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Hoag, Gerald H. Title: Gerald H. Hoag papers
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Ann Arbor (Mich.) theatre manager, later area manager of Butterfield Theatres, Inc. Personal correspondence, business memoranda, clippings, and photographs.
Hobbs, William Herbert, 1864-1952 Title: William Herbert Hobbs papers
Extent: 13 linear feet (in 15 boxes)
Abstract: Professor of Geology at the University of Michigan, also chairman of the Ann Arbor Branch of the National Security League during World War I. His papers contain correspondence and other materials concerning his activities with the National Security League, a dispute over the political views of Charles Lindbergh, polar expeditions, and his work in the fields of geology, seismology, and meteorology. The collection also includes manuscripts of published and unpublished books and articles, biographical material, scrapbooks and notebooks detailing the University of Michigan expeditions to the Pacific and Greenland, and travel notes of trips to the Near East, Spain, the West Indies, Switzerland, and Russia.
Hobbs, William Herbert, 1864-1952 Title: William Herbert Hobbs pamphlets and reprints
Extent: 1 box
Abstract: Professor of Geology at the University of Michigan; reprints of articles on various geological topics including his research and exploration in Greenland.
Hoffius family. Title: Hoffius Family Papers
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Cornelius Hoffius (1881-1943) and Stuart Hoffius (1914 - ), his son, practiced law in Grand Rapids, and both served as Kent County Prosecuting Attorney. Both men are best known for their respective tenures as Kent County Circuit Court Judges. Stuart Hoffius served as Chief Judge from 1976 until his retirement in 1988. Papers in the collection include personal correspondence, campaign files, speeches, and files documenting involvement with civic, service, and professional organizations, as well as some case files and judicial opinions.
Hoffman, Clare Eugene, 1875-1967 Title: Clare E. Hoffman papers
Extent: 93 linear feet
Abstract: Republican congressman from Michigan's 4th Congressional District, 1934-1962, served on the Education and Labor Committee and the Government Operations Committee, known for his fiscal conservatism and opposition to much of the New Deal legislation, he was particularly concerned with the growing power of labor unions and worked to amend the Wagner Act, eventually becoming a key player in passage of the Taft-Hartley Act. As chair of special subcommittees, Hoffman conducted several investigations into labor racketeering, particularly by the Teamsters Union. Collection includes committee files, some constituent correspondence, topical files, investigation files, press releases, scrapbooks and a limited number of sound recordings and photographs.
Holbrook, Evans, 1875-1932 Title: Evans Holbrook student notebook
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Law student at the University of Michigan. Notes on the law lectures of Victor H. Lane relating in part to extraordinary legal remedies.
Holland, Jeep, 1943-1998 Title: Jeep Holland papers
Extent: 12 linear feet (in 13 boxes)
Abstract: Hugh "Jeep" Holland was the founder of the A-Square Record label in Ann Arbor in 1967, and consequently became an integral part of the southeast Michigan music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The collection documents, in papers, photographs and sound recordings, Jeep’s personal life, interests, and career.
Holland, John H. (John Henry), 1929-2015 Title: John H. Holland papers
Extent: 17 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of psychology, electrical engineering, and computer science at the University of Michigan beginning in 1959. Holland developed the concept of "genetic algorithms," research specializations in complex adaptive systems and artificial intelligence. First recipient of a computer science PhD at the University of Michigan, and a 1992 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. Papers consist of departmental records pertaining to his professorial career and academic career, as well as research, papers and presentations, notes, correspondence.
Hollister, Richard Dennis Teall, 1878- Title: Richard D. T. Hollister Papers
Extent: 2.3 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of speech and drama at the University of Michigan, 1904-1949; papers document Hollister's teaching and development of the speech and drama programs at the university, include correspondence, course material and lecture notes, papers and photographs relating to dramatic productions, and some family material.
Holman, Charles F. Title: Charles F. Holman Papers
Extent: 1.3 linear feet
Abstract: Detroit, Michigan, attorney and legal counselor; files reflecting his activity in the Michigan State NAACP
Holmes family. Title: Holmes Family papers
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Bay City, Michigan. Personal letters, primarily of Susie Holmes living in New York from family members in Michigan detaining daily activities and family matters.
Holmes, Roy Hinman, 1882-1949 Title: Roy Hinman Holmes papers
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of sociology at University of Michigan. Correspondence and papers relating to his professional activities; also studies of Michigan rural communities made by his students in 1933-1934.
Holy Cross Church (Cross Village, Mich.) Title: Holy Cross Church (Cross Village, Mich.) records
Extent: 1 microfilms
Abstract: Baptismal records, marriage, birth and death records, photographs, newspaper clippings and printed histories detailing activities of this Indian church.
Honey, Edward M. Title: Edward M. Honey photographs
Extent: 0.3 linear feet
Abstract: Detroit, Michigan, resident; Detroit area construction photographs.
Hoobler, Icie Gertrude Macy, 1892- Title: Icie Gertrude Macy Hoobler Papers
Extent: 29 linear feet
Abstract: Research scientist. Correspondence, scientific reports and publications, other papers, and photographs, primarily concerning her interest in the problems of nutrition and aging, including her work with the Merrill-Palmer School in Detroit, the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research, the Children's Fund of Michigan, and Grand Valley State College in Allendale; also materials relating to her membership on the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, 1969, and various White House conferences on children and youth.
Hopkins, Alvah S. Title: Alvah S. Hopkins papers
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: Graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, Class of 1896. Diary and photographs.
Horace H. Rackham and Mary A. Rackham Fund. Title: Horace H. Rackham and Mary A. Rackham Fund Records
Extent: 14 linear feet
Abstract: The last will and testament of Horace H. Rackham provided for the establishment of a trust fund to provide for the health and welfare of individuals, particularly the sick, aged, the young, the poor, and other underprivileged. Much of the trust money went to the University of Michigan to be used for a building for the graduate school and an endowment to be used for different kinds of research. The Fund also awarded grants to agencies involved in child welfare, community culture, education, health, philanthropy, and science. The Fund distributed money from 1934 until about 1941. The series in this record group consist of administrative and executive files, and project applications and grant files.
Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Title: Announcements, Bulletins, Handbooks (Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies)
Extent: 3.5 linear feet
Abstract: Graduate School of the University of Michigan. Includes Bulletins and Announcements of courses and degree requirements, graduate student hand books and other information for graduate students.
Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Title: Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies (University of Michigan) records
Extent: 242 linear feet
Abstract: Graduate School of the University of Michigan. Records include dean's topical files, 1892-1996; files of associate deans; minutes of the executive board; project and grant files detailing faculty and student research; lists of degrees granted; records of fellowships and awards granted by the graduate school and university; and files relating to academic departments and programs, including reviews of degree programs.
Horvath, William J., 1917- Title: William J. Horvath papers
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: William J. Horvath was a specialist and early innovator in the field of operations research. He conducted studies during World War II in undersea and above-water warfare, for which he received several awards. Horvath was a professor of health systems in the University of Michigan's Department of Psychology, and spent much of his career working for the University's Mental Health Research Institute. He was widely respected in his field as an expert in the analysis of health systems. Papers primarily consist of professional correspondence, research, and publications generated throughout his academic and professional career.
Hospice of Michigan. Title: Hospice of Michigan Records
Extent: 1.75 linear feet
Abstract: Statewide provider of comprehensive end-of-life care. The record group mainly documents the management of Ann Arbor-based Individualized Home Nursing Care. Administrative records include audits, correspondence, meeting minutes and tax returns. There are also visual materials such as VHS videotapes and photographs.
Hough, John Kelley Title: John Kelley Hough papers
Extent: 0.3 linear feet
Abstract: Soldier in the 1st Michigan Regiment of Engineers and Mechanics during the Civil War. Collection includes originals, transcripts, and images of letters written by John Kelley Hough as a Union soldier, a family photo, and biographical information.
Houghton, Douglass, 1809-1845 Title: Douglass Houghton Papers
Extent: 0.4 linear feet (1 box)
Abstract: State geologist of Michigan. Field notes, 1837-1841, of his geological survey of the state, including some original drawings [original and typescript copies, and microfilm of pages 197-291]; letter book, 1841-1845; miscellaneous correspondence and field notes, including letter, May 31, 1841, to Abram Sager; notes and other papers collected by Mrs. John Ehlers for her book on Houghton, including copies of papers of Bela Hubbard; and photographs.
Housel, William S., 1901- Title: William S. Housel papers
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of civil engineering and specialist in soil mechanics at the University of Michigan. Correspondence, daily logs of activities, class materials, conference and lecture files, and professional reports and soil investigation studies; and photographs.
Howell, Chester M., 1883-1965 Title: Chester M. Howell papers
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: Saginaw and Chesaning, Michigan newspaperman; member of the Michigan Legislature; founder of the Chesaning Showboat, an important Michigan tourist attraction. Biographical material; correspondence, 1941-1990, including letters about Howell written after his death; travel diaries, 1923-1952; Chesaning Showboat file; newspaper clippings; and photographs.
Howell, Sally. Title: Sally Howell papers
Extent: 1.6 linear feet
Abstract: Sally Howell is an associate professor of history and Arab American Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The collection includes papers and photos dealing with her work in ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services); as well as various lectures and museum exhibitions that she has prepared.
Howell, Seymour, 1841-1909 Title: Seymour Howell papers [microform]
Extent: 2 microfilms
Abstract: Officer with the 6th Michigan Infantry and Heavy Artillery Regiment during the Civil War; personal papers relating to wartime service and accumulated records of the 6th Michigan Heavy Artillery.
Howes, Alan B. Title: Alan B. Howes papers
Extent: 1.7 linear feet
Abstract: Alan B. Howes was professor of English at the University of Michigan from 1955 to 2001. He was involved in the formation of several unique programs, such as the NDEA Summer Institute for English Teachers, the New England Literature Program, and the Professional Semester. This collection includes correspondence, material from Howes' teaching career and involvement with these programs, and an assortment of Howes' writings.
Hoyt, Anna. Title: Anna Hoyt Memorandum Book
Extent: 1 volume (350 p.)
Abstract: Volume first used for poetry and notes by an unidentified Civil War soldier, then either sold or given to Hoyt's father, who used it briefly for farm accounts. It was then taken up by Anna Hoyt and used for poetry, arithmetic calculations, and various notes and sketches.