Michigan Daily records  1950-2006
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T Square.

(see: Societies-Architecture and Art.)

Taft Club.

(see: Political Clubs-Republicans.)

Taft (Jonathan) Society.

(see: Societies-Dentistry.)

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Tappan, Pres. Henry P.
Tappan International House (women).

(see: Foreign Students-Housing.)

Tau Beta Pi.

(see: Societies-Tau Beta Pi.)

Tau Beta Sigma. National Band Honorary (Women).

(see: Societies-Music (Band).)

Tau Epsilon Rho. Jewish Legal Fraternity.

(see: Societies-Law School.)

Tau Sigma Delta.

(see: Societies-Architecture and Art.)

Tax Conference.

(see: Business Administration, School of; Extension-Institutes.)


(see: Ann Arbor and Ann Arbor-Finances; MiU-Administration.; Michigan-Taxation-Michigan (general file); Conlin Comm. for Tax Study, 1957 headed by Prof. H. Brazer--Taxation-Michigan.)

Taxes, Student.

(see: Student Government (1954-).)

"Teach-In" (March 1965-).

(see: Activism. For Drug Teach-In, January 7, 1968 see:. University Activities Center. For Environmental Teach.-in see: Natural Resources, School of; for Teach-In on Women (Oct 10, 1979) see Center for Continuing Education for Women)

Teaching Associates Program.

(see: Joint Programs (General).)

Teaching Fellows.

(see: Faculty.)


(see: Engineering, College of-Technic.)

Technical Document Service Bulletin.

(see: Institute of Science and Technology.)

Technical Translation Service.

(see: Research. Tecumseh Study. see: Public Health, School of.)

Telecommunications Conference see Research.

(see: Buildings and Grounds.)


(see also: Radio (for joint discussions); Speech Dept. (for Speech Reunions, 1948-; Television-Educational Applications (for non-university Educational Television and Radio Center, AA))

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Tenants' Union.

(see: Housing.)

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(see: Faculty Evaluations.)

Testing (aptitude, veterans, blind, sophomore, etc)

(see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Bureau of Psychological Services.)

Texas Club.

(see: Societies-Q-Z.)

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Textbook Exchange.

(see: Cooperative 'Stores. Textbook Loan Library.)

Thai Association.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Asia.)

Theater (Bldg.).

(see: League-Building-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater; Union-Theater; Union-Opera-Mimes; Power Center for the Performing Arts; (For plays see: Dramatics).)

Theater Guild.

(see: Dramatics-Student Players.)

Theater Program, Professional.

(see: Dramatics-Professional Theater Program)

Theosophical Society. .see: Religion-Churches. Thesis.

(see: Commencement-Programs.)

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Theta Sigma Phi. Women's national journalism honorary.
Thursday Noon Club.

(Formed by a group of faculty men. see Societies-Faculty.)

Times (NY) Current Events Contests. Discontinued 1932.

(see: Campus Events.)

Toastmasters Society.

(see: Societies-Honor.)

Toledo Club.

(see: Societies-Q-Z.)

Tolstoy League.

(see: Societies-Tolstoy League.)

Town and Country Club.

(see: Outing.)

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(Includes Traditions Night, Sophomore Rally, Flagpole incidents, Freshmen Spread, Sophomore Circus, etc. P-Bell. see also: Freshmen-Caps; Seniors-Traditions; Games-Freshmen-Sophomore; Alumni-homecoming.)

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Traffic problems.

(see: Buildings and grounds (for roads, sidewalks); Parking system and regulations.)


(see: Buildings and Grounds.)

Transportation Club.

(see: Societies-Engineering (1925-40).)

Transportation Institute and Library.

(Institute created by Act of Bd. of Regents February 15, 1952.)

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Transportation Research, Office of
Travel Services.

(see: Student Council; Student Government (sponsored); Societies-Vulcans; Union; League. For voyages made by students see also: Student Life-Voyages and Travel.)

Traveling Scholar Program (under Committee on Institutional Cooperation).

(see: Joint Programs (General).)


(see: Societies-Triangles. Trimester System. see: Calendar.)

Triton Film Society.

(see: Moving Pictures.)

Tropical Studies, Organization for.

(see: Biological Sciences, Division of.)

Trust Funds.

(see: Finances-Trust Funds.)

Tudor Singers.

(see: Collegium Musicum.)

Tug Week.

(see: Freshmen-Frosh Weekend.)

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 1933-July 1965
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July 1965-January1972
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 February 1972-March 1975
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April 1975-
Tung Oil Crown. Awarded by Sigma Rho Tau.

(see: Societies-Sigma Rho Tau.)

Tunnel System.

(see: Buildings and Grounds.)

Turkish Club.

(see: Foreign Students-Societies-Africa and Near East.)

Tuskegee Institute Co-operative Program.

(see: Joint Programs-Tuskegee Institute.)

Tutor-in-Residence Program.

(see: Dormitories (General).)

Tutorial and Cultural Relations Project.

(see: Student Activities Center.)

Tutorial System.

(see:. Honors Program.)