Albert Kahn papers  1896-2014
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B [subseries]
BAM (Block Action Movement)
B Teams,     (see: Football) 
Babbidge Award. Given for outstanding member of the cast of the Junior Girls' Play 1954-.     (See: Junior Girls' Play) 
Bach Choir.     (see: Glee Clubs-University. Choir) 
(Werner E.) Bachmann Memorial Lecture.     (see: Chemistry, Dept. of) 
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Bacteriology, Dept. of..     (Includes Bacteriology Club. Name changed to Dept. of Microbiology January 1963) 
Badgley (Carl E.) Lectures,     (see: Medical Center) 
Badgley (Carl) Travel Fellowship Award.,     (see: Hospitals Badminton, see: Athletics-Intramural-Women) 
Bail Funds.     (see: Crime) 
Charles Baird Carillon.     (see: Burton Memorial Tower) 
Baldwin Lectures.     (see: Religion-Churches-Episcopal) 
Ballet Club.     (see: Dance) 
Ballistic Missile Radiation Analysis Center (Infrared Lab.),     (see: Institute of Science and Technology) 
Band Bounce.     (see: Bands-Varsity Night) 
Band Conductor's Conference.     (see: Bands-Extension Program) 
Band Day (High School bands taking part in the football half-time displays)     (see: Bands-Marching Band) 
Bands     (see also: Bands-Extension Program; Bands-High School Bands Clinic; Bands-Marching Band; Bands-Symphony Band; Music, School of-Extension Program; Societies-Music-Band; Jazz; Bands-, Wolverine and Varsity Bands) 
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 1923-1935     (includes all groups) 
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 1945-     (contains only general information, miscellaneous and dance bands not included elsewhere.) 
Bands-Dance and Misc.     (see: Bands; see also: organizations hiring bands-Union; Jazz; Women's League and groups with their own bands-R.O.T.C; Air Science, Dept.) 
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Bands-Extension Program.     (Includes National Drum major Contest; National Band Conductor's Conference; Michigan School Rand and Orchestra Festival see also: Bands-High School Band Clinic; Music, School of-Extension Program; Music, school of-Midwestern Conference) 
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Bands-High School Band Clinic
Bands-Marching Band. Before 19146     (see: Bands (Contains Alumni Band 1950-see also: Bands-19145-) 
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 1946-October 1950
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 November 1955
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Bands-Summer Session Band, 1937-     (Before this see Bands) 
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Bands-Symphony Band, 1945-1954.     (Earlier called University Concert Band. Before 19146 see: Bands. Includes Commencement Band. see also: Bands (1915-)) 
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Bands-Varsity Night.     (Earlier called Band Bounce. Raises money for trips of the Marching Band.) 
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Bands-Wolverine and Varsity Bands     ((Varsity Band-to augment the concert band"-19145-) (Wolverine Band-"Pep Band" to play at basketball games" 1953-) Includes Wolverine Band, 1966-for non-Music majors.) 
Banking, programs in and Bankers Association Conferences.     (see: Business Administration School of) 
Barbour Fellowships-Oriental-U.S.     (see: Foreign Students-Scholarships and Exchange) 
Baroque Trio,     (see: Chamber Music) 
Barristers.     (see: Societies-Barristers) 
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Baseball and Softball-Women
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Beaux arts ball.     (see: Architecture) 
Behavior Analysis Laboratory.     (see: Psychology, Dept. of. In 1965 this Lab. was absorbed by the Center for Research on Language and Language Behavior.) 
Behavioral Sciences, Survey of.     (see: Sociology, Dept. of) 
Behistun Expedition.     (see: Near Eastern Studies-Expeditions) 
Bendix Aviation Corp. (Systems division).     (see: North Campus-Research by non-university firms) 
Bureau Society.     (See: Religion-Churches-Christian Reformed) 
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Benjamin H. Berentson Memorial Lecture.
Berkley school experiment.     (see: Education, School of) 
Beta Alpha Psi (National Accounting Honorary).     (see: Societies-Bus. Ad.) 
Beta Gamma Sigma (National Honorary Business Frat.).     (see: Societies-Bus. Ad.) 
Better Business Bureau,     (see: Student Government (1953-) 
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Bicycles, Motorcycles (Include any material on Scooters)
"Big Sister" program.     (see: Assembly) 
Bindery.     (see: Service Enterprises; North Campus (for building)) 
Biochemistry.     (see: Zoology, Dept.) 
Bioengineering Program.     (see: Engineering, College of) 
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Biological Sciences, Division of.     (See also: the following Which the division includes: Biological Station; Botanical Gardens; Anatomy Dept.; Anthropology Dept.; Bacteriology Dept.; Biological Chemistry (see Zoology); Botany; Pharmacology (see Medical School); Physics; Psychology; Physiology; Zoology, Dept. of; Inst. of Human Biology; Mus. of Anthropology; Mts. of Paleontology; Mus. of Zoology; Natural Resources, School; Public Health, School; Herbarium) 
Biological Station (Douglas Lake)
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Biological Symposiums (summer session).     (see: Biological Sciences, Division of. Symposium topics included: 1) The Physiology and Chemistry of the Cell; 2) Growth and Differentiation (1951); 3) Biological Regulation (1952); 4) Radiation Biology (1953); 5) Biological Adaptation: Adaptation in Microorganisms (19514); 6) Human Biology: Integrating Mechanisms in Man (1955); 7) Modern Approaches to Systematic Biology; 8) Hormones and Growth (1957); Rhythmic and Synchronous Phenomena in Living Systems (1961); Cellular & subcellular replication (1962) 
University. Biology Department.     (See: Zoology Department) 
Biophysical Research Center.     (see: Institute of Science and Technology. On July 1, 1960 Biophysics Research Center became a division of the Institute of Science and Technology. For earlier material, see Physics, Dept. of) 
Birth Defects Clinical Study Center .     (see: Medical Center) 
Birthday celebrations.     (see: Alumni-University of Michigan Club (AA)) 
Black Action Movement (BAN).     (see: BAM (Black Action Movement) 
Black-Caucasian Club (Negro-Caucasian Club).     (see: Race Relations Black Journal. see: Race Relations) 
Black Quill. Women's literary society. Became Chi Delta Phi, renamed Black Quill, later became Iota Chi.     (see: Societies-Literary) 
Black Students Union.     (See: Black Studies) 
Black Studies.     (see also: Race Relations; Blacks-Education (general file)) 
Blacks.     (see: Race Relations; Summer Session. Campus Events (1956); Black Studies; BAN: (Black Action Movement)) 
Blagdon (Charlotte) Loan Fund.     (see: Loan Funds) 
Blind.     (see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Bureau of Psychological Services; Institute for Human Adjustment-Speech Clinic) 
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Blood Bank Association
Blood donations.     (see: Civilian defense; Blood Bank Association) 
Blue Cross-Blue Shield.     (see: Hospitalization Plans. For training of staff members see also: Business Administration, School (1952)) 
Blue Key Awards.     (see: Union) 
Blues Festival.     (see: University Activities Center, 1965-) 
Bnai B'rith Hillel Foundation.     (see: Societies-Hillel) 
Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics.     (see: Athletics-Administration) 
Board of Review.     (see: Student Government (Board of Review) 1955-) 
Bookstores.     (see: Cooperative Stores) 
Boots and Spurs. Men's riding club.     (see: Riding) 
Botanical Gardens.     (see: Botany, Dept. of) 
Botanical Journal Club.     (see: Botany, Dept. of) 
Botany, Dept. of (For Herbarium     (see: Museums)) 
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Bowling.     (see: Athletics-Intramural; Athletics-Intramural-Women; Union) 
Boxing.     (see: Wrestling and Boxing) 
Boy Scouts.     (see: Societies-Alpha Phi Omega; Extension-Institutes) 
Boys Guidance Project.     (see: Fresh Air Camp) 
Branches.     (see: Expansion; Flint Branch; Dearborn Campus) 
Brazilian Club.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-South America and the Philippines) 
Brieske Report on Discrimination in U-M Athletics.     (see: Race Relations) 
Broadcasting.     (see: Radio; Radio-NUOM (Some programs). (Vars. Called Bureau of Broadcasting, University Broadcasting Service)) 
Broomfield Essay Competition.     (see: Prizes and Awards) 
Brotherhood Week.     (see: Student Religious Organization (1957-) 
Bruce (James D.) Adult Education Fund.     (See: Extension-Adult Education program Buhl (Lawrence D.) Center for Genetic Research. see: Medical School) 
Building Program 1920-.     (see also: special divisions such as Housing; Hospitals, etc.) 
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Buildings and Grounds     (Includes general data and pictures of the campus, buildings, grounds, and all of the work of the Plant Dept. The Plant Dept. is responsible for water, heat, light, telephone, janitorial services, transportation, building repairs, grounds, and planning. for future construction. see also: Campus-Maps; Building Program; Employees) 
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1964- 1970
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Bull Ring Club.     (see: Societies-Faculty) 
Russell W. Bunting Award.     (see: Dentistry, School of .-) 
Bureau of Alumni Relations.     (see: Alumni relations) 
Bureau of Appointments and Occupational Information.     (Began as a teacher placement service and included Teachers Bureau. Name changed September 1968 to Placement Services.) 
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Bureau of Business Research.     (see also: Business Administration, School of) 
Bureau of Cooperation with Educational Institutions. Became Bureau of School Services in 1948.     (See: Bureau of School Services) 
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Bureau of Government.-     (see also: 1914-34 Political Science, Dept. of; 1945-Institute of Public Admin.) 
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Bureau of Hospital Administration
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,Bureau of Industrial Relations (Part of the School of Business Ad.)
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Bureau of Psychological Services.     (see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Bureau of Psychological Services) 
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Bureau of Public Health Economics
Bureau of School Services.     (Includes earlier Bureau of Cooperation with Educational Institutions. see also: High Schools, Accredited; Presidents Report 1926/27 p. 277; Extension-Parent-Teacher Program) 
Bureau of Visual Education.     (see: Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center) 
Buro-Cats. Secretariat of Women's League,     (see: Women's League) 
Burton, (President) Marion Leroy
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 1919-1925 (2 folders)
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Inauguration Conference.     (see also: Presidents) 
Burton Memorial Tower.     (For earlier bellssee: Chimes) 
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Bus Schedule.     (see: North Campus (North Campus schedule)) 
Business Administration, School of.     (Includes Institutes and Extension work, Library, Students organizations, etc. see also: Bureau of Industrial Relations; Societies-Business Administration) 
Business Ad. Club.     (see: Societies-BA) 
Business Education.     (For the following programs offered by the School of Education see Education, School of-Workshops: Graduate and Undergraduate programs; Cooperative Field Experience (Detroit); Summer Business Education Conference; Education Week; Workshop in Co-operative Education) 
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Business Leadership Award.     (See: Prize and Awards) 
Business Review.     (see: Business Administration, School of)