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A.D. 297 as the Beginning of the First Indiction Cycle Depuydt, Leo vol. 24
Das Formular der Überstellungsbefehle im Römischen Ägypten Hagedorn, Ursula vol. 16
The Date of Succession in the Strategia Whitehorne, J.E.G. vol. 18
The Date of the Construction of Solon's Axones Immerwahr, Henry R. vol. 22
The Date of the Dendur Foundation Inscription Reconsidered Ochała, Grzegorz vol. 48
The Date of the Hermopolite Land Registers: A Review Article Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 16
La Date sur les Etiquettes de Momies Boyaval, B. vol. 18
The Death Declarations of Roman Egypt: A Re-appraisal Scheidel, Walter vol. 36
A Declaration of Property from the Michigan Collection Caldwell, Robert vol. 39
A Declaration of Property from the Michigan Collection Caldwell, Robert vol. 39
A Declaration of Uninundated Land Delia, Diana vol. 29
[Dedication] Naphtali Lewis vol. 15
[Dedication - William Hailey Willis] vol. 22
Deeds of Last Will in Graeco-Roman Egypt: A Case Study in Regionalism Yiftach, Uri vol. 39
The Deferment of Postpositive Particles in Greek Documentary Papyri Bay, Stephen M. vol. 46
Deinokrates and Alexandria Brown, Blanche R. vol. 15
Dekaprotoi and Epigraphai Bagnall, Roger S.; Thomas, J. David vol. 15
A Delayed Money Transfer Concannon, Cavan vol. 47
Demosthenes Second Epistle Packman, Zola M. vol. 10
Departure without Saying Goodbye: A Lexicographical Study Clarysse, Willy vol. 48
Der Veteran Aelius Syrion Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 21
Des nouvelles de Paniskos Heilporn, Paul vol. 49
Deserted Villages: From the Ancient to the Medieval Fayyūm Keenan, James G. vol. 40
Deserted Villages: Two Late Antique Town Sites in Egypt van Minnen, Peter vol. 32
Deux ordres du supérieur du monastère de Baouît Delattre, Alain vol. 49
Deux papyrus coptes et une inscription grecque du Monastère Blanc Delattre, Alain vol. 50
A Dike Certificate from Tebtunis Thompson, Glen L. vol. 28
Dike Work in the Oxyrhynchite Nome Peachin, Michael vol. 19
Dioscorus and the Impotence of Envy Dickie, Matthew W. vol. 30
Dioskoros of Aphrodito and Romanos the Melodist Kuehn, Clement A. vol. 27
The Disappearance of the Dekaprotoi in Egypt Thomas, J. David vol. 11
Diversification foncière dans le nome mendésien à l’époque romaine Blouin, Katherine vol. 46
A Document from the Reign of Caracalla in the Michigan Collection Gignac, Francis T. vol. 13
Documentary Evidence for Graeco-Egyptian Shipbuilding (P.Flor. I 69) Casson, Lionel vol. 27
The Documentary Portions of Morgan M636 MacCoull, L.S.B. vol. 24
Documents de L'Egypte romaine Bingen, Jean vol. 22
Donald F. Hyde, In Memoriam vol. 3
The Dossier of Flavia Anastasia, Part One: Document Prescripts Hickey, T.M.; Haug, Brendan J. vol. 48
The Dossier of Patermouthis Sidêrourgos: New Texts from Chicago Hickey, T.M.; Worp, K.A. vol. 34
The Dream of Nektanebos Koenen, Ludwig vol. 22
Dreams in Bilingual Papyri from the Ptolemaic Period Kidd, Stephen vol. 48
Drei Ostraka aus der Sammlung Moen Harrauer, H.; Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 20
A Dual Queenship in the Reign of Berenice IV Ricketts, Linda M. vol. 27
Due frammenti di un unico rotolo? P.Duke inv. 756 e P.Mil. Vogl. inv. 1358 (Herodotus IV 144.2-145.1 e 147.4-5) Soldati, Agostino vol. 42
Due Note Daris, Sergio vol. 5
A Duke Papyrus of Herodotus iv 144.2-145.1 Hatzilambrou, Rosalia G. vol. 39
The Dura Latin Papyri Revisited Gilliam, J.F. vol. 15