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De La Vergne, Earl W., collector.  / [ 1879-1940s ] Title: Earl W. De La Vergne collection 1879-1940s
Extent: 1 folder and 35 artifacts
Abstract: Collector of books, maps, artifacts primarily relating to the Harbor Springs area of Michigan. Artifacts include black ash baskets, porcupine quill and birch bark boxes, and miscellaneous stone and metal implements; and miscellaneous collected material.
De Leon, Ted  / [ 1975-2006 ] Title: Ted De Leon papers 1975-2006 bulk Bulk 1975-1979 and 1994-2001
Extent: 0.75 linear foot and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Papers of Ted De Leon, Lansing, Mich. Chicano/Latino rights advocate working in the area of migrant and seasonal workers health care. Collection includes material related to Mestizo Anishnabe Health Alliance (MAHA) and other organizations promoting substance abuse and smoking secession and prevention, and mental health care among the minorities, specifically Chicano, Latino, and Native Americans, and De Leon's autobiographical writings.
De Vries, Walter.  / [ 1960-2012 ] Title: Walter De Vries Papers 1960-2012 bulk 1960-1972
Extent: 11 linear feet.
Abstract: Public opinion research pollster, aide to Michigan governor George Romney. Polling materials prepared for various Republican campaigns, notably the gubernatorial campaigns of George Romney in 1962 and 1966, Romney's campaign for president, 1967-1968, and the gubernatorial campaign of William Milliken, 1970; and polls conducted on state issues including detailed demographic information on the views of ethnic, religious, and racial minorities; also survey done for Senator Robert Griffin in 1971, and on attitude of state voters towards abortion in 1972. A small collection of material donated in 2013 is related to George Romney's son and the 2012 Republican presidential canditate, Mitt Romney.
DeBoer, Robby, 1957-  / [ 1977-2006 ] Title: Robby DeBoer Papers 1977-2006 bulk 1991-2006
Extent: 20 linear feet and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Two year custody battle over "Baby Girl Clausen" between Jan and Robby DeBoer of Ann Arbor, Michigan and her biological parents Cara Clausen and Daniel Schmidt of Blairstown, Iowa; and the national child advocacy group Hear My Voice. The collection consists of correspondence, news clippings, press releases, photographs, audio cassette tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, video tapes, and legal papers such as petitions, briefs, judicial orders, and amicus briefs.
Dedijer, Vladimir, 1914-1990.  / [ 1881-1987 ] Title: Vladimir Dedijer papers 1881-1987 bulk 1940-1980
Extent: 9.5 linear feet and 1 outsize volume.
Abstract: Yugoslavian author and scholar, member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY), participant in the partisan army during the Yugoslav Revolution of the 1940s, acquaintance of such Yugoslav leaders as Tito and Milovan Djilas. Series in the collection include biographical/personal, Dedijer family, correspondence, topical files, Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunals, project files, writings, lectures and speeches, audio and visual materials, and printed material; include correspondence with various intellectuals and political figures; subjects in the collection concern Yugoslav history, particularly Dedijer's relationship with Tito and Milovan Djilas; also materials relating to the International War Crimes Tribunal investigating United States involvement in Vietnam.
DeGrow, Dan L.  / [ 1981-2002 ] Title: Dan L. DeGrow Papers 1981-2002
Extent: 4 linear ft.
Abstract: The Daniel L. DeGrow collection documents his activities as Republican member of the Michigan legislature from 1981 to 2002. The collection includes hardbound volumes of press releases issued by DeGrow and colleagues, columns written by DeGrow for various publications, and press clips from publications across the state.
DeHaan, M.R. (Martin Ralph), 1891-1965.  / [ undated and 1934-1940s ] Title: M. R. DeHaan publications undated and 1934-1940s
Extent: 1 box
Abstract: Evangelical minister based in Grand Rapids, Michigan whose Radio Bible Class was broadcast on the Mutual Radio network.
DeJong, Russell N. / [1942-1979] Title: Russell N. DeJong papers 1942-1979
Extent: 23 linear ft.
Abstract: Professor and chairman of the department of neurology of the University of Michigan Medical School and the University Hospital. Papers document his teaching and research and participation in professial oragnizations.
Dekers Blue Line Club  / [ 1962-2005 ] Title: Dekers Blue Line Club 1962-2005 bulk 1970-2000
Extent: 2.5 linear feet and one outsize folder
Abstract: The Dekers Blue Line Club was formed in 1962 as a booster club for the University of Michigan men's hockey team. It continues to this day with over 750 members. The material contains records relating to the internal functions of the organization, as well as published newsletters, programs, and flyers relating to their activities.
DeKleine, William, 1877-1957.  / [ 1914-1955 ] Title: William DeKleine papers 1914-1955
Extent: 3 linear feet and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Physician, public health officer, medical director of the American Red Cross and Michigan Health Commissioner, 1944-1947. Correspondence, articles, speeches, and other professional papers.
Delanghe, Gay  / [ 1961-2006 ] Title: Gay Delanghe papers 1961-2006
Extent: 10 linear feet (in 13 boxes)
Abstract: Performer and professor of modern dance at the University of Michigan. Collection contains subject files relating to Delanghe's activities as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and department chair. Collection also contains photographs and audiovisual material documenting productions with which Delanghe was involved.
DeLano, Fred H., 1916-  / [ 1907-1923 and 1949-1987 ] Title: Fred H. DeLano papers 1907-1923 and 1949-1987
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: Journalist from Dowagiac, Michigan with interest in sports public relations; general manager of the Detroit Pistons.Resumes, correspondence received in 1952 in response to letter sent to college athletic directors asking the question, "What is the use of athletics for young people?"; scattered correspondence relating to his career with the Detroit Pistons; collected material about family member, Ervin Hurst; and photographs.
DeLeon, Linda  / [ 1981-2013 ] Title: Linda DeLeon papers, 1981-2013
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Papers of Linda DeLeon, President of the Christians for Decency (CFD) Anti-Pornography Information Center in Wayne County, Michigan. Collection includes CFD and other organizations' correspondence, mailings, petitions, and printed material.
Delta Omega. Delta Chapter (University of Michigan).  / [ 1925-1971 ] Title: Delta Omega. Delta Chapter (University of Michigan) records 1925-1971
Extent: 0.4 linear foot
Abstract: Honorary public health society. Historical information, minutes, financial material, constitution and by-laws, membership material, and papers presented at annual initiation banquets.
Delta Pi Epsilon. Kappa Chapter (University of Michigan).  / [ 1946-1998 ] Title: Delta Pi Epsilon, Kappa Chapter (University of Michigan) records 1946-1998
Extent: 1.5 linear ft. and 1 oversize volume
Abstract: Kappa Chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon established in 1946, part of national business education honor graduate society. Kappa Chapter dissolved in 1999. Minutes, membership material, financial records, and scrapbooks.
Delta Sigma Delta.  / [ 1882-1982 ] Title: Delta Sigma Delta records 1882-1982
Extent: 22 linear feet (20 boxes and bound records and artifacts on display in DSD Room)
Abstract: National dental fraternity founded at University of Michigan. Constitution and by-laws, minutes, financial records, fraternity newsletter, memorabilia and artifacts, textbooks, citations and plaques, photographs, and miscellaneous manuscripts.
Delta Upsilon Fraternity. University of Michigan Chapter.  / [ 1876-1991 ] Title: Delta Upsilon Fraternity, University of Michigan Chapter records 1876-1991
Extent: 7 linear feet and 16 oversize volumes
Abstract: University of Michigan chapter of a fraternal organization with an academic orientation. Constitution, minute books, treasurer's books, pledge class yearbooks, and visual materials.
DeMeunier, Leon / [1960-1964 and 1971] Title: Leon DeMeunier papers 1960-1964 and 1971
Extent: 0.8 linear ft.
Abstract: Chairman of the Detroit Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) from its establishment in 1960 until sometime in 1962 or 1963. Papers include material on the operation of the Detroit chapter of CORE and its role in the national civil rights movement.
Demmon, Isaac Newton, 1842-1920.  / [ 1858-1920 ] Title: Isaac Newton Demmon papers 1858-1920
Extent: 1 linear foot and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Professor of English at University of Michigan. Correspondence, essays, a diary, and photographs.
Democratic Party (Ann Arbor, Mich.).  / [ 1959-2002 ] Title: Democratic Party (Ann Arbor, Mich.) records 1959-2002 bulk 1979-1985
Extent: 2.3 linear feet
Abstract: Files relating to local campaigns and to party organization.
Democratic Party (Mich.)  / [ 1932-2008 ] Title: Democratic Party of Michigan records 1932-2008 bulk 1950-1994
Extent: 97 linear feet (in 99 boxes) and 1 oversize motion picture reel.
Abstract: Files of state chairs, Neil Staebler, John J. Collins, Zolton Ferency, Sander Levin, James McNeely, Morley Winograd, Olivia Maynard, Richard Wiener, F. Thomas LeWand, and Gary Corbin; files of deputy state chair, Billie S. Farnum, vice chairs Adelaide Hart and Olivia Maynard, and vice chair Robert Mitchell; files relating to state constitutional convention, and to state and national political campaigns, since 1950; sound recordings and visual materials.
den Bleyker Family. / [ 1828-1936 ] Title: den Bleyker Family papers 1828-1936
Extent: 9.0 linear feet (in 10 boxes)
Abstract: Paulus den Bleyker family of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Papers of Paulus den Bleyker, his son John, John's wife, Anna Balch den Bleyker, and other family members relating to family and business affairs.
Denby, Edwin, 1870-1929.  / [ 1845-1846, 1880-1927 ] Title: Edwin Denby papers 1845-1846, 1880-1927
Extent: 2.4 linear feet
Abstract: United States Representative and Secretary of the Navy; collection includes correspondence, 1880-1927, concerning personal matters, business affairs, and political activities; letters to Mrs. Denby regarding Denby’s death; articles, speeches, notes and memoranda on various topics including the Teapot Dome Scandal, Panama Canal, relations with China, and the United States Navy; photostats of letters exchanged between Nathaniel Denby and George Bancroft, 1845-1846; and photographs.
Denison family  / [ 1848-1907 ] Title: Denison family papers 1848-1907
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Grand Rapids, Michigan, family. Correspondence and business and legal papers of Julius Coe Denison; diaries, 1886-1890 and 1897-1907, of Julius' wife, Cornelia Carter Denison, describing daily life; and diaries, 1879-1889, of their son, Arthur Carter Denison, concerning in part his activities as student at the University of Michigan in the 1880s.
Dennison, David M.  / [ 1884-1989 ] Title: David M. Dennison papers 1884-1989 bulk 1926-1976
Extent: 8 linear feet
Abstract: Papers of David M. Dennison, professor of physics at the University of Michigan; contain lecture notes and exam materials, correspondence, speeches, files relating to research in theoretical physics, University of Michigan and travel files.
Dethmers, John R., 1903-1971.  / [ 1942-2006 ] Title: John R. Dethmers personal papers 1942-2006
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Michigan Supreme Court Justice; personal papers including political materials, publications, and photographs.
Dethmers, John R., 1903-1971.  / [ 1923-1970 ] Title: John R. Dethmers papers 1923-1970
Extent: 11 linear feet
Abstract: Prosecuting attorney, attorney general of Michigan, 1945-1946, and justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, 1946-1970. Correspondence and campaign material relating to his political interests, court agendas and topical files, and papers relating to the operation and activities of the state supreme court; also photographs.
Detroit Japanese American Citizens League. / [1943-2005] Title: Detroit Japanese American Citizens League Records 1943-2005
Extent: 3 linear feet, 17 oversized volumes, and 2 oversized folders
Abstract: Detroit chapter of organization established to facilitate acceptance of Japanese Americans, to voice political concerns, and to provide social activities for its members. Records include chapter administrative records, event and outreach materials, publications, scrapbooks, and photographs.
Detroit News. / [ 1885-1955 ] Title: Isle Royale papers 1885-1955 bulk 1921-1946
Extent: 2 linear feet (in 5 boxes)
Abstract: Files of Detroit News conservation editor Albert Stoll and director of public relations Lee A. White. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous papers relating to the Detroit News' campaign to make Isle Royale a national park and to secure land for it; manuscript and notes of an article by Martha M. Bigelow, 1955.
Detroit News Lansing Bureau.  / [ 1931-1972 ] Title: Detroit News Lansing Bureau scrapbooks 1931-1972
Extent: 30 linear feet
Abstract: Newspaper clippings detailing all aspects of state government, including the gubernatorial administrations of Kim Sigler, G. Mennen Williams, John B. Swainson, and George Romney; also; and miscellaneous reference files, including political and governmental press releases.
Detroit Ophthalmological Club.  / [ 1902-2011 ] Title: Detroit Ophthalmological Club records 1902-2011 bulk 1915-2011
Extent: 1.5 linear feet and 1 volume
Abstract: Professional-social club for Detroit area ophthalmologists. Correspondence, constitution and bylaws, minutes of meetings, history of the organization, and a case report detailing the early use of X-ray photography for ophthalmological procedures performed in Eloise, Michigan, in 1897.
Detroit Swedish Council.  / [ 1963-1983 ] Title: Detroit Swedish Council records 1963-1983
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Swedish-American cultural organization; scrapbooks, topical files, and photographs.
Detroit Urban League / [1916-1992] Title: Detroit Urban League records 1916-1992
Extent: 96 linear feet and 1 oversize folder (UBDm)
Abstract: Social Service organization serving the Detroit African American community, affiliate of the National Urban League; includes minutes of the Board of Directors, correspondence and topical files of Executive Directors and Presidents, budgets and financial records, and papers concerning National Urban League conferences and Green Pastures Camp; also departmental files relating to community services, housing, vocational services, health and welfare, job development and employment, and education and youth incentives; and photographs.
Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Land Company.  / [ 1879-1919 ] Title: Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Land Company records 1879-1919
Extent: 45 volumes
Abstract: Successor to the Land Department of the Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Railroad Company, owner of large land holdings in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Timber surveys, applications to purchase company lands, and tax records.
Detzer, Karl, 1891-  / [ 1916-1981 ] Title: Karl Detzer papers 1916-1981
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Leland, Michigan, journalist and author. Papers relating to his work as writer and editor for Reader's Digest; scripts and other papers concerning his activities as scriptwriter for radio, television, and motion picture production; copies of magazine articles; and material concerning the role of the United States in Mexican border troubles prior to World War I; also photographs.
DeVarti, David  / [ 1960s-2006 ] Title: David DeVarti papers 1960s-2006
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Owner of SGI Publications, an Ann Arbor, Michigan firm; publisher of Current, a guide to movies and live entertainment in the Ann Arbor area. Press materials, photographs, and various promotional items received from musical bands, rock and roll groups, and individual performers scheduled to appear in Ann Arbor clubs.
DeWeese, Carroll  / [ 1838-1926 ] Title: Carroll DeWeese digital map collection 1838-1926
Extent: 56 maps and other images on 1 DVD-R
Abstract: Maps of Oakland and Livingston Counties and Detroit, Mich., and the state of Michigan, and other items relating to Bloomfield Township, Mich., photographed from the holdings of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library.
DeWitt, Fred.  / [ 1939-1979 ] Title: Fred DeWitt papers 1939-1979
Extent: 0.3 linear feet
Abstract: Secretary of the engineering class of 1929 of the University of Michigan. Files relating to class reunions, including group photographs; also various subject files.
Dexter Cooperative Company (Mich.)  / [ 1927-1981 ] Title: Dexter Cooperative Company records 1927-1981
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Organization of Dexter, Michigan, area farmers. Minutes of board and annual meetings, financial statements, tax reports, and cash and general journals.