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Baber, George W. (George Wilbur), 1898-1970. / [1942-1970] Title: George W. Baber Papers 1942-1970
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, pastor of various churches in Michigan and elsewhere. Correspondence, prayers and speeches, clippings, and programs; collected A.M.E. minutes, published material, and miscellaneous; and photographs illustrative of his career activities.
Babicki, Andrew. / [1916-1936] Title: Andrew Babicki collection 1916-1936
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Collected papers documenting the role of Michigan in World War I, including the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1919, the "Polar Bear Expedition."
Babst, Earl D., 1870-1967. / [1899-1967] Title: Earl D. Babst papers 1899-1967
Extent: 23 linear feet
Abstract: New York attorney and business executive. Papers relating to the publication of his book, Michigan and the Cleveland Era; correspondence concerning University of Michigan alumni affairs and his interest in the Michigan Historical Collections; legal materials and memorabilia concerning work as general counsel of the National Biscuit Company, and as president of the American Sugar Refining Company.
Bach family. / [1862-1943] Title: Bach family papers 1862-1943
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, family. Family correspondence, photographs, and miscellanea.
Bach, Barbara. / [1960-2008] Title: Barbara Bach papers 1960-2008, bulk 1975-2007
Extent: 9.3 linear feet
Abstract: Barbara Bach first worked as a Boston area schoolteacher and creator of television documentaries. After receiving a Master's degree in Education in 1969, she became an Ann Arbor, Mich. businesswoman, networking facilitator, fundraiser, and lifelong educator/mentor to individuals and organizations. The collection includes business records, association newsletters, campaign literature, photographs, and correspondence representing her multiple careers as an entrepreneur, legislative aide, community activist, and executive director in a policy environment promoting economic development in Michigan.
Bach, Frank, 1948- / [1964-2003] Title: Frank and Peggy Bach Papers 1964-2003
Extent: 9 linear feet
Abstract: Frank and Peggy Bach were involved with the counterculture in Detroit and Ann Arbor beginning in the 1960s as musicians, performers, graphic designers, promoters, and activists for area jazz, blues, and pop acts. Frank Bach was also involved in community organizations supporting housing and economic development activities in Detroit. The collection documents the Bach's numerous professional activities and organizations, groups, and individuals with whom they were associated, including Rainbow Corporation and Rainbow Multi-media, Allied Artists Association of America, Strata Associates, Detroit Jazz Center, Grande Graphics, Morda-Sinclair & Associates, and John Sinclair. Detroit community organizations documented in the collection include the Creekside Community Development Corporation, the Jefferson-Chalmers Citizens' District Council, and the Jefferson East Business Association.
Bachmann, Werner Emmanuel, 1901- / [1924-1951] Title: Werner Emmanuel Bachmann Papers 1924-1951
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of chemistry at the University of Michigan. Correspondence; subject files; research notes and notebooks relating to cancer and penicillin research; teaching materials; reprints of writings; and photographs.
Backus, Standish. / [1919-1942] Title: Standish Backus papers 1919-1942
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Detroit, Michigan, businessman, president of the Burroughs Adding Machine Co. Correspondence and reports relating to the Kelsey Expedition to the Near East for the University of Michigan and correspondence files, 1926-1942, concerning business affairs and social activities in Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Michigan; also writings of father Charles K. Backus, and photographs.
Bagley, John Judson, 1832-1881. / [1830] Title: John Judson Bagley papers 1830, 1847-1900
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Detroit businessman, Republican governor of Michigan (1873-1876) and candidate for the US Senate in 1881; correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and other materials concerning politics, business interests, and state government.
Bahr, Golden C., 1887-1919. / [1918-1919] Title: Golden C. Bahr papers 1918-1919
Extent: 1 folders
Abstract: Soldier from Copemish, Mich., member of 339th U.S. Infantry who served in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1920, the "Polar Bear Expedition." Collection includes letter (Nov.13, 1918) to his parents (censored); photocopies of his military records and newspaper articles about him; photocopy of photograph of flowers and flag at his funeral; and photograph of his gravestone.
Bailey, Franklin H., 1845-1914. / [1861-1912] Title: Franklin H. Bailey papers [microform] 1861-1912
Extent: 2 microfilms
Bailey, Richard W. / [1972-2008] Title: Richard W. Bailey papers 1972-2008
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of English at the University of Michigan, trustee of Washtenaw Community College, and Democratic Party worker. Correspondence, newsletters, leaflets and reports concerning Democratic politics at the state and local levels, platform hearings for the 1976 National Democratic platform; also papers relating to his activities with St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church, and Genesis of Ann Arbor.
Bain, Read. / [1893-1972] Title: Read Bain papers 1893-1972
Extent: 12 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of Sociology at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; vice-president, 1944, of the American Sociological Society; editor-in-chief, 1938-1942, of the American Sociological Review; President, 1945, of the Sociological Research Association; poetry editor, 1953-1957, of The Humanist; include correspondence, class notes, student essays, poetry, books and articles, and assorted miscellanea.
Baird, Charles, 1870-1944. / [1892-1933] Title: Charles Baird Papers 1892-1933
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Kansas City, Missouri, banker, first director of athletics, and secretary of the University of Michigan Athletic Association. Correspondence relating to his association with the University of Michigan and its athletic program.
Baker, Burton L. (Burton Lowell), 1912-1978. / [1950-1978] Title: Burton L. Baker Papers 1950-1978
Extent: 2.5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of anatomy in the University of Michigan Medical School, 1941-1978. Correspondence and other materials relating to his research activities, the publication of books and articles, and the teaching of anatomy.
Baker, Deane. / [1945-2004] Title: Deane Baker papers 1945-2004, bulk 1972-1996
Extent: 18 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan businessman, Republican Regent of the University of Michigan, 1972-1996, candidate for office of United States Senator, 1976 and 1982. The collection includes Campaign and Political Files, 1964-1998, Personal Files, 1945-2004, Regental Files, 1975-1996, Photographs, and University of Michigan Presidential Search Files, 1978-1996.
Baker, Henry B. (Henry Brooks), 1837-1920. / [1871-1900] Title: Henry B. Baker papers 1871-1900
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Founder and first secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health; papers of Baker and his son Howard B. Baker.
Baker, Herbert F., 1862-1930. / [1904-1930] Title: Herbert F. Baker Papers 1904-1930
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Republican state representative, 1907-1912, speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, 1911, state senator, 1919-1922, and official of the Farmers' National Council, the National Gleaner Federation, the Michigan State Grange and other farm and insurance organizations; includes correspondence, clippings, photographs and scrapbooks, concerning his political and business activities.
Balch, Nathaniel A. (Nathaniel Aldrich), 1808-1894. / [1797-1884] Title: Nathaniel A. Balch papers 1797-1884
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Kalamazoo, Michigan, educator, Democratic state senator. Correspondence, legal papers, genealogical data, diaries and account books; and compositions concerning Kalamazoo College, Middlebury College, Zebulon Pike, James W. Ransom, temperance, the Presbyterian church of Kalamazoo, and Marshall Academy.
Bald, F. Clever (Frederick Clever), 1897-1970. / [1917-1919] Title: F. Clever Bald papers 1917-1919, 1936-1970
Extent: 7 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of history and director of the Michigan Historical Collections at the University of Michigan; professional correspondence, lecture and research notes, speeches, writings, and personal miscellanea.
Baldwin, Ralph Belknap, 1912- / [1949-2001] Title: Ralph B. Baldwin papers 1949-2001
Extent: 8 linear feet
Abstract: Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturing company executive, astronomer. Technical correspondence, 1949-1992, relating to astronomical studies, particularly concerning the moon; correspondence, 1980-1981, used in preparation of his book, "The deadly fuze: a secret weapon of World War II;" speeches on astronomical subjects and pertaining to his interest in product liability reform; and unpublished autobiography.
Ball, Robert P., 1926- / [1936-1998] Title: Robert P. Ball Papers 1936-1998, bulk 1943-1998
Extent: 14 linear feet
Abstract: European correspondent for Time and Fortune magazines, 1945-1985. Letters to his parents concerning in part his student life at the University of Michigan in the 1940s, his war-time experiences as a naval officer in the Pacific theatre during World War II, and his career as a journalist in Europe from the late 1940s to the mid-1970s; student writings; dispatches written for Time and Fortune; and photographs.
Balogh, Tivadar. / [1946-1998] Title: Tivadar Balogh papers 1946-1998, bulk 1960-1997
Extent: 6.25 linear feet
Abstract: Plymouth, Michigan based architect, active 1946-1997, and former University of Michigan College of Architecture and Design instructor (1956-1997), known for his design work, and association with architect and former University of Michigan Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning Robert C. Metcalf. Balogh's work included approximately 150 residential, institutional, and commercial projects in Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona. The papers in this collection include correspondence, slides and photographs, clippings, teaching materials, project files, and architectural drawings.
Bandemer, Paul A. / [1917-1919] Title: Paul A. Bandemer papers 1917-1919, undated
Extent: 13 digital files
Abstract: Papers of a soldier in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1919, the "Polar Bear Expedition."
Bandholtz, Harry Hill, 1864-1925. / [1890-1937] Title: Harry H. Bandholtz Papers (Microform) 1890-1937, bulk 1899-1925
Extent: 12 microfilms
Abstract: Career military officer, served in the Philippines ca. 1900-1913, chief of the Philippine Constabulary, 1907-1913; papers include correspondence, constabulary reports, diaries, topical files, visual materials, and scrapbooks.
Banér, Johan G. R. (Johan Gustav Runeskeold), 1861-1938. / [1890-1938] Title: Johan G.R. Banér papers 1890-1938
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Swedish-American author and journalist, of Ironwood, Michigan. Correspondence, manuscripts of poetry and other writings, and scrapbooks containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other poetry, concerning the myths of Sweden and Scandinavia and Banér's studies of Michigan Indian lore; also photograph.
Banér, Skulda V. (Skulda Vanadis) / [1900-1975] Title: Skulda V. Banér papers 1900-1975, bulk 1920-1964
Extent: 3.5 linear feet
Abstract: Author of Ironwood, Michigan. Correspondence and scrapbooks relating to the development of Banér's literary career; also photographs.
Barbeau, Peter. / [1789-1909] Title: Peter Barbeau papers 1789-1909
Extent: 8 microfilms
Abstract: State representative from Chippewa County, Michigan. Correspondence and business papers dealing with mining, fishing, shipping, fur trading, lumbering and other businesses in the Northern Peninsula, particularly in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; also maritime papers, ships' manifests from Michilimackinac and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, miscellaneous American Fur Company papers, and papers on lighthouse administration, the Sault Ste. Marie Canal, and Republican politics.
Barnard, Ruth M. / [1975-2000] Title: Ruth M. Barnard papers 1975-2000
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Ruth Barnard was a professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing from 1975 to 2000. The collection contains material related to her research, teaching and participation in a wide range of School of Nursing and university committees.
Barnes, J. Milton, 1894- / [1972] Title: J. Milton Barnes collection 1972 1977-1980
Extent: 12 audiocassettes
Abstract: Ypsilanti, Michigan newspaperman and local historian. Recorded reminiscences of the life and culture of Ypsilanti in period of ca. 1900-1910.
Barnes, Russell Curtis, 1897- / [1920-1978] Title: Russell Curtis Barnes papers 1920-1978
Extent: 7 linear feet
Abstract: Correspondent with the Detroit News, director of the Psychological Warfare Division, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Forces, during World War II. Scrapbooks with clippings of newspaper articles; copies of propaganda leaflets directed to German soldiers and civilians during the war; reports, correspondence with family, and printed matter relating to war-time service; and photographs.
Barnett, Douglas. / [1948-2001] Title: Doug Barnett Photographs and Scrapbooks 1948-2001
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: An avid University of Michigan Hockey fan, Douglas Barnett served as official timer at hockey games from 1958 to 1983, and was a founding member of the Dekers club, a hockey booster group. The collection includes memorabilia and photographs collected over more than 40 seasons, much of it relates to the Dekers Hall of Fame. Barnett worked for the University of Michigan Mail Service and scrapbooks containing photos of mail service staff, equipment, facilities, staff events, and clippings.
Barnett, Leroy, collector. / [1928-1965] Title: Leroy Barnett Photograph Collection 1928-1965
Extent: 14 linear feet
Abstract: Archivist and historian; collection of photo prints and photo negatives, made by various state agencies, and relating primarily to rural landscapes, road construction projects, and the construction of state buildings.
Barney, Jane Lockwood. / [1937-2009] Title: Jane Lockwood Barney Papers 1937-2009, bulk 1980-2005
Extent: 12 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, Social Worker, Jane Lockwood Barney, worked for decades in organizations related to aiding the elderly, minorities, homeless, and hungry. Her primary organizations were: Avalon Housing, Inc., Shelter Association of Washtenaw County, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Washtenaw Housing Alliance, Turner African American Services Council, and the New Hope / University of Michigan Geriatric Clinic (now called the New Hope Outreach Clinic). The collection encompasses material related to Jane Barney's activities after the passing of her husband, Roger Warren Barney, in 1978. The series in the collection are organized by Professional Files and Personal Files. Papers include primarily meeting minutes, professional and personal correspondence, reports, and administrative notes, awards and recognitions, photographs, and family materials.
Barney, Roger Warren. / [1929-2002] Title: Roger Warren Barney and Jane Lockwood Barney papers 1929-2002
Extent: 11 linear feet
Abstract: Roger Barney was an Episcopal priest serving first in New Hampshire, later as a Navy chaplain during World War II, with Parishfield Community in Brighton, Michigan, and as associate rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor. Jane Lockwood Barney worked with the Institute of Gerontology and as advocate on behalf of the elderly. The collection includes personal correspondence, sermons, and subject files relating to their education, his service during World War II, and their ministry at Parishfield.
Barrabee, Peter / [1961-1969] Title: Marcia Barrabee Papers 1961-1969
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor peace activist during the Vietnam War era; correspondence and other materials relating to her activities within peace organizations.
Barrett, Albert M. (Albert Moore), 1871-1936. / [1900-1937] Title: Albert M. Barrett papers 1900-1937
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Physician, early specialist in the treatment of mental illness; correspondence; topical files; lectures and publications; casework; and photographs.
Barritt, Loren. / [1963-2000] Title: Loren Barritt papers 1963-2000
Extent: 4.5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor in the University of Michigan School of Education. Files include correspondence with colleagues, papers presented at professional meetings, research proposals and reports, grant and fellowship applications, materials related to committees on which Barritt served, and newsletters. The collection documents his research interests in educational testing and measurement, language development and testing, European (particularly Dutch) approaches to education and research, and educational psychology.
Barritt, Loren S. and Marjorie Rabe Barritt. / [1967-1998] Title: Loren S. and Marjorie Rabe Barritt Collection 1967-1998
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Homeowners in northeastern Ann Arbor, Michigan. Correspondence and other papers relating to their concern and interest in development projects in Ann Arbor and northern Michigan.
Barry County Health Dept. / [1909-1954] Title: Barry County Health Dept. records 1909-1954
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Monthly and annual reports, photographs, newspaper clippings, communicable disease record, dangerous disease record, and tuberculosis record.
Bartels, Levi. / [1917-1919] Title: Levi Bartels papers 1917-1919, 1978, 2005
Extent: 128 digital files
Abstract: Papers of a soldier in the Allied intervention in Russia, 1918-1920, the "Polar Bear Expedition."
Bartlett, Harley Harris, 1886-1960. / [1909-1960] Title: Harley Harris Bartlett Papers 1909-1960
Extent: 11 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of botany and director of the Botanical Gardens at the University of Michigan. Correspondence, research notes, forty-nine volumes of diaries, and other papers relating to his professional career, including his botanical expeditions to South America and the Philippines and his interest in the Phoenix Project of the University of Michigan; also a history of the botany department of the University containing material on Mark W. Harrington, professor of astronomy and director of the University Observatory; and photographs.
Bartlett, Lynn M. (Lynn Mahlon), 1904-1970. / [1925-1970] Title: Lynn M. Bartlett papers 1925-1970, bulk 1955-1969
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: Educational administrator, Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1957-1965, and official with the Johnson administration. Correspondence, reports, and newspaper clippings concerning his public career, political campaigns for state office, work in the constitutional convention, and interest in educational topics.
Barwin, Thomas W. / [1999-2006] Title: Thomas W. Barwin papers 1999-2006
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: City Manager of Ferndale, Michigan. The collection documents issues of urban sprawl, transit planning, and smart growth in the cities of Ferndale and Detroit. The papers also concern the debate over the proposed demolition of the 8 Mile and Woodward Avenue overpass.
Bashert, Beth. / [1988-2010] Title: Beth Bashert Papers 1988-2010
Extent: 1.4 linear feet
Abstract: Beth Bashert is a local activist, identified with gay-lesbian issues in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She is an outspoken advocate for civil rights and as a campaign organizer, she has impacted local elections in Ypsilanti and other Michigan cities. The collection consists of organizational materials and topical files pertaining to her political and advocacy activities in Ypsilanti and at the state level.
Bashert, Lisa Marshall. / [1971-2010] Title: Lisa Marshall Bashert Papers 1971-2010
Extent: 6 linear feet
Abstract: Lisa Marshall Bashert is a lesbian feminist witch from Ypsilanti, Michigan. She was involved in various causes and local organizations, especially relating to gay-lesbian activism in Michigan. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a life-partner of Beth Bashert. The Bashert collection consists almost entirely of her journals which are a combination of diaries, musings and other personal reflections about such topics as her sexuality, her personal relationships, and her involvement in feminist, lesbian, and pagan organizations.
Bassett, David R., 1928- / [1963-2004] Title: David R. Bassett Papers 1963-2004, bulk 1972-2000
Extent: 9 linear feet
Abstract: Physician and pacifist active in movement of conscientious objectors opposing use of their taxes for military purposes; chairperson and honorary national chairperson of the National Council for a World Peace Tax Fund (name changed in 1985 to National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund). Pacifist Issues series includes materials collected and created by Bassett on a variety of pacifist issues, primarily war tax resistance and conscientious objection; the Peace Tax Fund series consists of chronological files and topological files relating to the work of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund; and series of manuals, handbooks and reference materials.
Bassett, Leslie, 1905- / [1946-2005] Title: Leslie Bassett Papers 1946-2005
Extent: 35 linear feet
Abstract: Leslie Bassett is a composer and professor of music at the University of Michigan. Bassett’s papers, consisting of correspondence, collected memorabilia, photographs, lectures, scrapbooks, and music, document his career as a composer and professor of music.
Bates Real Estate (Ann Arbor, Mich.) / [circa 1955-1980] Title: Bates Real Estate (Ann Arbor, Mich.) records circa 1955-1980
Extent: 10 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan, real estate business. Information card file of homes for sale, including price, details about the house and the property, and photograph of the house.
Bates, Charles F. (Charles Franklin), d. 1922. / [1861-1888] Title: Charles F. Bates papers 1861-1888
Extent: 0.75 linear feet
Abstract: Dexter, Michigan, farmer and chairman of the Washtenaw County Committee of the Greenback Party. Correspondence concerning activities of Greenback Party in county, particularly relating to election of 1878, and other papers concerning the Bates family during the Civil War.
Bates, Henry Moore, 1869-1949. / [1886-1950] Title: Henry Moore Bates papers 1886-1950
Extent: 5 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of constitutional law at the University of Michigan. Papers include correspondence, reports, articles, speeches, photographs, and notebooks, relating to Bates' professional career, with material concerning activities of Ann Arbor National Defense Committee; life and career of Lawrence Maxwell, lawyer and U.S. Solicitor General in the Cleveland administration, funding and building the Michigan Union (1911-1918); Republican politics in the 1930's and 1940's; Franklin D. Roosevelt's attempt to reorganize the Supreme Court in 1937; and campus life at the University of Michigan during the first and second World Wars.
Bates, Marston, 1906-1974. / [1913-1974] Title: Marston Bates Papers 1913-1974
Extent: 25 linear feet
Abstract: Professor of zoology at the University of Michigan, scientist for the Rockefeller Foundation, and scientific writer for both professional and popular publications. Correspondence, journals, manuscripts of writings, and class materials, including papers detailing his work with the United Fruit Company in Central America, 1928-1931, his later activities with the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, especially his interest in mosquito research and malaria control programs during the 1930's and 1940's, and his demographic studies of the people of the Ifalik Atoll in the South Pacific in 1953; and photographs.
Battle Creek Food Company. / [circa 1900-1938] Title: Battle Creek Food Company [Miscellaneous printed items] circa 1900-1938
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Abstract: Miscellaneous printed items of the Battle Creek Food Company mostly relating to health and diet.
Battle Creek Sanitarium. / [circa 1880-1950] Title: [Miscellaneous brochures, pamphlets, etc.] circa 1880-1950
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Publications produced by or for the Battle Creek Sanitarium founded by John Harvey Kellogg in Battle Creek Michigan.
Bauer, Elizabeth W. / [1958-2013] Title: Elizabeth W. Bauer papers 1958-2013, bulk 1970s-2000s
Extent: 17 linear feet
Abstract: Elizabeth W. Bauer is a disability rights activist who served many years defending the rights of the disabled within Michigan, across the country, and internationally. She also served an eight year term on Michigan's State Board of Education. This collection contains materials relating to different disability rights issues--such as deinstitutionalization, community placement, euthanasia, sterilization, and disability legislation--as well as papers regarding the many organizations through which Bauer enacted her work.
Bay City (Mich.) / [1898-1933] Title: Bay City (Mich.) city government records 1898-1933
Extent: 1 linear feet
Abstract: Records of the municipal government offices of Bay City, Michigan. Correspondence files of the mayor, city attorney, the city manager, and the city engineer.
Bay de Noquet Lumber Company (Nahma, Mich.) / [1883-1926] Title: Bay de Noquet Lumber Company (Nahma, Mich.) records 1883-1926
Extent: 7 oversize volumes
Abstract: Journals, 1883-1887 and 1890-1892, sales record, 1923-1926, and voucher distribution record, 1916-1919.
Bay View Association. / [1875-1997] Title: Bay View Association records 1875-1997
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: Leases, lot books, and assessment rolls; annual reports, minutes of trustees' meetings, published material, and transcripts of interviews with residents.
Bay View Club (Fenton, Mich.). / [1897-1970] Title: Bay View Club (Fenton, Mich.) minutes 1897-1970
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Women's social and reading society. Minutes, programs, membership lists, and miscellaneous papers read before the club.
Bay View Reading Club. / [1887-1914] Title: Books published for the use of the Bay View Reading Club 1887-1914
Extent: 1 linear feet
Bayliss Public Library (Sault Sainte Marie, Mich.) / [circa 1802-1930] Title: Sault Sainte Marie collection circa 1802-1930
Extent: 19 microfilms
Abstract: Records, 1802-1884, of the American Fur Company at Mackinac Island; records of the collector of customs; records concerning history of Mackinac Island, Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa County, and Mackinac County, including marriage records for Chippewa County, 1824-1870, minutes of Chippewa County Automobile Association, 1917-1930, and miscellaneous personal diaries.