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Roach, Thomas A., 1929- / [1970-2002] Title: Thomas A. Roach Papers 1970-2002
Extent: 54 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan attorney, member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents, 1975-1990, and Democratic Party official. Papers document his activities as regent and in local and state-wide Democratic Party affairs.
Robbins, Frank Egleston, 1884- / [1907-1961] Title: Frank E. Robbins Papers 1907-1961 bulk 1934-1960
Extent: 1.6 linear feet
Abstract: University of Michigan professor of Greek; Assistant to the President; papers include correspondence, writings, pencil sketches and photographs, topical files.
Robbins, Frank Egleston, 1884-1963. / [1910-1951] Title: Frank E. Robbins reprints 1910-1951
Extent: 15 items (in 1 box)
Robbins, Jerome John, 1841-1921. / [1861-1913] Title: Jerome J. Robbins Papers [microform] 1861-1913 bulk 1861-1865
Extent: 1 microfilms
Abstract: Physician from Matherton, Michigan who served as medical steward and assistant surgeon with the Second Michigan Infantry during the Civil War. Diaries and correspondence concerning his Civil War service and two letters, 1863, from Sarah E. Edmonds Seelye, woman Civil War soldier who served under the alias Frank Thompson; also photographs.
Robert J. Shepard  / [ 1968-1969 ] Title: Robert J. Shepard papers 1968-1969
Extent: 18 audiotapes
Abstract: Soldier with C-Company, 307th Engineering Platoon, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, in Vietnam, includes recorded letters sent home while stationed in Vietnam, 1968-1969; and photographic snapshots of Shepard, other members of his company, and the areas in Vietnam where they were stationed.
Roberts, Carmen A. / [1972-1981] Title: Carmen A. Roberts Papers 1972-1981
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: Member of the Detroit school board and a leader of the anti-busing movement in Detroit. Correspondence, speeches, clippings, legal brief, organizational miscellanea, and collected pro- and anti-busing materials; also photographs and motion picture film.
Robertson, James H. (James Holman), 1915- / [1956-1987] Title: James H. Robertson Papers 1956-1987
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: University of Michigan professor and administrator, director of the university's residential college, 1967-1973. Correspondence, 1956-1973, with students and colleagues; speech notes and various other writings; and photographs.
Robins, F. George. / [1915-1919] Title: F. George Robins papers 1915-1919
Extent: 0.2 linear feet
Abstract: Soldier from Port Huron, Mich., member of Co. B, 339th U.S. Infantry who served in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1920, the "Polar Bear Expedition." Collection includes letters describing primarily food and the weather.
Robinson, C. J. / [1918] Title: C. J. Robinson photograph collection 1918
Extent: 1 digital files (1.81 MB)
Abstract: Scanned copy of photograph of C. J. Robinson, who served as private, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1916-1919, and served on HM Hospital Ship Kalyan, which transported injured troops from the Allied intervention at Archangel, Russia, to Britain.
Robinson, Hubert Nelson, 1909- / [1948-1984] Title: Hubert N. Robinson Papers 1948-1984
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Scattered correspondence, and clippings detailing his career, church programs and printed material; also photographs.
Robinson, Samuel S. (Samuel Stillman), 1824-1904. / [1852-1888] Title: Samuel S. Robinson Papers 1852-1888
Extent: 1 linear feet (8 volumes and 3 folders)
Abstract: Mine manager in the American west and northern Michigan. Letterpress books containing business correspondence detailing his work with the Quincy Copper Mine in Hancock, Michigan, as superintendent of the Detroit Bridge and Iron Works, and in Georgetown, New Mexico, and Twin River, Nevada; also include miscellaneous letters, and partial calendar to the letterpress books.
Robinson, William Dodd, 1911-1988. / [1933-1989] Title: William Dodd Robinson Papers 1933-1989 bulk 1933-1976
Extent: 2.5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan; head of the Rackham Arthritis Research Unit (RARU) at the university. Papers relating to Robinson's career as doctor and professor of arthritis and rheumatology; includes material on work at the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, and the Rockefeller Foundation; correspondence, research projects, lecture materials, reports, meeting minutes, professional activities, awards and honors, papers, and visual materials; also correspondence and other miscellaneous materials relating to Louis Harry Newburgh.
Roby, Douglas F. (Douglas Fergusson), 1898-1992. / [1914-2003] Title: Douglas F. Roby papers 1914-2003 bulk 1965-1985
Extent: 8.3 linear feet (in 9 boxes; including oversize)
Abstract: Douglas Fergusson Roby was a member of the International Olympic Committee from 1952-1985 and president of the United States Olympic Committee from 1965 to 1969. The collection includes materials related to his professional activities and interests and contains personal files, national and international Olympic and athletic organizations' files and photographs, as well as Roby's personal files and photographs.
Rockwell, George Lincoln, 1918-1967  / [ October 13, 1964 ] Title: George Lincoln Rockwell sound recording October 13, 1964
Extent: 0.1 linear feet
Abstract: George Lincoln Rockwell was the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party. This sound recording is from a speech he gave at Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan in 1964. Everett M. Dirksen was a member of Congress from Illinois. The sound recording also includes a speech he gave on the state of union.
Rodgers, Curtis E. / [1953] Title: Curtis E. Rodgers papers 1953 1962-1971
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Curtis E. Rodgers, an African American, served in the Detroit city government from 1962 until 1970, mostly in the Commission on Community Relations. He worked to advance the interests of African Americans in Detroit by improving education, advocating for equal housing policies, and hiring more blacks to work in municipal enterprises. The collection documents his activities and that of the various government agencies for which he worked.
Rogers, Felix J., 1947- / [1982-2005] Title: Felix J. Rogers papers 1982-2005 bulk 1987-2001
Extent: 7 linear feet
Abstract: Physician involved with peace organizations, notably Physicians for Social Responsibility, an organization opposed to nuclear weapons testing and the construction of nuclear power plants. Files relating to activities with the Physicians for Social Responsibility - Detroit, and with the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.
Rogers, Henry Wade, 1853-1926. / [1873-1920] Title: Henry Wade Rogers papers 1873-1920
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of law at the University of Michigan and Northwestern University. Papers consist of a scrapbook containing programs and invitations largely connected with Northwestern University, miscellaneous letters received while professor at University of Michigan, many relating to speaking engagements; and manuscript biography of Thomas M. Cooley.
Romani, John Henry, 1925- / [1957-1991] Title: John H. Romani papers 1957-1991 bulk 1970-1990
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Professor and administrator in the University of Michigan School of Public Health; files pertaining to Romani's presidency of the American Public Health Association, 1979-1980; correspondence, 1970-1991, mainly professional and relating to the field of public health; and lectures and speeches concerning the public health profession.
Rominger family. / [1840-1945] Title: Carl Rominger family papers 1840-1945
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, family. Family correspondence of Carl, physician and geologist, his wife Frederika, his son Louis, and his daughter Julia; journals, 1861-1905, of Carl Rominger, including notes on his expeditions as State Geologist of Michigan, and other travels through New York, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Ohio; and miscellaneous scrapbooks and account books; also photographs.
Romney, George W., 1907- / [1920s-1973] Title: George Romney Papers 1920s-1973
Extent: 600 linear feet
Abstract: Republican Governor of Michigan, 1962-1969; Presidential candidate, 1968; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1969-1972. Papers consist of extensive correspondence and subject files from his tenure as governor, campaign material, and files relating to service at HUD and his other political activities, includes photographs, films and videotapes and sound recordings.
Romney, Lenore LaFount. / [1960-1974] Title: Lenore LaFount Romney Papers 1960-1974, bulk 1962-1970
Extent: 10 linear feet
Abstract: Civic leader, wife of Michigan governor, George Romney, and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1970. Correspondence, political background files, speeches, and miscellanea largely concerning election of 1970; and campaign and speech files covering gubernatorial career of George Romney.
Romulo, Carlos P. (Carlos Peña), 1899-1985  / [ May 7, 1957 ] Title: Carlos P. Romulo sound recording May 7, 1957
Extent: 1.25 GB
Abstract: Philippine statesman, general, and journalist; advocate of the United Nations. Address to the Detroit School of Government discussing Philippine foreign policy and the threat of communism and audiotape describing 1954 shooting on floor of U.S.Congress.
Roosevelt, Dorothy Kemp, 1899?-1985. / [1922-1985] Title: Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt Papers 1922-1985
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Political activist, concert pianist, sister-in-law of Eleanor Roosevelt. Biographical materials; correspondence with politicians, musical figures and other dignitaries; also personal materials concerning her concert career, her campaign for Congress in 1942, notably a journal of her daughters' trip to Europe in 1949; and photographs.
Rosinger, Lawrence K. (Lawrence Kaelter), 1915- / [1937-1994] Title: Lawrence K. Rosinger Papers 1937-1994 bulk 1937-1973
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: China expert, worked for Foreign Policy Association and American Institute of Pacific Relations, traveled extensively in China 1946 interviewing many leaders Communist and nationalist parties, traveled to China again in 1973, author of numerous books and articles on China, came under attack by the McCarran Committee's Senate investigation following Chinese revolution. Papers include correspondence, notes and drafts for writings, transcripts of radio broadcasts, transcripts and other material relating to the McCarran Committee investigation and photographs.
Ross, C. Howard, 1890-1980. / [circa 1955-1980] Title: C. Howard Ross Papers circa 1955-1980
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, physician, researcher and speaker on such topics as geriatrics, local history, and the use of herbs and plants in medical treatment. Correspondence, published and unpublished writings, speeches and talks, clippings, photographs, and other papers relating to his various interests.
Ross, Douglas, 1942- / [1967-2002] Title: Douglas Ross Papers 1967-2002
Extent: 8 linear feet
Abstract: Douglas Ross (1942- ) is a Michigan political figure. He has been active in many political organizations and the Democratic party and served as Michigan Director of Commerce and United States Assistant Secretary of Labor. He also ran, unsuccessfully, for governor of Michigan in 1998. Ross’ main concerns are economic policy and education. He currently runs a charter school in Detroit, Michigan. The papers cover most of his career, especially as Michigan Senator and at the Department of Labor, and include his notes and articles, correspondence, publications, and videotapes.
Ross, Gilbert, 1903- / [1911-1975] Title: Gilbert Ross Papers 1911-1975
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of music at the University of Michigan, and founder and first violinist with the Stanley Quartet. Correspondence relating to music and musical performance and to his career at the University of Michigan; publications; photographs; scrapbooks containing clippings, programs, correspondence, and an occasional photograph; files relating to his violin performances and work with the Stanley Quartet.
Rossen, Sanford, 1927-1984. / [1960-1984] Title: Sanford Rossen Papers and Photographs 1960-1984 bulk 1970-1983
Extent: 3.75 linear feet
Abstract: Michigan architect, mainly with firms Sanford Rossen A.I.A. Architects and Rossen-Neumann Associate in Southfield, Michigan, best known for design of several outdoor music venues, collection is primarily of buildings designed by Rossen with some papers related to various projects.
Roth, Stephen J. / [1962-1976] Title: Bradley v. Milliken case files 1962-1976 bulk 1970-1974
Extent: 12 linear feet
Abstract: The Honorable Stephen J. Roth presided over the landmark school desegregation case Bradley v. Milliken in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division from 1970 until his death in 1974. Roth ruled that the Detroit Public School system was guilty of de jure segregation and ordered the implementation of an inter-district metropolitan busing plan to achieve integration. The case eventually reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which declared Roth’s remedy to be impermissible and emphasized local control of schools in its July 1974 decision (Milliken v. Bradley 418 U.S. 717). The case files include trial materials (pleadings, desegregation plans, court transcripts, etc.), appellate materials, opinions and orders, correspondence, and clippings.
Rowe family. / [1840-1990] Title: Rowe Family Papers [microform] 1840-1990 bulk 1840s-1940s
Extent: 0.7 linear feet (on 2 rolls of microfilm)
Abstract: Residents of Highland Township, Oakland County, Michigan. Civil War reminiscences and other papers of James D. Rowe, soldier in the 1st Michigan Cavalry; Civil War letters of Spencer D. Lee, related family member, also in the 1st Michigan Cavalry; business records of Grant and Carrie Jackson Rowe, publishers of the Milford Times; sermons of Samuel Simpson Marquis as transcribed by Mrs. G. S. Rowe; collected materials largely concerning Milford and Highland Township history; and miscellaneous photographs and Civil War print.
Rowe, Kenneth Thorpe, 1900-1988 / [1940-1953] Title: Kenneth Thorpe Rowe Papers 1940-1953
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of drama at University of Michigan, chairman of the Committee on War Activities of the American Educational Theatre Association, and secretary of the Theatre for Victory Council during World War II. Files concerning his war activities, including correspondence, scripts, course materials and printed matter; and photographs.
Royal Arch Masons. Washtenaw Chapter No. 6 (Ann Arbor, Mich.) / [1849-1972] Title: Royal Arch Masons, Washtenaw Chapter No. 6 records 1849-1972
Extent: 3 linear feet