county treasurer, and other county offices; also township poll lists, political party enrollment books, list of Civil War volunteers, record of county soldiers and sailors during World War I, and miscellaneous welfare records.
Washtenaw Intermediate School District. Title: Washtenaw Intermediate School District records
Extent: 1 linear foot
Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project. Title: Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project Records
Extent: 16.5 linear feet
Abstract: Organization founded in 1995 to encourage increased visibility and acceptance and appreciation of the lesbian/gay/bisexual and transgender community in Washtenaw County through education and political action. Materials received by the Bentley Historical Library in 2001 contain records primarily from the 1990s while materials received in 2013 are made up of records mostly from the 2000s. This organization's records contain meeting minutes, staff communications through email, and other documents relevant to the operation of the organization as well as how they carried out events and projects that aided the organization's purpose.
Washtenaw United Way. Title: Washtenaw United Way records
Extent: 18 linear feet
Abstract: Records of the Washtenaw United Way and its predecessor organizations, the Ypsilanti Community Chest, 1932-1971, and the Ann Arbor Community Chest, 1921-1971. Executive committee and board of directors minutes, manuals, reports, and scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, and other organization papers.
Waterman, Leroy, 1875-1972 Title: Leroy Waterman Papers
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Bible scholar and translator, professor of Semitics at the University of Michigan; papers include correspondence, diaries, lectures and essays, archaeological expedition field notes and reports, and professional organization files.
Watson, Andrew S (1920-1998) Title: Andrew S. Watson papers
Extent: 4.25 linear feet
Abstract: University of Michigan law school professor combining training in law and psychiatry.
Watson, James C. (James Craig), 1838-1880 Title: James Craig Watson papers
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of astronomy and director of the Observatory at University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin. Correspondence, professional papers, travel journals, and files of astronomical observations and calculations.