Albert Kahn papers  1896-2014
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V [subseries]
Vandenburg (Arthur H.) Lectureship,     (see: Political Science, Dept. of.) 
Vanguard Club,     (see: Political Clubs-Vanguard Club.) 
Varsity Men's Glee Club,     (see: Glee Clubs.) 
Varsity Night,     (see: Bands-Varsity Night.) 
Vesper services,     (see: Religion.) 
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Veterans.     (Before 1952 see: World War II-Servicemen, Discharged. see also: Veterans-Societies.) 
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Veterans-American Veterans Committee (AVC).
Veterans-Dances.     (see: Veterans-Societies.) 
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Veterans-Societies.     (Includes Veterans Wives Club, Ball and Chain (wives club), Women Veterans Association., Air Force Officers Women's Club. Air Force Officers Women's Club, Air Force Association, P-T Veterans Association, American Legion, U.S.O. dances. see also: Veterans-American Veterans Committee (AV); Veterans Organization (VO) American Legion.) 
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(Michigan Student)-Veterans Organization (VO).     (see also: United States-Veterans Admin.-Hospitals) 
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Veterans Readjustment Center (Also called Neurosis Center)
Veterans Service Bureau. 1942-51-     (see: World War II-Servicemen, Discharged; 1952-(see: Veterans.) 
Victor Vaughan Medical Society,     (see: Societies-Medical School.) 
Victory Ball,     (see: Junior Hop.) 
Vielle Trio,     (see: Chamber Music.) 
Viet Nam Policy, 1964-,     (see: Activism.) 
Visa (Discount sales program),     (see: Expenses, Student.) 
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Vision Research Lab.
Visitors.     (Generally handled by the Guide Service, see: University Relations Service. For foreign visitors see also: Foreign Visitors. For faculty speakers see: the name of the department or faculty sponsoring.) 
VISTA.     (see: Peace Corps.) 
Visual Instruction Institute,     (see: Extension-Audio-Visual Education Center.) 
Vocal Music, see cards for: Music School of; Glee Clubs; Music, School. of-Extension Projects.
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Vocational Education and Practical Arts, Dept. of.
Vocational Education Institutes,     (see: Education, School of-Workshops.) 
Vocational Guidance.
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Vocational Guidance Project (Flint),     (see: Sociology, Dept. of.) 
"Voice",     (see: Political Clubs-Students for a Democratic Society, ("Voice" is a local chapter of SDS).) 
Voice Department,     (see: Music, School of. see also: Opera; Choirs; Students, Outstanding-Music; Television; Radio; and other glee clubs and vocal groups.) 
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA),     (see: Peace Corps.) 
Voting (Student),     (see: Elections-National, State and Local. Includes question of students registering as Ann Arbor residents.) 
Voyageurs, Les,     (see: Outing.) 
Vulcans,     (see: Societies-Vulcans. see also: Societies-Engineering (for earlier senior eng. society called Web and Flange).)