Albert Kahn papers   1896-2014
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"Robert Williams in China 1964"

The three China videocassettes document Robert Williams tour of China in 1964, his visit with Chairman Mao, and his interaction with the Chinese people and government officials. Reel 1 begins with Chairman Mao's statement regarding the condition of blacks in the United States, August 8, 1963. This first cassette includes a visit to Peking during the 15th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China; Mao receives Robert Williams in the Great Hall of the People, September 30; October celebration in Peking square commemorating the birth of the People's Republic of China with Robert Williams sitting on the roster with others; images of parade and drama, "The East is Red." Robert Williams is seen frequently looking on; also many shots of crowds clapping; Williams visits automobile factory in Northeastern China; visits train shop in factory; visit to commune and Chinese ranch; visit to Tientsin University where water jar dance is given and Robert Williams presents flowers to actress.

Reel 2 concerns visit to steel city to open faced coal mine where Williams puts on coveralls to look into the pit; Williams notes safety devices. Visit to oil refinery, to industrial exhibition hall, to heavy machinery building plant, to wire and cable factory. This cassette also contains images of Peking National Arts Gallery with paintings about blacks in the United States; the Peking Cultural Palace of the Nationalities showing how minorities lived before and after the revolution. There is also visit to Tibet showing conditions among serfs and owners; visit to Mohammedan Mosque and prayer service; dance entitled "Chinese Daughters Prefer a Uniform to Finery," directed by Chung Ching, wife of Chairman Mao; dance relating to Mao's statement in support of black American; and views of Peking zoo and pandas.

On this cassette also are views of Mongolia, including the University of Inner Mongolia, one of four built since 1952; a visit to biology laboratory; visit to Museum of Inner Mongolia; sheep herd song and grass lands herdsman; meal in herdsman's home consisting of cold lamb; Williams and wife spending night in Mongolian hut; and exhibition of long pole lasso and camel ride.

Cassette 3 begins with views of grasslands town in Mongolia where former lamasery existed; view of carpet weavers and woolen mill; polo game. Also included is a visit to Shanghai with views of metal and machine industries; soup processing plant tour of Wang Pu River; Shanghai Young Pioneers Palace; chat with retired Shanghai workers; Shanghai Revolutionary Memorial Hall where party was founded in 1921; visit to mountain base established by Mao in 1927; visit to museum of the revolution outside Shanghai; Mao's first residence in the mountains; view of rock where Mao once sat contemplating the revolution; and octagonal attic where Mao wrote.

Also on this cassette is a visit to Canton and mausoleum for martyrs of the Canton commune uprising in 1927 where Williams places a wreath; visit to National Institute of the Peasant in Canton, former site of the National Institute of the Peasant where Mao lectured; view of his bedroom/office; visit to hydro-power station in a rural area on the Liushu River; also pumping station; visit to site of recent drought; visit to agricultural region where coffee is grown and perfume base produced; Canton Chinese export commodity fair; Williams receives warm greeting from crowd.

This cassette continues with Williams return to Peking, a banquet given by vice chairman Chinese People for World Peace with toasts exchanged, and Williams departure after the second visit to China, November 28, 1964; also statement of Mao on situation in the Congo.

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Peking (reel 1)
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Peking and Mongolia (reel 2)
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Shanghai, Canton, and Return to Peking (reel 3)
Miscellaneous (VHS)
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"Pride and Shame in the Martin Luther King Era", videotape of Oprah Winfrey Show (1 VHS cassette, 120 minutes, color, reel 4)
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Memorial service for Robert F. Williams held at Central Methodist Church, Monroe, North Carolina, Oct. 22, 1996 (2 VHS cassettes, reels 5-6)