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Box   6  
CC FA/UAW Concerned Clericals for Action
CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation).

(see: Joint Programs (General))

CRUSK (i.e. Center for Research on Utilization of Scientific Knowledge).

(see: Institute for Social Research)

Caduceus Ball.

(see: Societies-Galens)


(see also: Literary College (for conferences on the calendar); Student Legislature, 1954)

Box   6  
Box   6  
Camp Counselors Club.

(see: Athletics-Intramural-Women)

Camp Cusino. Geography Field Camp in Upper Penn. at Shingleton, Mich.

(see: Geography, Dept. of)

Camp Davis.

(see: Engineering College-Camp Davis; Geology Dept.)

Camp Filibert Roth.

(see: Forestry; Natural Resources, School of (1950-)

Henry M. Campbell Competitions. Finals in the tests held by the Case
Clubs. Often held at the Law School-Lawyers Club-Founder's Day banquet

(see: Law School-Case Clubs)

Box   6  

(Cusino (Geography camps) (see: Geography, Dept. of Biological Station (Douglas Lake); Biological Station; Davis (Geology, Surveying) see: Engineering, College of-Camp Davis Fresh Air. see: Fresh Air Camp Geology Field Station (Colorado) see: Geology, Dept. of; Interlochen (National Music Camp) see: Interlochen Music Camp (general file) Shady Trails (Speech Improvement Camp) see: Institute of Human Adjustment-Speech Clinic)


((Confined to pamphlets showing scenes of the campus.) see also: Campus Maps; Building Program; Buildings and Grounds (all general clippings on the camp-us): University Relations Service (for publicity releases on the University as a whole); Student Life)

Box   6  
Box   6  
Campus Casbah.

(see: League Building-Social Activities Campus)


(see: Religion-Churches-Christian Reformed)

Campus Chest.

(see: Charities)

Campus Events.

(see also: Summer Session-Campus Events; Foreign Visitors; Oratorical Series-also departments and groups sponsoring.)

Box   6  
 1920-November 1926
Box   6  
 December 1926-1929
Box   6  
Box   6  
 1933-September 1936
Box   6  
Box   6  
Box   6  
Box   6  
Box   6  
Box   6  
Box   7  
Campus Opinion, 1945-

(Includes student opinion and polls except on elections. see also: Faculty; Elections; Activism; Student, Faculty, Admin. Relations)

Box   7  
Box   7  
Campus Workshop on Religion, 195b.

(see: Religious Affairs, Office of)


(see: Summer Session-Campus Events (1949-) for American-Canadian Relations)

Canada House.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies)

Cancer Research Institute.

(see: Medical School-Research)

Candidate in Philosophy Certificate.

(see: Graduate School Canes and Cane Day. see: Seniors-Traditions)

Canterbury House.

(see: Religion-Churches-Episcopal)

Capitalist Ball.

(see: Business Administration, School of)

Caps, Cap Night, etc.

(see: Freshmen-Caps)

Career Conference for Women. Held by Scroll, Mortarboard, and Senior Society, 1956.

(see: Societies-Senior Society)

Box   7  
Career Planning and Counseling
Carillon. see. Burton Memorial Tower
Carnegie Center for the Study of Higher Education.

(see: Education, School of-Higher Education)


(see: Women's League-Activities)

(Ermine Cowles) Case Memorial Lecture. This and the Case Student Award deal with research in the "earth sciences."

(see: Societies-Sigma Xi)

Castalian. Early yearbook of the Independents.

(see: Michiganensian)


(see: Memorials)

Centennial (1937).

(see: History-Centennial (1937))


(Includes censorship of movies, drama such as Flaming Creatures case, Dionysus in '69 case. see also: Free Speech)

Centennial (College of Literature, Science and Arts, 19141)

(see: History-Centennial (College of Literature, Science and Arts, 1941))

Centennial of the Admission of Women to the University

(see: Center for Continuing Education of Women)

Center for Chinese Studies.

(see: Par Eastern Studies)

Box   7  
Center for Continuing Education of Women
Box   7  
Center for Coordination of Ancient and Modern Studies (1969-)
Box   7  
Center for Early Child Development and Education
Center for Environmental Quality .

(see: Natural Resources, School of)

Box   7  
Center for Human Growth and Development (Authorized by Regents November 1964)
Center for Japanese Studies.

(see: Far Eastern Studies)

Center for Political Studies.

(see: Institute for Social Research.)

Center for Population Planning.

(see: Population Studies)

Center for Programmed Learning for Business.

(see: Bureau of Industrial Relations)

Center for Research and Training in Reproductive Biology.

(see: Population Studies)

Center for Research in Diseases of the Heart and' Circulation.

(see: Public Health, School of (A joint project of School of Public Health and Medical School, 1961-))

Center for Research in Social Organization.

(see: Sociology, Dept. of)

Box   7  
Center for Research on Conflict Resolution.

(see also: Peace movements)

Center for Research on Language and Language Behavior (1965-)
Box   7  
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Center for Research on Social Organization.

(see: Sociology, Dept. of)

Center for Research on Utilization of Scientific Knowledge.

(see: Institute for Social Research)

Box   7  
Center for Russian and East European Studies
Center for Southern Asian Studies.

(see: Far Eastern Studies)

Center for the Study of Higher Education, 1957-

(see: Education, School of-Higher Education)

Center for Tropical Studies (a cooperative program in San Juan, Costa Rica)

(see: Biological Sciences, Division of)

Box   7  
Center for Western European Studies.
Central American Expeditions.

(see: Expeditions-South and Central America)

Central Student Judiciary.

(see: Joint Judiciary Council)

Cercle Francais.

(see: Societies-Le Cercle Francais)

Ceylon Society.

(See: Foreign Students-Societies-Asia)


(see: Political Clubs-Challenge)

Chamber Arts Series.

(see: Music Series)

Chamber Choir.

(see: Glee Clubs-University Choir)

Chamber Dance Festival.

(see: Music Series.)

Box   7  
Chamber Music.

(includes: Baroque Trio; Woodwind Quintet' Dou Concertante; and other chamber groups in or sponsored by the School of Music except the Stanley Quartet-see also: Stanley Quartet; Music Series (for Chamber Arts Series; Music Series-Chamber Music Festival.)

Chamber Music, Ensemble.

(see: Chamber Music)

Chancellor's Court Dance (Ball).

(see: Law School-Dances)


(see: Hospitals)

Character and Religious Education Institutes.

(see: Extension-Pastors' Conference)

Box   7  

(includes Campus Chest; United Fund Drive-Campus Division) see also: Societies-Galens; Sororities and fraternities-Charities; Michigan Daily (Goodfellows Fund); Fresh Air Camp; Civilian Defense (blood donations))

Charivaria (Literary criticism society).

(see: Societies-Literary)

Cheering Section, Cheerleaders, etc.

(see: Athletics-"Pep")

Cheever House.

(see: Cooperative Rooming and Boarding Projects)

Box   7  
Chemistry Dept.

(see also: Societies-Chemistry)

Chess Club.

(see: Societies-A-F (Contests also held at the Union))

Chi Delta Phi (formerly Black Quill).

(see: Societies-Literary)

Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering) 1922-.)

(see: Societies-Engineering)

Box   7  
Box   7  
Child Guidance Institute. (1938-43)
Children's Book Fair.

(see: Library Science, Dept. of)

Children's Hospitals.

(see: Pediatrics and Communicable Disease, Dept. of; Hospitals; Psychiatric Unit see Psychiatry; Research. see Medical School-Research.)

Children's Institute.

(see: Hospitals)

Children's Psychiatric Unit-a branch of Children's Hospital, Medical Center.

(see: Psychiatry)

Children's Service-a branch of the Neuropsychiatric Institute.

(see: Psychiatry)

Children's Theater.

(see: Dramatics-Children's Theater)

Box   7  
Chimes (bells).

(For later bells and carillon see: Burton Memorial Tower)

Box   7  
Chimes (publication)
China Conference.

(see: Summer Session-Campus Events (191114))

Chinese Language.

(see: Far Eastern Studies)

Chinese Students Club.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Asia)

University Choir.

(see: Glee Clubs-Univ. Choir)

Bach Choir.

(see: Glee Clubs-Univ. Choir)

Michigan Singers.

(see: Glee Clubs-Extra-curricular groups)

Arts Chorale.

(see: Glee Clubs-Extra-curricular groups)

Tudor Singers.

(see: Collegium Musicum)

Choral Union. Chorus takes part in the May Festival and presents the Christmas program ("Messiah").

(see: Music Series)

Christian. Science Organization.

(see: Religion-Churches)

Box   7  
Christmas Events.

(Includes Ann Arbor Community Sing, 1922-; All-campus Christmas party (Revues) sponsored by the Women's League and Union; Misc. caroling and parties. bee also: Glee Clubs-Extracurricular (Arts Chorale Christmas program); Glee Clubs-University Choir (Christmas program); Music Series (Messiah performances); Societies-Galens (hospital party); Fraternities-IFC (Christmas party))


(see: Michigan Daily; Student Publications.)

Chrysler Center for Continuing Engineering Education.

(see: Engineering, College of-North Campus)


(see: Religion-Churches (and cards following))

Cicolo Italiano.

(see: Societies-Cicolo Italian)

Cinema Guild.

(see: Moving Pictures-Cinema Guild)


(see: Societies-circle)

Citation of Honor.

(see: Regents)

Citizens for Eisenhower.

(see: Political Clubs-Republicans City Planning. see: Urban Studies)

Civil Liberties Board.

(see: Senate (Facility))

Civil Liberties Committee.

(see: Political Clubs-Civil Liberties Comm.)

Civil War.

(see: History--Pamphlets I (1817-1900), Clippings I (1817-1900))

Box   7  
Civilian Defense.

(see also: Hospitals (for disaster program); Ann Arbor-Defense (general file); various RTC, NROTC, etc. folders)

Civilian Pilot Training Program.

(see: Aviation)

Class Ranking (of male students for draft board reports, 1966-see: Student Records
Classical Courier. Dept newspaper.

(see: Classical Studies, Dept. of)

Box   7  
Classical Studies, Dept. of 1946-

(Includes Classical Archaeology, Classical Linguistics, Greek Lang. and Literature, Latin Lang. and Lit.)


(see: Registration and Classification)

Classroom Scheduling Service.

(see: University Relations Service)

Claude Commission Report on Students' Role.

(see: Student, Faculty, Administration Relations)

Clements (William Lawrence) Library

(see also: Faculty-Adams, Randolph; Faculty-Peckham, Howard)

Box   7  
Box   7  
Box   7  
Box   7  
"Clippy's Stadium".

(see: Memorials)


(see: Buildings and Grounds; Burton Tower)

(Charles)Coffin Fellowships.

(see: Fellowships)

Coif, Order of.

(see: Societies-Coif, Order of)


(see: Museums (in Museum of Anthropology))

College Administration, Conferences (Institutes) on

(see: Summer Session-Institutes)

College and University Teaching.

(see: Education, School of-Higher education)

Colleges, Residential.

(see: Literary College-Residential College; Education, School of (for Education Residential Program))

Box   7  
Collegium Musicum.

(Includes other ensembles devoted to Ren., Med., and baroque music. Sponsors the Tudor Singers (vocal group). see also: Chamber Music)

Comedy Club.

(see: Dramatics-Comedy Club)


(see also: Seniors)

Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Commencement Band.

(see: Bands-Symphony Band)

Commission on Human Resources and Advanced Training-a senior vocational survey, 1953.

(see: Seniors)

Commission on the Role of Students in Decision-Making.

(see: Student, Faculty, Administration Relations)

Committee for displaced students.

(see: Foreign Students-Displaced persons)

Committee for Liberal Action.

(see: Political Clubs-Committee for Liberal Action)

Committee on Classified Research.

(see: Research.)

Committee on College Relations

(see: Education, School of-Higher Education Committee on Discrimination in Off-Campus Housing, see: Race Relations Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). see: Joint Programs (General))

(University) Committee on Studies in Religion. Sponsors lectures on religious topics.

(see: Religious Affairs, Office of)

Committee to End Discrimination

(see: Race Relations)

Common Sense Party.

(see: Student Government (19514-5))

Box   8  
Communication Sciences
Communications Media, Committee on.

(see: Publications)


(see: Political Clubs-Communist; Radicals; Free Speech)

Box   8  
Community Relations.

(Includes material on "fair share" of costs of city services, city fire and police protection, "town and gown" problems that do not fit under more specific subjects. see also: Student, Faculty, Administration Relations; Housing)

Community Service Committee.

(see: Women's League-Activities Community Sings. see: Glee Clubs-Misc.)

Comparative Education, Program in.

(see: Education, School of-Workshops)

Composer's Forums.

(see: Music, School of)

Comprehensive Examinations

(see: Literary College Computers)

Box   8  
Concentration Advisors

(see: Advisors)

Concerned Clerics for Action. See CCA/UAW
Conference on Aging.

(see: Institute for Hunan Adjustment-Gerontology, Div. of)

Conference on Environmental Mercury Contamination. See Institute of Industrial Health
Conference on Higher Education.

(see: Universities and Colleges-Michigan; Education, School of-; Higher Education)

Conference on Hospital Management.

(see: Hospitals)

Conference on Organ Music. See Organ
Conference on Student Exchanges, 19118.

(see: Foreign Students)

Conference on the Economic Outlook.

(see: Economics, Dept. of-Conference on the Economic Outlook)

Conference on the University (May 1962-)

(see: Administration)

Conference on World Understanding, 1947.

(see: Extension-Institutes)

Conference Research. Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and carried on by the Psychology Dept., U of N.

(see: Psychology, Dept. of)


(see: Campus Events; Summer Session-Institutes; Summer Session-Campus-Events; Extension-Press Releases (filed by date held); various groups holding the conference)

Conflict Resolution.

(see: Center for Research on Conflict Resolution)

Box   8  

(Official title of the,Independent Men's Association. 1937-44. Superseded by Association for Independent Men.)

Conscientious Objectors.

(see: Religion (for students); Faculty-Morgan; Conscientious Objectors (general file); Military Affairs, Office of)

Conscription see: Military Affairs, Office of Conservation, Dept. of. 2.22: Natural Resources, School of
Consortium for Political Research (Inter-University).

(see: Institute for Social Research-Survey Research Center)

Consumer Finance Surveys.

(see: Institute for Social Research-Survey Research Center)

Consumer's Union.

(see: Expenses, Student)


(see: Student Publications-Literary)

Contemporary Directions.

(see: Chamber Music)

Contemporary Literature Club.

(see: Societies-Literary)

Contemporary Music Festival.

(see: Music, School of-Extension Program)

Continuing Education of Women, Center for.

(see: Center for continuing Education of Women)

Continuing Engineering Education, Chrysler Center for.

(see: Engineering, College of-North Campus)

Contributions of the Negro (Patterns of American Culture I)

(see: Summer Session-Campus Events (1956))

"Controversy "68" Programs.

(see: University Activities Center)


(see also: Honors Convocations; Student Christian Association (for non-university sponsored programs))

Box   8  
 1920-September 1929
Box   8  
 October 1929
Box   8  
John P. Cook Dormitory.

(see: Law School-Law Quadrangle)

W. W. Cook Endowment for Legal Research.

(see: Law School-W.W. Cook Foundation; Law School-Legal Research)

Cooley Memorial Lab.

(For building see: North Campus research; see North Campus-Research by Non-University Firms.; Engineering, College of---North Campus-and departments doing research.)

Cooperative Council.

(see: Assembly)

Co-op Houses.

(see: Cooperative rooming and boarding projects)

Cooperative Information Center on Hospital Management Studies.

(see: Bureau of Hospital Administration)

Cooperative Movement.

(see: Extension-Southeastern Area (courses offered in))

Cooperative Rooming and Boarding Projects.

(Includes those of the Inter-cooperative Council (see that card for list) and the following-Alumnae Council operates (operated); Alumnae Hall, 1917-became (Mary) Markley House (women)-closed 1950. (Mary Barton) Henderson House (women); Comm. for International Living operates (ed) (J. Raleigh) Nelson international House 1950-(men) (Adelia) Cheever House; Wolverine Cooperative Exchange (student coop eating club) 1930-became the Michigan Wolverine Restaurant.)

Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Cooperative Stores.

(Includes textbook exchanges.)

Box   8  
Box   8  
Core Library.

(see: Geology, Dept. of)

Correspondence Courses.

(see: Extension-Correspondence Study Courses. Bulletins in North Campus and U of M Collection.)

Cosmopolitan Club.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Cosmopolitan Club)

Council. Created as a smaller governing unit of the Faculty Senate, 1931-

(see: Senate (Faculty))

Council for International Living

(Sponsors international houses for the foreign students. see Foreign Students-Housing)

(National) Council of Arts, Sciences and Professions (Michigan Chapter).

(see: Societies-Faculty)

Council on International Student Exchange (faculty group) 'see: Foreign Students
Counseling System.

(see: Advisors, Freshmen; Student Affairs, Office of; Health Service (for Mental Health Clinic))

Course Critique program.

(see: Advisors Course evaluations. see: Faculty Evaluations Cowie Lectures. see: Medical School)

Crease Ball.

(see: Law School-Dances)

Creative Arts Festival.

(see: Union-Activities (Through 1964); University Activities Center (1965-))

Credit Unions.

(see: Employees (Michigan Employee Credit Union); Hospitals (Hospital Credit Union))

Crest Club.

(see: Employees)


(see also: Public Health, School of; Student Govt. (Joint Judiciary Council); Marking System (for exam thefts))

Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  
Crop and Saddle (Women's riding club).

(see: Riding)

Cube, Kinetic, on Jefferson Plaza.

(see: Memorials (This is not a memorial, however))

Cudlip (Robert S.) Fellowship.

(see: Medical School-Research)

Culture Club.

(see: Societies-Culture Club)

Arthur G. Cummer Firearms Collection.

(see: Kelsey Museum of)


(Includes language requirements. For requirements of a particular dept., see that dept. see also: Honors Program)

Box   8  
Box   8  
Box   8  

(see: Physics, Dept. of)