Albert Kahn papers  1896-2014
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For general data not proper to any one folder see MiU-University Relations Service
ADA.     (see: MiU-Political Clubs-Americans for Democratic Action) 
AID contract program (U.S. Agency for International Development) seer MiU-Engineering, College of, or other dept. involved
A.I.M.     (see: MiU-Association for Independent Men MiU-APA. see: MiU-Dramatics-Professional Theater Program) 
A Hop (Sponsored by Assembly)     (see: MiU-Assembly (From 1948-52 jointly by Assembly and AIM See: MiU-Independents) 
Abstracts of Hospital Management.     (see: MiU-Bureau of Hospital Administration.) 
Academic Counselor Service.     (see: MiU-Advisors) 
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Academic Freedom     (Academic Freedom Week and other groups sponsored by the Student Government. see also: MiU-Free Speech; MiU-Political Clubs; MiU-Radicals; Academic Freedom (general file)) 
Academic Year Institutes 1858-9 (Sponsored by the Mathematic and other sciences departments. Head-.Dr. Miller, Astronomy)     (see: Science) 
Accidents     (see: Student Accidents (For others see also Employees; vacuity)) 
Accounting.     (see: Business Administration, School of) 
Accreditation of Schools.     (see: Bureau of School Services) 
Acoustics and Seismics Laboratory (until  September 1961 known as Fluid and Solid Mechanics Lab.)     (see: Institute of Science and Technology) 
Activism.     (Includes Vietnam protest "Teach-in", 1965 and similar protests. ROTC protest. see also: Housing (for rent strikes); Race Problems; ROTC; Cooperative Stores (for bookstore controversy) 
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 1969-1970 (2 folders)
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Activities Center.     (see: University Activities Center) 
Activities Building.     (see: Student Activities Center) 
Actuarial Science (Insurance).     (see: Mathematics, Dept. of) 
Adelphi.     (see: Societies-Debating and Oratorical) 
Administration--Pamphlets-Clippings     (see also: Faculty-(Name); Student-Faculty-Administration Relations) 
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Administration Building.     (see: Building Program Admissions. see: Entrance Requirements; Enrollment.) 
Adult Education, Division of. Wayne State University-University of Michigan (a joint program).     (see: Extension-Adult Education Program) 
Adult Education Institute.     (see: Extension-Adult Education Program) 
Advance, see Student Publications-Literary
Advance Placement English Conference.     (see: Ann Arbor-Schools (general file)) 
Advertising,     (see: Business Administration, School of (also some data in Journalism)) 
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Advisors (Chiefly for the Lit. School). See also Engineering, College of and other schools) For Freshman orientation     (see: Freshmen; Women's League; Union.) 
"Aequanimitas" University Medical School Yearbook 1957.     (see: Medical School) 
Aero Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers . Merged with Inst. of Aero Sciences; 1936.     (see: Societies-Aero) 
Aerospace Engineering Dept. of,     (see: Engineering, College of-Aeronautical and Astronautical (Name changed to Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, June 18, 1965) 
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Affirmative Action Program (2 folders)
African Union.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-Africa and Near East) 
Afro-American Studies.     (see: Black Studies; Race Relations; Blacks-Education (general file)) 
Age of Opportunity Conference.     (see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Gerontology Division of) 
Aging.     (see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Gerontology, Division, of; Ann Arbor-Old Age (Senior Citizens Guild); Old Age-Michigan) 
Air Force Association     (see: Veterans-Societies) 
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Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps.     (see: Air Science, Dept. of) 
Air Science, Dept. of     (see also: ROTC (joint actions); World War II-Army and Naval Educ. prig.; Societies-Aeronautical; Societies-Military; Engineering, College of-Aero (uses these facilities); Naval Science, Dept. of (for naval aviation)) 
Albeneri Trio.     (see: Chamber Music) 
Aleutians and Alaska Expeditions. Led by Dr. Bank     (see: Expeditions-Pacific,) 
John Alexander Surgical Society.     (see: Societies-Medical School) 
Alice's Restaurant.     (see: Dormitories (Gen.) Located in Alice Lloyd Hall, 1968-) 
All Nations Club. Brief international club sponsored by the International Center. See also Foreign Students-Societies folders for other clubs.     (see: Foreign Students-International Center) 
Alpha Alpha Gamma,     (see: Societies-Architecture and Art) 
Alpha Chi Sigma (National Prof. Chemical Frat.)     (See: Societies-Chemistry Alpha Delta Chi.; Societies-Architecture and Art) 
Alpha Epsilon Iota. Women's Medical Sorority.     (see: Societies-Medical School) 
Alpha Epsilon Mu. National Honorary Fraternity.     (see: Societies-Music) 
Alpha Gamma Sigma. Campus Campfire Girls Organization.     (see: Societies-Women Alpha Kappa Delta. Sociology Honor Society. see: Sociology, Dept. of) 
Alpha Kappa Kappa. Medical Fraternity.     (see: Societies-Medical School Alpha Kappa Psi. (Prof. of Bus. Ad. Frat.) see: Societies-Bus. Ad. Alpha Lambda Delta. see: Societies-Alpha Lambda Delta) 
Alpha Nu.     (see: Societies-Debating and Oratorical) 
Alpha Omega Alpha. Medical Honor Society.     (see: Societies-Medical School Alpha Phi Omega. see: Societies-Alpha Phi Omega) 
Alpha Pi Mu.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
Alpha Rho Chi.     (see: Societies-Architecture and Art) 
Alpha Tau Sigma (Eng. Journalism Honorary).     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
Alternative Perspectives on Vietnam, Conference on ( September 1965).     (see: Activism) 
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Alumnae Council     (Projects include: Funds for League Bldg.; C.N. Kellog Professorship; remodeling Henderson House; Alice Crocker Lloyd and Lucy Elliot Fellowships; scholarships; Children's Theater (1948-) see also: League Building; Alumni Association) 
Alumnae Hall.     (see: Co-operative Rooming and Boarding Projects) 
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Alumni.     (See also: Homecoming; Publications; Relations; Reunions; University of Michigan Club (AA); Alumni Asociation-10 Year Program; Finances-Alumni Aid; Alumni Memorial Hall; Alumnae Council, Scholarships) 
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Alumni-(W.W.) Cook.     (see: Law School-W.W. Cook Foundation) 
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Alumni -- Ford, Gerald
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Alumni-Miller, Arthur.     (see also: Hopwood Awards; Dramatics (Prod. of his plays)) 
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Alumni-Publications.     (see also: Publications; Michigan Alumnus; Michigan Quarterly Review. (Alumnus)) 
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Alumni-Reunions.     (see also: Reunions of various schools and colleges, e.g., Medical, etc.) 
Alumni-Scholarships.     (see: Alumni (general); Alumnae Council; Scholarships; Fellowships) 
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Alumni-University of Michigan Club (AA)
Alumni Advisory Council.     (see: Alumni Relations) 
Alumni Association. see also: Alumni Association-10 Year Program; Alumni University
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Alumni Association-10 Year Program
Alumni Band.     (see: Bands-Marching Band) 
Alumni Catalog Office.     (see: Alumni-Relations) 
Alumni Fund.     (see: Finances-Alumni Aid) 
Alumni Memorial Hall and Art Collection.     (see: Museum of Art) 
Alumni Reading Lists.     (see: Library-Extension) 
Alumni University.-Lectures and Texts
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Amateur Art Exhibit.     (see: Graduate School-exhibits) 
American Association of University Professors.     (see: Societies-Faculty) 
American Association of University Women. (Represented on campus by the Alumnae Council.)     (see: Alumnae Council) 
"American Brother" Program. (Part of the Union International Committee. .     (see: Union-Activities) 
American-Canadian Relations.     (see: Summer Session-Campus Events (19149-50) American Chemical Society. see: Societies-Chemistry) 
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American Culture, Dept. of
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American Culture and Institutions, Graduate Program in (19140)
American Foundrymen's Association.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Institute of Architecture.     (see: Societies-Architecture and Art American Institute of Chemical Engineers. see: Societies-Chemistry) 
American Institute of Architecture     (see: Societies -- Architecture and Art) 
American Institute of Aeronautics and Engineering     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Journal of Comparative Law.     (see: Law School-Publications) 
American Judicature Society. (Independent organization which resided at the Law School until 19514).     (see: Law School) 
American Legion.     (see: Veterans-Societies) 
American Medical Association (Student Branch).     (see: Societies-Medical School) 
American Nuclear Society.     (see: Phoenix Project-Institutes and ...) 
American Oriental Society.     (see: Far Eastern Studies) 
American Pharmaceutical Association.     (see: Pharmacy, College of) 
American Policy in the War Crisis.     (see: Slimmer Session-Campus Events (1940)) 
American Rocket Society.     (see: Societies-Aeronautical) 
American Society for Public Administration.     (see: Societies-Business Administration) 
American Society of Civil Engineers.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Society of Engineering Education.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Society of Tool Engineers.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Society of Women Engineers.     (see: Societies-Engineering) 
American Student Union
National Organization; for campus club.     (see: Political Clubs-Progressive Club.) 
 1947     (became Student League for Industrial Democracy; for campus club. see: Political Clubs-Round Table Club,) 
19486 became Young People's Socialist League
 1951 returned to title--Student League for Industrial Democracy.
American Youth for Democracy.     (see: Political Clubs-Michigan Youth for Democratic Action) 
Americans Committed to World Responsibility.     (see: Political Clubs-International Relations) 
Americans for Democratic Action (ADA).     (see: Political Clubs-Americans for Democratic Action) 
America's Town Meeting of the Air.     (see: Michigan Forum) 
Angell, President, James B.
Angell Hall. For astronomy observatory.     (see: Observatory) 
Angell Hall Playhouse.     (see: Radio) 
Angell (Robert C.) Reports (192/1-29). Reports made to the regents on the cultural life and living conditions of the students at the U. of M.
Ann Arbor Independent Women.     (see: Societies-Independents) 
Ann Arbor Playmakers. Formerly called DoDos.     (see: Dramatics-Faculty and Town Groups) 
Ann Arbor Swim Club.     (see: Swimming and Aquatic Sports-Women) 
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Annuities, etc.     (Includes Annuitants Association. For Blue Cross. see: Hospitalization Plans) 
Anthropology Club.     (see: Anthropology, Dept. of) 
Anthropology, Dept. of.     (see also: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology; Museums) 
Box   3  
Box   3  
Antioch of Psidia.     (see: Near Eastern Studies-Expeditions) 
Apostles.     (see: Societies-Faculty) 
Apothecaries Club.     (see: Pharmacy, College of) 
Applied Botany Laboratory.     (see: Botany, Dept. of) 
Appointment Bureau.     (see: Bureau of Appointments and Occupation Information Appropriations. see: Finances) 
Arab Club.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-Africa and Near East) 
Arab Conference.     (see: Near Eastern Studies, Dept. of) 
Arboretum.     (see: Botany, Dept. of) 
"Arch" Engineering Newspaper.     (see: Engineering, College of-Technic and Arch) 
Archaeology.     (see: Anthropology, Dept. of; Kelsey Museum of) 
Archaeology, Classical.     (see: Classical Studies, Dept. of) 
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.Architectural Society.     (see: Societies-Architecture and Art) 
Architecture and Design, College of (Until 1931-Architectural Dept.)     (see also: Societies-Architecture and Art; Landscape Architecture, Dept. of) 
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Box   3  
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Architecture and Urban Planning, College, 1974-
Archives.     (see: History-Michigan Historical Collections) 
Area Programs.     (see: American Culture, Dept. of; Far Eastern Studies, rept. of; Near Eastern Studies, Dept. of; Slavic Language and Literature, Dept. of (Russian Studies)) 
Argonne Universities Association, Inc. (A.U.A.).     (see: Joint Programs (General) For material on research at Argonne labs., see: research) 
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Armed Forces.     (see: Card for Military Affairs, Office of) 
Armed Forces Day.     (see: Ann Arbor-Defense) 
Arms Control and Disarmament, Faculty Seminar on.     (see: Center for Research on Conflict Resolution) 
Arms Control and Peace Research, Institute for.     (see: Peace Movements. Will publish Journal of Arms Control) 
Arms Control Symposium, International.     (see: Peace Movements) 
Army Ordnance Association.     (see: Societies-Military) 
Arnold Air Society.     (see: Societies-Aero) 
Arson Detection and Investigation Seminars.     (see: Extension-Firemanship Training) 
Art.     (see: Fine Arts, Dept. of; Architecture and Design, College of; Societies-Architecture and Art; Art, Student; Graduate School, Exhibit in Building; Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center; Art Print Loan Collection; Museum of Art; Ann Arbor-Art) 
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Art, School of,  1974-
Art; Student. Independent work done by students for sale or exhibit (other than in Rackham).     (see also: Graduate School-Exhibits in Building; Fine Arts, Dept. of; Architecture and Design, College of; Societies-Architecture and Art) 
Art Cinema League.     (see: Moving Pictures-Art Cinema League) 
Art History Dept.     (see: Fine Arts, Dept. of) 
Art Masterwork Collection.     (see: Extension-Audio-Visual Center) 
Box   3  
Art Print Loan Collection
Art Student Guild.     (see: Art, Student) 
Arts Chorale. Literary College Glee Club.     (see: Glee Clubs-Extra-Curricular Groups) 
Asia and Asian Civilization.     (see: Far Eastern Studies) 
Asian Association.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-Asia) 
Asian Cultures and the Modern American. Summer Session Lecture Series, 1957. .see: Summer Session-Campus Events
Asian Tour (1958).     (see: Student Government (1957- )) 
Assembly. Independent Women's Organization.     ((In 1966 merged with Inter-House Council to form Inter-House Assembly (i.e., Assembly Association merged)) see also: Independents (for Joint action with men); Societies-Circle) 
Assessors' Training Institute.     (see: Extension-Institutes Associated Women Students. see: Women's League) 
Box   3  
Association for Independent Men (AIM) 1948-1952.     (Organized the Inter-Dorm council. Replaced by Dorms (men)-Inter-House Council.) 
Association for Social Action (formerly SAIL; .Student's Association for International Living).     (see: Race Problems) 
Association of Governing Boards and Presidents of the State Universities and Colleges in Mich.     (see: Education-Michigan (general file)) 
Association of Religious Counselors (ARC). Co-ordinates the professional and voluntary religious advisors.     (see: Religious Affairs, Office of) 
Association of University of Michigan Scientists,     (see: Societies-Association of U. of M. Scientists) 
Astronauts.     (see: Alumni-Astronauts) 
Astronomy, Dept. of.     (see: Observatory) 
Athletic Medicine Program.     (see: Medical School) 
Athletics (list of folders on individual sports)     (For items not listed heresee: Athletics-Intramural; Athletics-Intramural-Women. (Unless a separate folder is specified women are included in the folder listed.))
  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Baseball and Softball-Women
  • Basketball
  • Basketball-Women
  • Dance
  • Fencing
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Football-"All American" teams
  • Football-Tickets
  • Golf
  • Golf-Women
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey and Skating
  • Societies-Outing
  • Riding
  • Rifle teams
  • Sailing
  • Skiing
  • Swimming and Aquatic Sports
  • Swimming and Aquatic Sports-Women
  • Tennis; Track
  • Wrestling and Boxing
Athletics -- Clippings and Pamphlets     (Includes general information on-inter-collegiate awards, records, Michigan Night programs by alumni, housing of visitors, scholarships and student aid for athletics, MSU-MU controversy, scandals and press comments on Mill athletics, etc.) 
Box   3  
Box   3  
Athletics     (see also: Athletics-Administration: Athletics Conferences; Athletics-Ferry Field; Athletics-Intramural; Athletics-Intramural-Women; Athletics-"Pep"; Athletics --Stadium; Athletics-Women's; Athletic Association; Physical Education for men; Dept. of Physical Education for women;) 
Athletics-Administration.     (Includes the Athletic Association; Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics; general data on building program, revenue, coupon books, Eligibility Board, staff, etc. see also: Athletics (clippings) (pamphlets); Physical Ed. for Men, Dept. of (for staff)) 
Box   3  
Box   3  
Box   3  
Athletics-Building Program.     (see: Athletics-Administration for general data See also: Golf; Athletics-Ferry Field; Athletic-Stadium; Athletics-Intramural; Athletics-WAA) 
Box   3  
Athletics-Conference.     (Includes Western Conference, Big Ten, etc. see also: Athletics; Athletics-Administration for controversies) 
Box   3  
Athletics-Ferry Field.     (see also: Athletics-Intramural) 
Athletics-Intramural.     (Includes all minor sports groups even if independent clubs. Soccer; Handball; Speedball; Lacrosse; Bowling (see also: Union)) 
Box   3  
 1930-July 1932
Box   3  
 August 1932-
Box   3  
Athletics-Intramural-Women.     (Includes all minor sports clubs: Bowling; Speedball; Badminton; Lacrosse; Soccer; Official's Club; Camp Counselor's Club) 
Box   4  
Athletics-"Pep"  1938-     (Includes cheering section, cheer leaders, Pep rallies, etc.) 
Box   4  
Athletics-Societies.     (Includes M Club, Wolverine Club, Physical Education Club for Women, Managers Club, Sigma Delta Psi, Phi Epsilon Kappa) 
Box   4  
Athletics-Women's Athletic Association 1905-Student organization     (Includes material also on National Fed. of College Women's Organizations. For early days see also Women's League. For individual snorts clubs run by the WAA see list titled: Athletics (list) see also: Athletics (pamphlets); Athletics-Intramural-Women; Physical. Education for Women, Dept. of; Lantern Night; Spring Weekend; Women's League (for Installation night)) 
Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  
Box   4  
Athena.     (see: Societies-Debating and Oratorical) 
Atlantic Union.     (see: Political Clubs-International Relations) 
Atom Day.     (see: Phoenix Project) 
Atomic Research. For research of this nature even if it involves other departments.     (see: Phoenix Project-Research) 
Atoms for Peace program.     (see: Phoenix Project-Institutes and ...) 
Attendance. For conference on attendance.     (see: Literary College) 
Audio-Visual Education Center.     (see: Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center Authors (Students). see: Students, Outstanding-Authors) 
Automobile ban.     (see: Students, Automobiles) 
Automotive Laboratory.     (see: Engineering, College of-Marine and Mechanical) 
Autonomy (Constitutional).     (see: Administration. Includes material on controversial Act 177) 
Box   4  
Aviation.     (Includes Civilian Pilot Training Program (1939-) sponsored by the CAA and the govt., etc. see also: Societies-Aeronautical) 
Aviation Club.     (see: Societies-Aero.) 
Avukan, Student Zionist Federation,     (see: Societies-Hillel; race problems) 
Awards.     (see: Prizes and Awards)