Albert Kahn papers  1896-2014
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La Sociedad Hispanics.     (see: Societies-La Sociedae Hispanics) 
Labor.     (see: Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations; Bureau of Industrial Relations (part of Business Ad. school); Extension-Labor program; Institute for Social Research) 
Labor programs (Extension);     (see: Extension-Foreman's Conference; Extension-Labor programs; Extension-Workers Education Serv.) 
Labor Youth League.     (see: Political Clubs-Labor Youth League) 
Laboratory of Mouse Genetics.     (see: Zoology, Department of) 
Laboratory of Vertebrate Biology.     (see: Zoology, Dept. of Prev. to July 1, 1956 part of Institute of Human Biology. see: Heredity (human)) 
Laboratory Playbill.     (see: Dramatics) 
Laboratory School.     (see: Education, School of-Laboratory School) 
Laboratory Theater.     (see:-Union-Opera-Mimes (Now Closed). see: Dramatics) 
Lacrosse.     (see: Athletics-Intramural; Athletics-Intramural--Women) 
Lakes Hydraulic Lab. Mechanical     (see: Engineering, College of-Marine and) 
Lambda Kappa Sigma. National Pharmacy Sorority:     (see: Pharmacy, College Of) 
Land Utilization Conferences.     (see: Institute of Public and Social Administration; Forestry, School of; Natural Resources, School of;) 
Landscape Architecture, Dept. of.     (Includes Landscape Club. Formerly a dept. in School of Architecture. Transferred on July 1, 1965 to School of Natural Resources. Previously called Landscape Design, Dept.) 
Lane Hall.     (Sponsor of World University Fund Drive, Brotherhood Week, Interfaith Awards, Treasure Van Sales, retreats, and general religious activities. see Student Religious Organ. (1957-); Student Religious Association. (1937-56); Student Christian Association. (1856-1937) see also: Student Town Hall (a forum sponsored by Lane Hall)) 
Language and Language Behavior, Center for Research on.
see: Center for Research on Language and Language Behavior
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Language Laboratory.     (see also: Center for Research on Language and Language Behavior) 
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English.     (see: English Lang. and Literature, Dept. of; English Language Institute; Linguistic Institute.) 
Foreign.     (See Classical Studies, Dept. of (Greek, Latin, classical linguistics); Germanic Languages and Literatures, Dept. of (German, Scandinavian lang.); Romance Languages and Literatures, Dept. of (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese); Slavic Languages and Literatures, Dept. of (Russian, Polish, Church Slavic);Far Eastern Languages and Literatures, Dept. of see (Far Eastern Studies) (Chinese, Japanese, Malay, etc.)) 
Lantern Night 1919(?)-All campus women's sing honoring senior women. Type of program has varied. Sponsored by 'W.A.A.
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Lantern Slide and Photograph Collection.     (see: Fine Arts, Dept.) 
Late permission.     (see: card for Hours, Late.) 
Latin-American Relations
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Latin American Society.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-S.A. and Philippines) 
Latin Language and Literature.     (see: Classical Studies, Dept. of) 
Latter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of the For both Mormons and the Navoo League (Latter Day Saints Reorganized),     (see: Religion-Churches.) 
Latvian Students Club.     (see: Foreign Students-Societies-Europe) 
Law Enforcement.     (see: Extension-Law Enforcement; Crime; Student's Autos) 
Law Review.     (see: Law School-Publications) 
Law School.     (see also: cards following-and Societies-Law School; International Law-Symposium) 
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Box   35  
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Law School-Atomic Energy Research Project.     (see: Phoenix Project-Research) 
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Law School-Case Clubs
Law School-Conferences.     (see: Law School-Institutes) 
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Law School-W.W. Cook Foundation     (see also: Law School-T.M. Cooley Lectures) 
Law School-W.W. Cook Lectures on American Institutions
Law School-Legal research
Law School-Library
Law School-Law Quadrangle; Law School-Lawyers Club
Law School-W.W. Cook Lectures on American Institutions  1944
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Law School-Thomas M. Cooley Lectures 1947-. Sponsored by the Law School and the W.W, Cook Foundation.
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Law School-Dances.     (Includes Crease Ball, Wig and Robe, Chancellor's Court Dance, etc.) 
Law. School-Founder's Day.     (see: Law School-Lawyers Club-Founder's Day) 
Law School-Honors Banquet.     (see: Law School see also: Societies-Coif, Order of) 
Law School-Institutes 1939-.     (Includes Forums, etc.
  • 939-Legal Institute;
  • 1947-Property Tax Institute
  • 1948- Current:: Problems on International Law
  • 1949-Legal Problems of World Trade. Institute on Creditors Remedies (Held annually, 1949- )
  • 1950-Institute on Advocacy (Held annually, 1950- )
  • 1950 Law and Labor Management Relations
  • 1951-Taxation of Business Enterprise
  • 1952-Institute on Land Title Examination
  • 1952 Atomic Energy-Industrial and Legal Prob.
  • 1953-Michigan Probate Practice and Procedure Federal Anti-Trust Laws
  • 1952 Labor Relations Law Workshop
  • 1952 Midwest Institute on Public Relations for the Bar Institute (Held annually, 1953- )
  • 1954 Institute on Changes caused by the Internal Revenue Code of 1954
  • 1954 Judicial Selection Institute Communications Media Institute
  • 1954 Labor-Management Arbitration for Lawyers
  • 1955- International Law and the United Nations Conference on Aims and Methods of Legal Research
  • 1956- Institute on Michigan Land Title Problems.
  • 1957- Institute on Water Resources and the Law
  • 1956 Institute of Continuing Legal Education
1948-Current:: Problems on International Law
1949-Legal Problems of World Trade. Institute on Creditors Remedies (Held annually, 1949-).
1950-Institute on Advocacy (Held annually, 1950-).
 1950 Law and Labor Management Relations.
1951-Taxation of Business Enterprise.
1952-Institute on Land Title Examination.
 1952 Atomic Energy-Industrial and Legal Prob. 1953-Michigan Probate Practice and Procedure Federal Anti-Trust Laws.
 1952 Labor Relations Law Workshop.
 1952 Midwest Institute on Public Relations for the
1954-Institute (Held annually, 1953-).
 1954 Institute on Changes caused by the Internal Revenue Code of  1954 Judicial Selection Institute Communications Media Institute
Labor-Management Arbitration for Lawyers.
1955-International Law and the United Nations Conference on Aims and Methods of Legal Research.
1956-Institute on Michigan Land Title Problems. 1957-Institute on Water Resources and the Law.
 1956 Institute of Continuing Legal Education
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Law School-Judge Advocate General's School (JAG). 1942-1946.
Law School-Keniston (Hayword) Lectures on Liberal Education and Democratic Institutions. 1956-.     (see: Law School) 
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Law School-Law Quadrangle.     (Includes: Lawyers Club, John P. Cook Dorm, Legal Research Library, Hutchins Hall, etc. Materials on buildings and dedication. see also: Law School-Lawyers Club; Law School-Library.) 
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Law School-Lawyers Club.     (see also: Law School-Lawyers Club-Founder's Day) 
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Law School-Lawyers Club-Founder's Day.
Law School-Legal Aid Clinic.     (see: Societies-Law School.) 
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Law School-Legal Research.     (see also: Law School-Library; Law School-Publications; Law School-Law Quadrangle (for Legal Research Bldg.)) 
Law School-Legal Research Library.     (see: Law School-Library.) 
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Law School-Library
Law School-Practice Court.     (Held in Civil Procedures 3 course. Reenacts accident cases jointly with other units, i.e. Medical School, Mich. State Police, etc. see Law School.) 
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Law School-Publications.     (see also: Law School-Legal Research) 
Lawler Committee.     (see: Student Records) 
Lawyers Liberal Club.     (see: Societies-Law School) 
Le Cercle Francais.     (see: Societies-Le Cercle Francais League Banquet and Installation; Women's League.) 
League Building.     (Includes Board of Governors, library, Barbara Little Music Room and phonorecord concerts, cafeteria, Grand Rapids Room, ballroom. Built by the Alumnae Council. see also: League Building-Social Activities; Alumnae Council.) 
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Box   36  
Box   36  
Box   36  
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League Building-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.     (Includes physical description, some movies and plays (1929-34). For productions given here see various organizations: e.g. Play Production; Dramatics-Dramatic Festival; Dramatics, etc.) 
League Building-Social Activities.     (Includes general use of facilities for bridge and dance classes, League Fair, Open House, joint League-Union activities. For events sponsored by the Women's League, see also: 'Women's League-Activities. For Theater see also: League Bldg.-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.) 
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League Council.     (see: Women's League.) 
League for Industrial Democracy.     (see: Political Clubs-Round Table Club.) 
League for Liberal Action.     (see: Political Clubs-Socialist. League Houses. see: Housing-Women.)  
League of Nations. Study groups-     (see: Political Clubs-International Relations; Discussions-see: Campus Events, 1932-1934) 
League of Women Voters.     (see: Political Clubs-Non-partisan groups.) 
Learning and Teaching, Center for Research on.     (see: Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.) 
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Lecture and Poetry Series.
Lecture Bureau.     (see: Extension.) 
Lecture Committee.     (see: Free Speech.) 
Lecture Series.     (see: Oratorical Series.) 
Lecture Series (SS).     (see: Summer Session-Campus Events) 
Lectures, speeches, etc.     (see: Lectures sponsored by a specific group are under the name of the group. e.g.: Oratorical Series; .Journalism, Dept. of-Lectures; Law School-Cook Lectures; For lectures sponsored by no one group or the university as a whole see: Campus Events; Summer Session-Campus Events. Lectures, speeches, etc. Continued; For questions on selection of speakers see: Free Speech; Radicals; Student Government. Also U-M PhD thesis-Kinney, Stanley-The Selection of Outside Speakers by Student Organizations at U-M (1854-1935). 1956 (No. 4396).) 
Legal Aid Clinic.     (see: Societies-Law School.) 
Legal Aid Service for Students (1967-).     (see: Student Government (Sponsored by Student Govt. Council).) 
Legal Aspects of Atomic Energy. A joint Phoenix Project and Law School program.     (see: Phoenix Project-Research.) 
Legal Research Archives.     (see: Law School-Library.) 
Legal Research Center 1950-.     (Set up for research on written law; service to organization and faculty; and publication of materials. see: Law School-Legal Research.) 
Legal Research Institute. Sponsored by the Lawyers Club Foundation     (see: Law School-Legal Research.) 
Legislative Advisory Council on Problems of the Aging. a Michigan state society.     (see: Institute for Human Adjustment-Gerontology, Division of.) 
Legislative Research Center 1949-.     (see: Law School-Legal Research.) 
(Muriel.) Lester House.     (see: (card) Intercooperative Council, Inc. (folder.) Cooperative rooming and boarding projects.) 
Letter to Michigan Alumni.     (see: Alumni Publications. Liberal Discussion Group. see: Political Clubs.) 
Liberal Students Union.     (see: Religion-Churches-Unitarian.) 
Library.     (see also: cards following and Business Administration, School of (for Bus. Ad. Lib.); Clements (W.L.) Lib.; Dearborn Campus; History-Michigan Historical Collections; Kresge Medical Library; Law School-.Library; Transportation Inst. and Lib.) 
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Library-Gifts and Special Collections.     (see also: Library-Labadie Collection. Library-Stellfield Collection; Library-Manuscripts and Papyri; Transportation Institute and Library; Kresge Medical Library; Clements Library; History-Michigan Historical Collections; Law School-Library.) 
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Library-Labadie Collection.
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Library-Manuscripts and Papyri.
Library-Quarto.     (see: Clements Library-Quarto.) 
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Library-Staff.     (see also: Faculty-Bishop, W.W.; Faculty-Rice, Warner; Faculty-Wagman, Fredrick) 
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Library Staff Association. Library Notes.
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Library-Stellfield Collection.     (see also: Faculty-Cre-Cu (Louise Cuyler)) 
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Library Leaflet.     (see: Library-Publications.) 
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Library Science, Dept. of, clippings
Life Guard Corps.     (see: Swimming and Aquatic Sports-Women) 
Life magazine, International ed. March . 22,  1965 issue with article on U. of M. see Student Life
Linguistic Institute. For earlier work in linguistics     (see: Speech, Dept. of Sponsored by MiU and the Linguistic Society of America) 
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Linguistic Society of America     (see: Linguistic Institute) 
Linguistics, classical.     (See: Classical Studies, Dept. of) 
Linguistics, foreign language; see the foreign language group concerned i.e., Germanic Lang. and Lit. Romance Lang. and Lit. Far Eastern Lang. and Lit.
Linguistics Club.     (see: Linguistic Institute) 
Liquor Problem.     (see: Prohibition) 
Literary College.     (Includes Literary College Conferences. see also: Faculty evaluations; Curriculum; Student-FacultyAdministration Relations (for SFA Conferences); Literary College-Residential Coll.) 
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Box   37  
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Literary College-Residential College.
Little, President Clarence Cook
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 1927-1929 (Resignation)
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Speeches (2 folders)
Little Club.     (see: Association for Independent Men.) 
"Little Club" 1966-.     (see: University Activities Center.) 
Little Symphony.     (see: Orchestras) 
Little Theater of Willow Village.     (see: Dramatics-Student Players) 
(Alice Crocker) Lloyd Radiation Therapy Center and Lloyd Memorial Isotope Research Laboratory.     (see: Phoenix Project-Research) 
Loan Collections.     (see: Art Print Loan Collection; Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center. (Art Masterwork Collection)) 
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Loan Funds-clippings     (see also: Scholarships; Fellowships; Finances-Trust Funds.) 
Lord Chamberlain's Players.     (see: Dramatics-Faculty and Town Groups) 
Lost and Found.     (see: Administration October 1968 ; Student Activities Center.) 
(Henry Martin) Loud Foundation Lectures.     (see: Religion-Churches-Methodist) 
Dr. P.C.. Lowery Award.     (see: Dentistry, School of) 
Lunar Science Institute (Houston, Texas)     (see: Space Research) 
Lutheran Student Center and Chapel.     (see: Religion-Churches Lutheran.) 
Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.     (see: League Building-Lydia Mendelssohn Theater.)