Michigan Daily records  1950-2006
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Oral histories, photos, and other historic materials from the Sleeping Bear Dunes region [series] (digital files, originally on 1 hard drive, USB connection)
Information on Farms, Families, etc.  1933-2010 [subseries]

The Information on Farms, Families, etc. subseries (71.3 MB, 1933-2010) contains oral history interview summaries and transcripts as well as correspondence, histories in written forms, and compilations of references to particular farms found in other interviews or documents. Files are arranged geographically by region and area, and then by family or farm.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Region  1933-2010
Burdickville Area, 1933-circa  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
DeKorne Family
DeKorne, Jack interview (summary)  2006
Ryskamp, Ken interview (summary)  2007
Van Noord, Trudy interview (summary)  2006
Dewing, Preston autobiography  1933,  1998
Gilbert, Lurah Dewing autobiography  1997
Holden Family
Holden, David interview (summary)  1976
Holden, Mary Ellen and Margaret interview (summary)  undated
Johnson, Sarah and David Holden interview (summary)  undated
Lanham, Dottie interviews (transcript and summary)  2003,  2005-2008
Lanham, Nancy
Interview (transcript and summary)  2009
"My Life" autobiography  undated
Individual files
Ashmore, John interview (summary)  2009
Crosby, John interview (summary)  2009
Faulman interview (transcript)  2004
Hansen, Clarissa interview (summary)  1994
Johnson, Oscar autobiography  1942,  undated
Lanham, Dorothy E interview (transcript)  2003
Trumbull, Nolan interview (summary)  2008
Wepking, Jeannette interview (summary)  2009
Whitten, Gene interview (transcript)  2008-2009
Whitten, Gene obituary  circa 2010
Other Areas  2000-2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
John Lanham interview (transcript and summary)  2000
Bufka Farm interviews (brief summaries)  2004
Musil, Bessie interview (transcript and summary)  2008
South Manitou correspondence  2009-2010
Individual files
Cate, Lowell of Cedar interview (summary)  2010
John Westman correspondence  2010
Martha Evelyn Cleaver correspondence  undated
Roe, Honora of Maple City interview (summary)  2009
Port Oneida Area  1979,  1992-2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Anderson Farm, note of references
Baker Farm
Baker, Fred interview (summary)  1979
Barratt, Jack and Lucille interviews (summaries)  1992,  2003,  2004-2007,  2008
Barratt, Bill interview (transcript)  2003
Oleson, Ruth interviews (summary)  2003,  2004
Basch, Martin Farm, note of references
Basch, Niclous Farm
Arlene Moody interview (transcript and summary)  2009
Laura Basch interviews (transcripts and index)  1993-1995
Vulcanizer information, circa  2010
Behrens Farm, note of references
Burfiend, Carsten Farm
David Ritter discussion (summary)  2005
George Burfiend interviews (summaries)  2005-2007
Howard L Burfiend correspondence  2009-2010
Mary Brayton notes  2007
Miscellaneous notes
Burfiend, John Farm
Betty and June Garthe interview (notes)  2003
Ed Schmidt interview (transcript and summary)  2008
Schmidt family members interview (summary)  2010
Burfiend, Peter Farm, note of references
Dechow Farm
Dechow-Shalda family members interview (transcript and summary)  2009
Jill Baxter interview (transcript)  2007
Robert Klett tour/interview (transcript and summary)  2008
Eckerdt, George Farm, note of references
Eckerdt, Henry Farm
Beverly Yvonne Krcek interview (transcript and summary)  2008
Farm tours/interviews (summaries)  2008,  2010
Kelderhouse, Thomas Farm
Kay Bond interview (summary)  2010
Charlotte Groesser interview (transcript)  2009
Myrtle Kelderhouse Warner story  2008
Nancy and Margaret Hulka discussion (summary)  2007
Note of references
Kelderhouse, William Farm
Leon Kelderhouse interview (summary)  2006
Ruth Lambkin interview (summary)  2008
Kirkett Farm, note of references
Lawr Farm, note of references
Miller, Carsten Farm, note of references
Miller, Fred Farm
Jerry and Gerry Miller correspondence  2009
Patricia Ann Cartensen interview (summary)  2009
Paula Jones notes  2009
Robert Adair interview (summary)  2009
Ellen Miller recipes  undated
Millington Farm, note of references
Olsen, Charles Farm
Alfred and Lorraine Mason interviews (transcript and summaries)  2001-2004
Olsen family reunion interviews (summaries)  2007
Garnett Olsen conversation (notes)  2007
Jerry Mack correspondence  2009
Olsen, Everett Farm, note of references
Olsen, George Farm
Farm information  undated
Walter Houdek notes  undated
Olsen, Ole Farm information and note of references
Port Oneida School
Lucille Baker Barratt and Lorraine Shelby Richardson interview (summary)  2001
Note of references
Schmidt Farm, note of references
Thoreson Farm
Leonard Thoreson interviews (transcript and summary)  2006
Poem and note of references  undated
Warner Farm
Gene Warner recollections  2009
Note of references
Watkins Cottage
Article  2005
Judith C. Watkins, Katharine Wylde, and Mary Crane interview (summary)  2005
Mary Crane correspondence  2006-2010
Weaver Farm, note of references
Werner, Frederick Farm
Charles H. Miller interview (summary)  2006
Charles Miller and Leonard Thoreson barn tour/interview (transcript)  2008
James Vachow, "Epilogue -- 1857"  undated
Kathryn Keller notes  undated
Mary Lou Stuber interview (summary)  2007
Siblings Charles H. Miller, Rose Mary Frederick, and Mary Lou Stuber interview (summary)  2009
Johnny Warner and Gene Warner notes  2008
Robert Hangerman genealogy notes/correspondence  2009
Werner, Richard Farm
Gene Warner correspondence  2009
Note of references
Other Areas  1995-1996,  2003-2009 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Scott Family
Alice Elizabeth Bahls interview (summary)  2007
Dorothy Scott Patton interview (summary)  2006
Peggy Scott McCreight interview (summary)  2006
Miscellaneous documents and notes  undated
Van Zoeren Family
Carolyn Van Zoeren interview (summary)  2009
Jay Van Zoeren interview (summary)  1995-1996
Jay Van Zoeren obituary  2005
Reflections on My Dad by Tom Van Zoeren, circa  2010
Doan family (Judy Carole Fargo and Ruth Ann Doan Jones) interview (summary)  2006
Port Oneida Fair Oral History Project interview (partial transcript and summary)  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Oral History Audio Files  1976-2010 [subseries]

The Oral History Audio Files subseries (35.0 GB, 1976-2010) consists of audio files for oral history interviews, primarily conducted by Tom Van Zoeren. Recordings are arranged geographically by region and area, and then by family or farm. Audio files may be in several formats (original session recordings of the interview or series of interviews, a version divided into tracks, or versions converted to different file formats) and may have been digitized from analog media or born digital.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Region  1976-2010
Burdickville Area  1976-2010
Ashmore, John interview  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Cotner, Leonard interview  2008 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Crosby, John interview  2009 (.ZIP file) [download item]
DeKorne Family  2006-2007 (.ZIP files) [download item]
DeKorne, Jack series of interviews  2006
Ryskamp, Ken interview  2007
Van Noord, Trudy interview  2006
Faulman, Ellsworth and Lucille interview  2004 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Hansen, Clarissa interview  1994 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Holden Family interviews  1976-1992 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Lanham interviews  2003-2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Lanham, Dottie series of interviews  2005-2008
Lanham, Dottie interview  2003
Lanham, Nancy interview  2009
Trumbull, Nolan interview  2008 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Wepking, Jeannette interview  2009 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Whitten, Gene interviews  2008-2009 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Other Areas  2000-2009
Bufka Farm  2004 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Group discussion  2004
Bufka, Jerome and John interview  2004
Bufka, Jerome tour/interview  2004
Cate, Lowell Chamberlain interview  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Lanham, John interview  2000 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Musil, Bessie Jane Plowman interview  2008 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Roe, Honora of Maple City / Barbara Louise Liljestrand, Maxine Louise Wepking Mikowski, and Helen Louise Mikowski interview  2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Port Oneida Area  1979-2010
Baker Farm  1979,  2004-2008 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Baker, Fred, interview  1979
Barratt, Jack and Lucille, series of interviews  2004-2007
Barratt, Jack interview  2008
Oleson, Ruth interview  2004
Basch, Niclous, Farm  1993-1995,  2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Basch, Laura, series of interviews  1993-1995
Moody, Arlene, interview  2009
Burfiend, Carsten Farm  2005-2007 (.ZIP file and .WAV file) [download item]
Burfiend, George, series of interviews  2006-2007
Ritter, David, conversation  2005
Burfiend, John, Farm  2008-2010 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Schmidt, Ed, interviews  2008
Schmidt Family Reunion interview  2010
Dechow Farm  2007-2009 (.MP3 file and .ZIP files) [download item]
Baxter, Jil,l interview  2007
Dechow-Shalda reunion interview  2009
Klett, Rober,t interview  2008
Eckerdt, Henry, Farm  2008-2010 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Krcek, Beverly Yvonne interview  2008
Eckerdt Farm Tour 1  2008
Eckerdt Farm Tour 2  2008
Eckerdt Farm Tour 3  2010
Kelderhouse, Thomas Farm  2007-2010 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Bond, Kay interview  2010
Groesser, Charlotte interview  2009
Hulka, Nancy and Margaret interview  2007
Kelderhouse, William Farm  2006-2008 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Kelderhouse, Leon interviews  2006
Lambkin, Ruth interview  2008
Miller, Fred Farm  2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Adair, Robert (Bob) interview  2009
Carstensen, Pat (Patricia Ann Miller) interview  2009
Olsen, Charles Farm  2001-2007 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Mason, Alfred and Lorraine series of interviews  2001-2004
Olsen Family reunion interviews  2007
Thoreson Farm  2005-2010 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Thoreson, Leonard first series of interviews  2005-2006
Thoreson, Leonard second series of interviews  2009-2010
Watkins Cottage, Judith C. Watkins, Katharine Watkins Wylde, and Mary Watkins Crane interview  2005 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Werner Frederick Farm  2006-2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Miller, Charles H. and Leonard Thoreson Barn Tour interview  2008
Miller, Charles interviews  2006
Miller siblings (Charles, Mary Rose, and Mary Lou) interview  2009
Stuber, Mary Lou interview  2007
Other Areas  1995-2009
Doan Family interview (Judy Carole Fargo and Ruth Ann Doan Jones)  2006 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Gallup, Albert interview  2005 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Scott Family  2006-2007 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Bahls, Alice Elizabeth interview  2007
McCreight, Peggy Scott interview  2006
Patton, Dorothy Scott interview  2006
Van Zoeren Family  1995-1996,  2009 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Van Zoeren, Carolyn interview  2009
Van Zoeren, Jay interviews  1995-1996
Port Oneida Fair Oral History Project interviews  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Historic Images  1860s-2010s [subseries]

The Historic Images subseries (7.7 GB, 1860s-2010s) includes images of photographs and postcards as well as documents such as newspaper clippings and marriage or baptismal certificates. Photographs and postcards depict individuals and groups, structures, animals, the land, and other subjects such as ships and trains related to the history of the region and its inhabitants. The original items date from the mid-nineteenth century through the early twenty-first with the bulk dating from the first half of the twentieth century. Images are arranged geographically by region and area, and then by family, farm, or subject. In some cases both original and edited versions of images are included.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Region  1860s-2010s
Burdickville Area, 1877-circa  2010 (.ZIP files) [download item]
Addington, Conley Collection
Burdickville Meteor
Burdickville Miscellaneous, including 'Top of the World'
DeKorne Family Collections
Byl Photo Collection
Casey DK Photo Collection
Case & Bess Family
Kik Family
Van Zoeren Family
Jack DeKorne Photo Collection
Ryskamp Family Photo Collection
Wierenga Collection
Dickinson Collection
Faulman Collection
Helm, Nan Collection
General images
Nan's home
Lanham, Dottie Collection
Lanham, John Images
Lanham, Nancy Collection
Maple City Mirror
Van Zoeren Family Collection
DeKorne Side of Family
Van Zoeren Side of Family
Empire  circa 1910 (.ZIP file) [download item]
General images
Lucille Barratt Collection
Glen Haven Area, circa  1926 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Glen Lake Area, circa  1930 (.ZIP file) [download item]
National Park Service (NPS) File Photos, circa  1970s-1980s,  1989 (.ZIP file) [download item]
North Manitou Island, Musil collection, circa  1915 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Port Oneida  1860s-2010s (.ZIP files) [download item]
Baker Farm
General images
Family Bible Pages
Lucille Barratt Collection
Ruth Oleson Collection
Taro Barratt related Photos
Tom Van Zoeren Baker_Barratt Photos
Basch, Martin Farm, Jerry Basch Collection
Basch, Niclous Farm
Alice Van Zoeren Nic Basch Farm
Grace Dickinson N Basch Farm
Laura Basch Collection
Laura Basch Documents Collection
Tom Van Zoeren Nic Basch Farm Photos
Brunson Farm
Burfiend, Carsten Farm
General images
Burfiend Family Collection
George Burfiend Collection
Howard Lee Burfiend Collection
Jack Barratt Collection
Taro Yamasaki Burfiend Photos
Burfiend, John Farm
Burfiend Peter and Jenny Farm
General images
George Burfiend Collection
Dechow Farm Photos
General images
Alice Van Zoeren Dechow Farm Photos
Robert Klett Collection
Tracy Watson Collection
Eckerdt George Farm
Eckerdt Henry Farm
Alice Van Zoeren Eckerdt Henry Farm Photos
Eckerdt Henry Farm Miscellaneous
Marilyn Eckerdt Collection Copies
Midge Jesko Collection
General images and notes
Jesko Collection Documents
Tom Van Zoeren Eckerdt Farm Photos
Goffar Farm
General images
David Ritter Collection (Goffar letters)
Jack Barratt Collection
Kelderhouse, Thomas Farm
General images
Carol Allen Collection
Laura Weathers Collection
Lucille Barratt Collection
Kelderhouse, William Farm
General images
Charlotte Groesser Collection
Leon Kelderhouse Collection
Ruth Lambkin Collection
Lawr Farm
Miller, Carsten Farm
Lucille Barratt Collection
Taro Yamasaki Photos
Miller, Fred and Ellen Farm
General images
Ellen Miller Recipes
Paula Jones Collection
Robert Adair Collection
Millington Farm
North Unity School, Laura Basch Collection
Olsen, Charles Farm
General images
Doris Brammer Collection
Grace Dickinson Photos
Lorraine Mason Collection
Modern Photos
NPS File Photos
PHSB photos
Sally Weir Collection
X Collection
Olsen, Everett Farm
Olsen George Farm
A Van Zoeren Olsen George
Grace Dickinson
Laura Basch Collection
Olsen, Ole Farm
General images
Laura Basch Collection
Leelanau Historical Society
Tom Van Zoeren Olsen Ole Farm Photos
Port Oneida Miscellaneous
General images
Lucille Barratt Collection
Pt Oneida Misc-Laura Basch Collection
Tom Van Zoeren Pt Oneida Misc Photos
Port Oneida School
General images
Leonard Thoreson Collection
Schmidt Farm and Family
General images
A Van Zoeren Schmidt
Tom Van Zoeren Schmidt Farm Photos
Thoreson Farm
Alice Van Zoeren Thoreson Farm Photos
Grace Dickinson Thoreson Farm Photo
Leonard Thoreson Collection
Tom Van Zoeren Photos
Warner, August Farm, Tom Van Zoeren Photos
Watkins Family, Crane Collection
Weaver Farm
A Van Zoeren Weaver
Grace Dickinson Weaver Farm
Tom Van Zoeren Weaver Farm Photos
Werner, Frederick Farm
Anna Miller Collection
A Van Zoeren Werner Frederick Farm Photos
Charles Miller Family Collection
Grace Dickinson Werner Fred Farm Photos
Taro Yamasaki Photos
Tom Van Zoeren Werner Fred Farm Photos
Werner Fred Farm-NPS file images
Werner, Richard Farm
Merlene Richardson Photo Collection
Miscellaneous Photos
Other Areas, 1890-circa  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
General images
Alfred Mason Collection
Empire Museum Collection
Leelanau Historical Society Collection
General images
Farming in Leelanau but not on island
Food Preservation
Island Farming
Native Americans
Shipwrecks and Storms
Steam Ships and Schooners
Mrs. Roe-related
Paula Jones Collection
Shalda Family Collection
South Manitou  1925,  1938 (.ZIP file) [download item]
General images
Jack Barratt Collection
Other Areas (Non-Sleeping Bear Dunes Region)  1866-1957 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Doan Family
Scott Family
Van Zoeren Farm, Vriesland
Video Recordings  1995-2010 [subseries]

The Video Recordings subseries (13.7 GB, 1995-2010) contains oral history interviews in video formats, often in the context of a tour of a particular area or farm, as well as videos of various historic sites in the Port Oneida area. Files are arranged by interviewee or topic.

Port Oneida Sites  2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]
Barratt, Jack tour interview  2005 (.MP4 file) [download item]
Basch, Laura
Area Tour interview, Parts 1 and 2  1995 (.MP4 files) [download item]
Photos interview, Parts 1, 2, and 3  1995 (.MP4 files) [download item]
Mason, Lorraine interview (.MP4 file) [download item]
Olsen Family Reunion interview  2007 (.MP4 file) [download item]
Thoreson, Leonard
Area Tour interview  2005 (.MP4 file) [download item]
Farm Tour interview  2006 (.MP4 file) [download item]
Genealogies  2009-2010 [subseries]

The Genealogies subseries (1.6 GB, 2009-2010) consists of genealogical charts for Port Oneida area families and the DeKorne family. It includes both genealogy software files in GenoPro and GEDCOM formats as well as family trees exported from the software as PDF files.

(.ZIP file) [download item]
DeKorne family genealogy files and family tree
Port Oneida families genealogy files and family trees
Census & Cemetery Records  1920,  2006 [subseries]

The Census and Cemetery Records subseries (19.9 MB, 1920 and 2006) contains an image of 1920 Census record for the Glen Arbor township and cemetery record information for the Maple Grove Cemetery and the St. Philip Neri Cemetery in Empire.

(.ZIP file) [download item]
Image of census record for Glen Arbor Township  1920
Lists of cemetery record information for Maple Grove Cemetery and St. Philip Neri Cemetery in Empire  2006
Historic Maps  1881-2009 [subseries]

The Historic Maps subseries (101 MB, 1881-2009) includes images of maps showing Leelanau County, Glen Arbor, the Port Oneida area, etc.

(.ZIP file) [download item]
Leelanau County Atlas  1881 Atlas
Platt Book, circa  1920
Plat Book  1961
Port Oneida area maps  2009
Other Resources  1995,  2007-2011 [subseries]

The Other Resources subseries (37.4 MB, 1995 and 2007-2011) contains collected written and compiled resources on the Sleeping Bear Dunes region, and in particular the Port Oneida area.

Introduction by Tom Van Zoeren  2011 (.DOC file and .DOCX file) [download item]
Miscellaneous documents  1995,  2007-2010 (.ZIP file) [download item]