Albert Kahn papers  1896-2014
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War Department Laboratory,     (see: Engineering, College of.) 
Waseda University (Japan) Institute for Research in Productivity. Waseda-Michigan Technical Agreement,     (see: Far Eastern Studies.) 
Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Center,     (see: Community Relations.) 
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Water Pollution Research.     (Includes federal lab. on North Campus. see also: Great Lakes Research.) 
Water Resources and the Law,     (see: Law School-Institutes.) 
Wayne State University (Joint Programs),     (see: Joint Programs-Wayne State University.) 
Weather station,     (see: Geology, Dept. of.) 
Web and Flange (early Senior Engineering. Honorary),     (see: Societies-Engineering.) 
Webster Dictionary.     (Gift of Oreon E. Scott to seniors for scholarship, citizenship and participation 1955-see: Seniors.) 
Weller (Carl V.) Lecture,     (see: Medical Center.) 
Wesleyan Guild and the Wesley Players,     (see: Religion-Churches-Methodist.) 
West Quad Glee Club,     (see: Glee Club-Misc.) 
Westminster Student Fellowship, see; Religion-Churches-Presbyterian.
Whimsies.     (see: Student Publications-Literary. (v.1-4 1921-4 Succeeded by Inlander).) 
White (Edward H. II) Memorial Fellowship and Medallion     (see: Engineering, College of-Aeronautical and Astronautical.) 
Wig and Robe Ball,     (see: Law School-Dances.) 
Wildlife Management, Dept. of,     (see: Natural Resources, School of.) 
Willow Run Airport,     (see: Engineering, College of-Aeronautical.) 
Willow Run Association for Neighborhood Development NRAND).     (see: Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations.) 
Willow Run Laboratories;     (see: Engineering, College of-Engineering Research Inst.; Institute of Science and Tech.) 
Willow Run Village,     (see: Housing (Veteran's housing projects).) 
"Willowhoppers". Bus service by Wolverine Club,     (see: Athletics-Societies.) 
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Wilson (Woodrow) National Fellowship Foundation.     (Begun as National Woodrow Wilson Fellowship program in 1945 at Princeton. Partially supported by the Ford Foundation. Moved to University of Michigan and changed to present title in 1957.) 
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Winter Weekend (1965-).     (Includes Sesquigras (1967). see also: Spring Weekend.) 
Wolverine Club,     (see: Athletics-Societies; Athletics-"Pep".) 
Wolverine Cooperative Exchange.     (Became Michigan Wolverine Restaurant, see: Cooperative Rooming and Boarding Projects) 
Wolverine Derby,     (see: Spring Weekend.) 
Woman in the World of Man,     (see: Summer Session-Campus Events (l954)-) 
Woman's Athletic Association,     (see: Athletics-Woman's Athletic Association) 
Women.     (See also MiU Center for Continuing Education for Women; MiU Daycare Center) 
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 1955-March 1971
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 April 1971-April 1972
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 April 1972-1974
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 August 1974-
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Women. Committee of Advisors.
Women of the University Faculty.     (a group of faculty women above the rank of instructor. Social group. see: Societies-Faculty.) 
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Women. Penny Carnival.
Women's Aeronautical Association.     (see: Societies-Aero.) 
Women's Assembly Association,     (see: Assembly.) 
Women's Education Club,     (see: Societies-Education.) 
Women's Glee Club,     (see: Glee Clubs.) 
Women's Judiciary Council.     (An Associated organization of the Women's League. (House Rules set up by the League Board of Representatives and punished by each house until 1934). Includes Women's Panel (for formulating new rules). see also: Dean-Women. (From 1940-46-6 also ran petitioning system for the Women's League).) 
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Women's League, 1920-1954.     ((Present set-up of the Women's League). Women's Senate. (Replaced old Board of Representatives. Repres. from all main women's organizations). League (Executive) Council. (smaller group that actually runs the Women's League). Administrative Committees: (5) Junior Girls Play; Sophomore Cabaret; Women's League-Activities (includes Dance Class Comm. (see: League Bldg. for most of their dances: and Social Committee).; Women's Joint Judiciary; Associated Organizations: (5) Assembly; Sororities-Panhellenic; Athletics-Women's Athletic Association; Glee Clubs. (Women's Glee Club-here); Michigan Daily (Women's Page run as Association organization). The League Building is separate. For items concerning it see: League Building; League Building-Social Activities; Alumnae Council; League Building-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.) 
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Women's League 1890-.     (Includes officers, organizations, freshman orientation, membership drives, petitioning and elections, Installation, Merit (or Point) System, constitution, Board of Representatives, League Council, Women's Senate, delegates to National organizations, scholarship program, Buro-Cats and activities workshop. Includes these committees: Undergraduate Campaign Fund, House, Interviewing and Nominating, Personnel, Publicity. Women's League-Activities; Women's Joint Judiciary (for House rules); Junior Girls Play; Sophomore Cabaret; Assembly (associated organ.); Sororities-Panhellenic (Association organ.); Athletics-Women's Athletic Association (Association org.); Glee Clubs (Women Glee Club Association organ.); Michigan Daily (Women's Page Association organ.); League Building; League Building-Social Activities.) 
Women's League-Activities, 1920-1954.     (Includes social: dances, tea room, candy booths, travel bureau, bazaar, reading club, debates, workshop lectures. Includes service: Merit-Tutorial, Community Services Comm, World Fellowship, American Friends. Includes publications: League Lowdown, League Lantern (for rules, publications see: Women's Joint Judiciary. For activities of WW2 by Women's War Council, see: .Women's League. see also: League Building-Social Activities. (For Campus Casbah, joint act. with the Union held there and related groups.); University Activities Center, (1965-);) 
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Women's League-Activities merger with Union,     (see: University Activities Center (1963-1965).) 
Women's League-American Friends. Also called American Sisters.     (see: Women's League-Activities.) 
Women's League-House Organizations,     (see: Women's League. Women's League-House Rules, see: Women's Joint Judiciary.) 
Women's League-Interviewing and Nominating Comm.,     (see: Women's League. (From 1940-6 petitioning handled by Women's Joint Judiciary).) 
Women's League-Merit System (Point System),     (see: Women's League) 
Women's League-Merit-Tutorial,     (see: Women's League-Activities) 
Women's League-Publications.     (see: Women's League-Activities.) 
Women's League-Women's Panel. Set up by Dean of Women to examine House Rules,     (see: Women's Joint Judiciary.) 
Women's Liberation,     (see: Activism; Birth Control (general file); Abortion (general file.); Day Care Center.) 
Women's Research. Club,     (see: Societies-Faculty.) 
Women's Self-government Association,     (see: Women's League.) 
Women's Senate,     (see: Women's League.) 
Women's Student Government,     (see: Women's League.) 
Women's War Council,     (see: Women's League.) 
Wood Technology, Dept. of,     (see: Natural Resources, School of.) 
Wood Utilization Lab.,     (see: Forestry; Natural Resources, School of (Became Dept, of Wood Technology, 1950).) 
(University) Woodwind Quintet,     (see: Chamber Music.) 
Work Shops,     (see: Education, School of-Workshops.) 
Work-Study Program,     (see: Employment of Students; Dearborn Campus.) 
Workers educational service,     (see: Extension-Workers educations Service.) 
World Cooperation Week,     (see: Foreign Students.) 
World Day of Prayer,     (see: Religion-University Christian Federation. For lectures not sponsored by a specific group, see: Religion.) 
World Federalists,     (see: Political Clubs-United World Federalists) 
World Fellowship,     (see: Women's League-Activities.) 
World Student Service Fund (WSSF),     (see: World Warn-Relief.) 
World University Fund Drive,     (see: Student Religious Organization (1957-).) 
World War I,     (see also: Peace Movements. (American Student Defense League, see: World War). ) 
World War II.     (see also: Under specific subjects as much material has been kept there, e.g., Campus opinion; Engineering. School; Hospital, etc.) 
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 1939-December 7, 1941
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 December 8, 1941-1946
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World War II.-Administrative policy,     (see also: Ruthven, A. 1942) 
World War II.-Army and Navy Educational Programs     (this includes E.R.C."Y" programs and Army and Navy groups stationed here). (see also: UROTC; ROTC: W.W. Military Service) 
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 1941-April 1943
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 May-December 1943
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World War II.-Bomber Scholarship Plan,     (see: W.W.-War Bonds.) 
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World War II.-Conscientious Objectors (E.S.M.D.T., etc.)
World War-Curriculum,     (see also: names Schools and Depts.) 
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World War II.-3rd term plan     (see also: Daily Special no. 5/15/42) 
World War II-E.R.C.     (see: W.W.II Army or Navy Educational program; World War II-Manpower Corps. see: WWII Student;) 
World War II-Military and Naval Service.     ((Includes selective service and active duty). see also: WWII Army' and Navy educational program; NROTC: ROTC; also under Faculty-(individual).) 
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World War II-Physical Education     (see also: Athletics) 
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World War II-Post-War Planning and training     (see also: Hou) 
World War II-Relief;
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World War-Service Men, Discharged     (Includes MiU run Veterans Service Bureau, Veterans University Council, Armed Forces Information Center, etc. see also: Veterans-Societies; For 1952-see: Veterans.) 
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World War II Student Participation.     ((Non-Military, i.e. Manpower Corps, Hospital aides, etc.) see also: Student Life; Women)) 
World War II-"V" programs.     (See: WWII-Army and Navy educational programs.) 
World War II-Veterans.     (see: WWII-Servicemen, Discharged; Veterans; Housing. also: Postwar planning and training;) 
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World War II-War Bonds.     (Includes Bomber Scholarship). see also: Campus Events 1940-6) 
(Bomber Scholarship)-W.W.II-War Bonds.
(Army Educational Program)-     (see: World War II-Army and Navy Educational programs.) 
(Berlin, Free Univ. of),     (see: World War II-Relief.) 
(Division for emergency Training),     (see: World War I1-Admin.) 
(Free University of Berlin),     (see: World War II-Relief; Scholarship;-Foreign Student: -Student Govt.; Exchange Program)) 
Worm Runner's Digest,     (see: Psychology, Dept. of; Faculty-McConnell, James V.) 
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Woytinsky (W.S.) Lectureship Award.
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Wrestling and Boxing.
Wright Committee on Communications Media,     (see: Publications. Writer-in-Residence.) 
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Writers Conference,     (see: English Language and Literature, Dept. of-Conferences.) 
Wyvern,     (see: Societies-Wyvern.)