James J. Duderstadt Papers: 1963-ongoing (bulk 1970-1996)
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Publications about British-Israelism [subseries]
Box   5  
Anglo-Israel; or, the Anglo-Saxon nation identified with the lost tribes of Israel / by Rev. W. H. Poole (New York : James Huggins, printer and publisher, [1880 ?]) 80 p.
Box   5  
The Anglo-Saxon nation or Is Great Britain Israel? / by L. Sale-Harrison (Philadelphia, Pa. : L. Sale-Harrison, c 1928) 29 p.
Box   5  
The Anglo-Saxon riddle: or, The riddle of our Israelitish origin, present grandeur, and future greatness / by Antiquary, a clergyman of the Church of England. Also, Its solution / by Edward Hine. Rev. and reprinted by H.J.H. (New York : James Huggins, printer and publisher 1878) p. 282-296
Volume   FA 25 D222 D366  
The delusion of British-Israelism: a comprehensive treatise / by Anton Darms (New York : Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot n.d.) 224 p.
Volume   FA 25 T719 F652  
The focus of history. Sacred and secular. Facts of iron. The times and seasons of Rome / by Charles A.L. Totten. Part 1. Our race, series 4, no. 14 (New Haven, Conn. : Our Race Pub. Co. 1894) 264 p.
Volume   FA 25 W687 I85  
The Israel promises and their fulfillment: an examination of the pronouncements found in the book entitled "The hope of Israel: What is it?" / by Samuel Hinds Wilkinson (London : John Bale, Sons & Danielsson 1936) 195 p.
Volume   FA 25 W668 L881  
The lost ten tribes / by Rev. Joseph Wild, DD (Boston : A.A. Beauchamp 1919) 96 p.
Box   5  
Manasseh and United States, an essay, delivered by the Rev. Joseph Wild, D.D., in Union Congregational Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. before the Lost Israel Identification Society. 2nd ed., rev. and ill.(New York : James Huggins 1879) 16 p.
Volume   FA 25 T719 O93  
Our inheritance in the great seal of "Manasseh," the United States of America. Its history and heraldry; ant its signification unto "the great people" thus sealed / by Charles A.L. Totten. The seal of history, vol. 2. Our race, series 5, no. 19(New Haven, Conn. : Our Race Pub. Co. 1897) 380 p.
Box   5  
A r�©sum�© of the scriptural argument proving the identity of the Anglo-Saxons with the lost ten tribes of Israel / by Philo-Israel. Reprinted, with additions and corrections, from Israel in Britain, by J. Huggins. New and enl. ed.(New York : James Huggins 1880) 8 p.
Box   5  
The United States and the British Commonwealth in prophecy / by Herbert W. Armstrong (Pasadena, Calif. : Radio Church of God, c 1954) 26 p.