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Gallus as Triptolemos on the Tazza Farmese Thompson, Dorothy B. ; Koenen, Ludwig vol. 21
Genealogy and the Gymnasium Ruffini, Giovanni vol. 43
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Papyrology. Mapping Fragmentation and Migration Flow to Hellenistic Egypt Mueller, Katja vol. 42
Geographical Notes Youtie, Louise C. vol. 19
“Goldfinger” on a Leiden Mummy Label? Hernández, Raquel Martín; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 50
The Gospel of Mark in Fayumic Coptic Browne, Gerald M. vol. 13
Grain yield Ratios in P.Ness. 3.82 (VII) Mayerson, Philip vol. 44
Greek Amulets and Formularies from Egypt Containing Christian Elements: A Checklist of Papyri, Parchments, Ostraka, and Tablets de Bruyn, Theodore S.; Dijkstra, Jitse H.F. vol. 48
Greek and Coptic Texts from the Oriental Institute Museum Exhibition "Another Egypt" Wilfong, T.G. vol. 29
Greek and Latin Documents from 'Abu Sha'ar, 1992-1993 Bagnall, Roger S.; Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 31
A Greek Christian Liturgical Hymn (P.CtYBR inv. 1584A) Gampel, Alan; Grassien, Céline vol. 49
Greek, Coptic, and Jewish Magic in the Cairo Genizah Bohak, Gideon vol. 36
Greek Equivalents of Two Coptic Phrases: CG I, 1.65, 9-10 and CG II,2.43.26 Attridge, Harold W. vol. 18
Greek Ostraka from Mons Porphyrites (Gebel 'Abu Dukhan) Sheridan, Jennifer A.; Roth, Jonathan vol. 29
Greek Papyri of the New Testament Metzger, Bruce M. vol. 1
A Greek Papyrus Amulet from the Duke Collection with Biblical Excerpts La'da, Csaba A.; Papathomas, Amphilochios vol. 41
Greek von Scherling Papyri in Leiden Worp, Klaas A. vol. 50
Gregorian Chant Haslam, Michael W. vol. 27
Grenfell and Hunt on the Dates of Early Christian Codices: Setting the Record Straight Nongbri, Brent vol. 48
Griffith's "Nicene Canons" Browne, Gerald M. vol. 20
Griffith's Miracle of St. Menas Browne, Gerald M. vol. 20
Griffiths Old Nubian Lectionary: The Revision Revised Browne, Gerald M. vol. 24
Guarding Grapes in Roman Egypt (P.Mich. inv. 438) Helms, Kyle vol. 50
A Gymnasial Registration Report from Oxyrhynchus Yiftach-Firanko, Uri vol. 47