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Cacioppo, George.  / [ 1939-1985 ] Title: George Cacioppo papers 1939-1985
Extent: 12 linear feet (in 22 boxes)
Abstract: This collection contains sketches, manuscripts, printed music and writings by George Cacioppo, American composer, founder of the ONCE group, and faculty member at the University of Michigan.
Cain, Elmer I.  / [ 1917-1942 ] Title: Elmer I. Cain papers 1917-1942 bulk 1917-1942
Extent: 122 MB (online)
Abstract: Member of United States Army Co. H, 339th Infantry and veteran of the Allied Intervention in Northern Russia at the close of World War I. Includes digitized photographs depicting the daily lives and responsibilities of soldiers in Onega and Parog, Russia as well as scenes from Russian villages. Also contains digitized versions of Cain's draft registration cards from the First and Second World Wars.
Callahan, Patrick Henry, 1866-1940.  / [ 1925-1938 and undated ] Title: Patrick Henry Callahan papers 1925-1938 and undated
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Lay Catholic leader, supporter of the prohibition amendment; newsletters and other materials relating to his interest in temperance and the politics of temperance.
Callow, Laura Callow, 1927- / [1975-2013] Title: Laura Callow Papers 1975-2013
Extent: 1.5 linear feet.
Abstract: Feminist, active in various women's rights organizations; biographical information files relating to involvement with ERAmerica or W.O.M.E.N. (Women Organized to Meet Existing Needs)
Cameron, George Glenn, 1905-  / [ 1952-1978 ] Title: George G. Cameron papers 1952-1978
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Literature at the University of Michigan; personal and professional correspondence relating to archeological expeditions and discoveries in Iran and the Near East.
Camp Al-Gon-Quian (Burt Lake, Mich.)  / [ 1925-1967 ] Title: Camp Al-Gon-Quian (Burt Lake, Mich.) records 1925-1967
Extent: 32 linear feet
Abstract: Summer camp for boys located on Burt lake near Petoskey, Michigan. Records of the camp include medical and other personal information about the campers, the camp counselors, and the other staff members. These files are closed for 100 years from the date of creation.
Camp Davis (University of Michigan) / [1874-1964] Title: Camp Davis (University of Michigan) records 1874-1964
Extent: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Summer engineering camp of the University of Michigan at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Records include correspondence, annual reports, and other papers relating to the establishment and administration of the camp; includes papers of camp directors Joseph B. Davis and Clarence T. Johnson; also includes records of predecessor surveying camps, including the Bogardus Engineering Camp at Douglas Lake, Michigan; and photographs.
Camp Filibert Roth (University of Michigan) / [1928-1987] Title: Camp Filibert Roth (University of Michigan) records 1928-1987
Extent: 7.0 linear ft., 1 oversize v., and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Summer training camp for University of Michigan forestry students. Correspondence, memoranda, and other materials concerning the operation of the camp; include correspondence of Robert Craig, Jr. and Samuel T. Dana; material collected by camp director John Carrow which relates to the camp and School of Natural Resources; and photographs and scrapbooks.
Campbell family  / [ 1860-1865 and 1879-1949 ] Title: Campbell family papers 1860-1865 and 1879-1949
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan, area family; correspondence, diaries, and other family materials.
Campbell, Angus, 1910-  / [ 1949-1980 ] Title: Angus Campbell Papers 1949-1980
Extent: 10 linear ft.
Abstract: Survey researcher, director of the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan. Correspondence; survey files detailing studies of political behavior, racial attitudes, and the quality of life; files relating to his University activities and his involvement with professional organizations; and speeches and publications; and photographs.
Campbell, Ernest T.  / [ 1963-1968 ] Title: Ernest T. Campbell sermons 1963-1968
Extent: 29 items
Campbell, James V. (James Valentine), 1823-1890.  / [ 1830-1941 ] Title: James V. Campbell papers 1830-1941
Extent: 4.2 linear feet (5 boxes)
Abstract: University of Michigan professor of law, Detroit, Michigan, attorney, Michigan Supreme Court justice. Family correspondence, journal of trip to Sandusky, Ohio, in 1844, and lecture materials; also papers of Valeria Campbell, corresponding secretary of the Soldiers' Aid Society of Detroit, U. S. Sanitary Commission, concerning the society, the Detroit Soldiers' Home, and other relief agencies; and University student letters, 1872-1876, of Henry M. Campbell.
Canham, Don / [1968-1988] Title: Don Canham Papers 1968-1988
Extent: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: University of Michigan track coach, 1948-1968 and athletic director, 1968-1988, NCAA high jump champion, 1941. Papers primarily document his tenure as athletic director and activities with National Collegiate Athletic Association, Big Ten Conference and track coaches associations.
Cannell, Charles F.  / [ 1946-2001 ] Title: Charles F. Cannell papers 1946-2001
Extent: 2.5 linear feet
Abstract: Charles Cannell was a social scientist, professor, and co-founder of the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan. Papers consist of project files, research proposals and grant applications, conference presentations, teaching material, and biographical information, the majority of which span 1974 to 1998. The bulk of the collection represents work on an array of projects regarding interviewing and survey methodology, including several projects on the use of technology, such as the telephone, in the interviewing process.
Cannon, George Henry, b. 1826.  / [ 1833-1915 ] Title: George Henry Cannon papers 1833-1915
Extent: 1 linear foot and 1 microfilm roll
Abstract: Surveyor of lands in northern Michigan and in the Upper Peninsula; Macomb County land speculator; journal of his surveying expedition along the shores of Lake Superior, letters received, historical essays, family materials.
Canterbury House (Ann Arbor, Mich.)  / [ 1930-2005 ] Title: Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, Mich. records 1930-2005
Extent: 5 linear feet and 1 outsized folder.
Abstract: Episcopal student chaplaincy established in 1945 as the Episcopal Student Foundation to minister to University of Michigan students. The activities of the ministry were centered in Canterbury House (various locations). The Canterbury House ministry functioned both as a coffee house and as a performance hall for folk and jazz artists. The record group divides into three series. History and background materials include histories, promotional materials, and newspaper articles. The Episcopal Student Foundation Board of Trustees series consists of minutes, financial records, correspondence, and files relating to building facilities. The Canterbury series documents non-administrative activities, including staffing, chaplain activities, and programs and performances sponsored. This series also includes photographs, sound recordings, and files relating to the Institute of Public Theology and the conferences sponsored by it.
Cappaert, Andrea Lael, 1952-1980.  / [ 1952-1980 ] Title: Andrea Lael Cappaert Papers 1952-1980
Extent: 3 linear ft..
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, poet and journal writer. Journals, manuscripts of poetry and short stories, photographs, scrapbooks and other materials documenting her struggles as a polio survivor to cope with her disability and to lead an independent life; papers concern in part her association with the youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s.
Cappaert, LeRoy / [1947-2002] Title: Leroy and Lael Cappaert papers 1947-2002
Extent: 6 linear feet
Abstract: LeRoy Cappaert was a teacher and Democratic city councilman from Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1964-1970, delegate to the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and member of the Coalition for Peace in Central America, and organization established to provide assistance to Ann Arbor's sister city, Juigalpa, Nicaragua. Lael Cappaert was a librarian, also active in political and community causes. Papers and notebooks concerning LeRoy's election campaigns for the city council, his council activities, his work as delegate at the Democratic National Conventions of 1964 and 1968, and the 1968 Presidential campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy, his work with the Coalition for Peace in Central America; memoirs of his wife Lael Cappaert, pictorial history of their daughter Andrea Lael Cappaert; audio-visual material; and scrapbooks.
Cardona, Ana Luisa.  / [ 1973-2011 ] Title: Ana Luisa Cardona papers 1973-2011
Extent: 3 linear feet, 1 oversize folder and 510 MB (online)
Abstract: Member of Casa de Unidad and the Alliance for Cultural Democracy. Collection contains grant materials for Casa de Unidad, material related to other Michigan Latino arts organizations as well as Michigan Latino artists. Also photographs, interviews, and other material related to photographers Jack Delano and Julio Perazza.
Cares, Charles W.  / [ 1951-2005 ] Title: Charles W. Cares, Jr. drawings 1951-2005
Extent: 7 outsize folders
Abstract: Charles W. Cares, Jr. was a professor of landscape architecture in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan from 1959 to 1986. He was also Director of the Nichols Arboretum from 1968 to 1986. This collection consists of landscape drawings, drafted in pencil (and occasionally colored), of residences and parks in the Ann Arbor area and select projects outside of Ann Arbor that have special significance.
Carlisle Family  / [ 1860-1972 ] Title: Carlisle Family papers 1860-1972
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: Daniel Carlisle family of Buchanan, Michigan; family correspondence, diaries, and photographs.
Carman, George N., 1856-1941.  / [ 1839-1941 ] Title: George N. Carman papers 1839-1941
Extent: 6 linear feet
Abstract: Educator, director of the Lewis Institute in Chicago, Illinois; professional and personal correspondence, diaries, and photographs.
Carnegie Corporation of New York. Aging Society Project (1982-1986)  / [ 1982-1986 ] Title: Carnegie Corporation of New York. Aging Society Project (1982-1986) records 1982-1986
Extent: 19 linear feet
Abstract: Project established to study the public policy implications of an aging society. Administrative files, largely of project director D. Lydia Bronte, including subject files, name files, publication records, and conference files.
Carpenter, Charles William,1886-1971.  / [ 1909-1970 ] Title: Charles William Carpenter Papers 1909-1970
Extent: 1 linear ft. and 2 oversize folders
Abstract: Graduate of Tuskegee Institute in 1909, later pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Correspondence, including letters from Mr. and Mrs. Booker T. Washington, 1909-1915; and miscellaneous sermons, prayers, church bulletins, reports of the Second Baptist Church and other materials concerning his work with the Ann Arbor Human Relations Commission, the Citizens Advisory Committee for a Workable Program, and the Ann Arbor Bus Committee.
Carpenter, H. Beach (Hiram Beach), 1892-1955.  / [ 1928-1955 ] Title: H. Beach Carpenter papers 1928-1955
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: University of Michigan alumnus; correspondence and other papers concerning alumni fund-raising matters, reunion activities of the class of 1914, and other university matters.
Carr family.  / [ 1861-1930 ] Title: Carr family papers 1861-1930
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Abstract: Carr-Stearns family of Whitehall, Muskegon County, Michigan, and Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan; family correspondence, including Civil War materials.
Carr, Marian  / [ 1957-1963 ] Title: Marian Carr papers 1957-1963
Extent: 0.3 linear feet
Abstract: Member of the Ann Arbor Human Relations Commission; minutes and other materials relating to race relations in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Carton, John J. (John Jay), 1856-1934.  / [ 1883-1921 ] Title: John J. Carton Papers 1883-1921
Extent: 17 linear ft. and 3 oversize volumes
Abstract: Flint, Michigan, attorney and Republican state representative. Correspondence concerning the automotive industry, particularly his firms dealing with the General Motors Corporation and other automobile companies; also papers concerning state politics, the Republican Party, and the Constitutional Convention of 1907-1908; also docket books, 1883-1921, with record of cases handled by Carton and his partners.
Cartwright, Dorwin / [1943-1979] Title: Dorwin Cartwright Papers 1943-1979
Extent: 1 linear foot and 1 oversize folder.
Abstract: Founder and director of the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an organization that later merged with the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan to form the Institute for Social Research. Correspondence, reports, memoranda, articles, lectures, and an unfinished manuscript pertaining to research on war bond sales for the U. S. Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1943-1946; also papers on subsequent research on social behavior and psychology conducted at the University of Michigan.
Cary, William M. / [1963-1986] Title: William M. Cary Papers 1963-1986
Extent: 0.75 linear ft.
Abstract: Environmental education teacher at East Grand Rapids, Michigan, High School and member of the board of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council. Subject files consisting of newsletters, reports, testimonies, and printed material relating to Michigan environmental issues.
Casa de Unidad (Detroit, Mich.)  / [ 1980-2006 ] Title: Casa de Unidad records 1980-2006
Extent: 7 linear feet and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: The records of the Casa de Unidad Cultural Arts and Media Center cover the organization’s efforts to promote, develop, and celebrate Hispanic and Latino arts and traditions in Southwest Detroit. The record group consists primarily of correspondence, board minutes, grant proposals and reports, newsletters, event and program budgets, event flyers, educational workshop reports and audio material.
Case, E. C. (Ermine Cowles), b. 1871.  / [ 1805-1956 ] Title: Ermine Cowles Case papers 1805-1956 bulk 1920s-1940s
Extent: 3.5 linear feet (in 5 boxes) and 1 outsize folder
Abstract: Ermine Cowles Case was a prolific paleontologist and geologist, and a well respected professor of historical geology and paleontology at the University of Michigan. He was instrumental in the discovery and naming of several dinosaurs, and did considerable research on prehistoric vertebrates. The collection includes professional and person files that contain correspondence, organizational activities, recognitions, research, speeches, biographical records, and photographs. Inclusive dates span from 1805-1956, but most fall in the 1902s-1940s.
Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866.  / [ 1814-1847 ] Title: Lewis Cass papers [microform] 1814-1847
Extent: 60 microfilm reels
Abstract: Official correspondence, notes, and instructions received while serving as U. S. Minister to France and Secretary of War; also official documents of the Michigan Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1819-1831, and the Office of Indian Affairs, 1814-1817 and 1822-1829, relating in part to Cass's work in negotiating land treaties with the Indians of the Michigan Territory.
Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866  / [ 1830-1856 ] Title: [Lewis Cass Speeches and other publications] 1830-1856
Extent: 1 linear ft. (22 items)
Abstract: Speeches and publications, 1830-1856, of Lewis Cass, democratic politician.
Cassidy, Jay.  / [ 1967-1970 ] Title: Jay Cassidy photograph collection 1967-1970
Extent: 2.5 linear feet in 10 boxes and 4,882 digital images
Abstract: Jay Cassidy was a student photographer for The Michigan Daily from 1967 to 1970. The collection contains an inventory, background notes, negatives, a printed catalogue containing an image thumbnail and metadata for each image in the collection, and 4,882 digitized images of Cassidy's photography while at the University of Michigan. Subjects include student protests and anti-war demonstrations in Ann Arbor, Poor Peoples March/Resurrection City in Washington, D.C., Democratic primary campaigns of Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy and George Wallace, 1968 Democratic Party National Convention, 1969 Ann Arbor Blues Festival and a wide variety of campus activities. Cassidy digitized the images and created the printed catalogue in 2010.
Castagnacci, Vincent  / [ 1957-2010 ] Title: Vincent Castagnacci papers 1957-2010
Extent: 3.5 linear feet, 69.5 GB (online)
Abstract: Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan and widely exhibited painter with studios in Pinckney, Michigan and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Collection includes digital still images, video files, and promotional materials related to Castagnacci's classroom instruction, his artwork, and his personal influences.
Catford, J. C. (John Cunnison), 1917-  / [ 1969-1985 ] Title: J. C. Catford papers 1969-1985
Extent: 0.3 linear feet, 2.97 GB (online)
Abstract: Professor of linguistics at the University of Michigan from 1964 to 1986; includes eight lectures given by Catford on the occasion of his retirement, handouts from the lectures, a letter supporting Catford's nomination for the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, an article about Catford in Michigan Today.
Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Detroit, Mich.)  / [ 1824-2002 ] Title: Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Detroit, Mich.) Records 1824-2002
Extent: 25 linear ft. and 19 oversize volumes
Abstract: The Cathedral Church of St. Paul was founded in Detroit in 1824 as St. Paul⿿s parish. The record group spans the period from 1824 to 1995 and includes church registers of services, meeting minutes, and other documentation of the administrative life of the church. The record groups also includes record books of baptisms, marriages, and burials from 1824 to 1936.
Cavanagh Family  / [ 1857-2006 ] Title: Cavanagh Family papers 1857-2006
Extent: 1.5 linear ft. and 1 oversize folder
Abstract: Members of the Cavanagh family have resided in Yale, St. Clair County, Michigan since 1857. The collection was accumulated by Martha Cavanagh Cameron and consists of original and copied materials of various Cavanagh and Johnston family members.