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Bacchylides Fr. 60 M. and the Kassandra Hadjimichael, Theodora A. vol. 51
Back to Oegstgeest: The von Scherling Papyrus Collection [and] Some von Scherling Texts in Minnesota Bakker, Marja; Bakkers, Alette; Worp, Klaas vol. 44
Bandits, Real and Imagined, in Greco-Roman Egypt McGing, B.C. vol. 35
The Bawit Contracts: Texts and Translations MacCoull, [Leslie] S.B. vol. 31
A Bawit Fragment in Phoenix MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 50
Before the Penthemeros: Government Funds for the Canals Brashear, William vol. 16
The Beinecke Papyri Samuel, Alan E. vol. 1
The Beinecke Papyri, Lot II Samuel, Alan E. vol. 2
BGU IV 1139: Paramone e Trophitis Montevecchi, Orsolina vol. 22
Bibliography: J. Frank Gilliam vol. 21
Bibliography of James G. Keenan vol. 45
Bilingual Literacy and Syrian Greek Obbink, Dirk vol. 28
The Bodmer Papyri Willis, W.H. vol. 2
The Body in Ancient Egyptian Texts and Representations Teeter, Emily vol. 37
The Body in Early Eastern Christian Sources Brakke, David vol. 37
The Book of Jubilees in Coptic: An Early Christian Florilegium on the Family of Noah Crislip, Andrew vol. 40
[Book Review] Schüssler, Karlheinz, ed. Biblia coptica: Die koptischen Bibeltexte, Bd I Das sahidische Alte und Neue Testament: sa 1-20 [...] Clackson, Sarah vol. 35
[Book Review] Text und Textwert der griechischen Handshriften des Neuen Testaments: II. Die Paulinischen Briefe. [...], ed. Kurt Aland [...] White, John L. vol. 30
[Book Review] The Documents from the Bar Kokhba Period in the Cave of the Letters. Greek Papyri edited by Naphtali Lewis, Aramaic and Nabatean signatures and subscriptions edited by Yigael Yadin and Jonas C. Greenfield [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 27
[Book Review] A.E. Samuel, W.K. Hastings, A.K. Bowman and R.S. Bagnall, Death and Taxes: Ostraka in the Royal Ontario Museum [...] Shelton, John C. vol. 10
[Book Review] A.J.B. Sirks, P.J. Sijpesteijn, and K.A. Worp, Ein frühbyzantinisches Szenario für die Amtswechslung in der Sitonie. Die griechischen Papyri aus Pommersfelden (PPG) mit einem Anhang über: die Pommersfeldener Digestenfragmente und die Überlieferungsgeschichte der Digesten [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 34
[Book Review] Adolphe Guttub. Kôm Ombo I: Les inscriptions du naos (sanctuaires, salles de l'ennéade, salle des offrandes, couloir mystéreieux) [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 33
[Book Review] Alan K. Bowman, The Town Councils of Roman Egypt [...] Oates, John F. vol. 10
[Book Review] Aland, Kurt; Rosenbaum, Hans-Udo. Repertorium der griechischen christlichen Papyri II: Kirchenväter-Papyri, Teil I: Beschreibungen [...] Brakke, David vol. 34
[Book Review] Alessandro Biondi, Gli accenti nei papiri greci biblici [...] McNamee, Kathleen vol. 23
[Book Review] Alfons Wouters, THe Grammatical Papyri from Graeco-Roman Egypt. Contributions to the Study of the 'Ars grammatica' in Antiquity. [...] Weems, Sarah vol. 20
[Book Review] Andorlini, Isabella et al. (eds.), Atti del XXII Congresso internazionale di papirologia. Firenze, 23-29 agosto 1998 [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 39
[Book Review] Arthur Verhoogt, Regaling Officials in Ptolemaic Egypt: A Dramatic Reading of Official Accounts from the Menches Papers. Papyrologica Lugduno-Batava 32. [...] Whitehorne, John vol. 43
[Book Review] Bagnall, Roger S., B.W. Frier, and I.C. Rutherford, The Census Register P.Oxy 984: The Reverse of Pinder's Paeans [...] Scheidel, Walter vol. 38
[Book Review] Bärbel Kramer, Das Vertragsregister von Theogenis (P.Vindob. G 40618) [...] Winnicki, J.K. vol. 32
[Book Review] Bärbel Kramer, Robert Hübner (ed.), Kölner Papyri, Band I (Papyrologica Coloniensia VII, 1976) Bowman, Alan K. vol. 15
[Book Review] Basil G. Mandilaras, The Verb in the Greek Non-Literary Papyri [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 11
[Book Review] Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten, Neunter Band. Herausgegeben von P.W. Pestman und H.-A. Rupprecht [...] Oates, John F. vol. 32
[Book Review] Bernadette Menu, ed., Les problèmes institutionnels de l'eau en Égypte ancienne et dans l'Antiquité méditerranéenne [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 34
[Book Review] Biedenkopf-Ziehner, Annalise, Koptische Ostraka [...] Wilfong, T.G. vol. 40
[Book Review] Bierbrier, Morris [and others]. Portraits and Masks: Burial Customs in Roman Egypt [...] Frankfurter, Davd T. vol. 36
[Book Review] Bowman, Alan K., P. Garnsey, and D. Rathbone (eds.), The Cambridge Ancient History. Second Edition. Volume XI. The High Empire A.D. 70-192 [...] Whitehorne, John vol. 39
[Book Review] Bulletin de la Société d'Archéologie Copte [...] Wilfong, [Terry] G. vol. 27
[Book Review] Bulletin de Liaison du Groupe International d'Égypte de la Céramique Égyptienne XIX (1996) ]...] Hedstrom, Darlene Brooks vol. 36
[Book Review] Bulletin de Liaison du Groupe International d'Étude de la Céramique Égyptienne XVIII [...] Hedstrom, Darlene Brooks vol. 34
[Book Review] Bulletin del la Société d'Archéologie Copte, Tome XXX(1991) [...] Wilfong, [Terry] G. vol. 29
[Book Review] Caroline T. Schroeder, Monastic Bodies: Discipline and Salvation in Shenoute of Atripe. [...] Goehring, James E. vol. 44
[Book Review] Cauville, Sylvie, Jochen Hallof and Hans van den Berg. Le Temple de Dendara: Les chapelles osiriennes (Index) [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 36
[Book Review] Cauville, Sylvie. Le Temple de Dendara: Les chapelles osiriennes (Commentaire) [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 36
[Book Review] Cauville, Sylvie. Le Temple de Dendara: Les chapelles osiriennes (Transcription et traduction) [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 36
[Book Review] Cauville, Sylvie. Le Temple de Dendara: Les chapelles osiriennes [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 36
[Book Review] Cervenka-Ehrenstrasser, Irene-Maria. Lexikon der Lateinischen Lehnwörter in den griechischsprachigen dokumentarischen Texten Ägyptens mit Berücksichtigung koptischer Quellen (Lex.Lat.Lehn.): Faszikel I (Alpha). Unter Mitarbeit von Johannes Diethart [...] Duttenhöfer, Ruth vol. 36
[Book Review] Charikleia Armoni, James M.S. Cowey, and Dieter Hagedorn, Die griechischen Ostraka der Heidelberger Papyrus-Sammlung. [...] Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 44
[Book Review] Christina Riggs, The Beautiful Burial in Roman Egypt: Art, Identity and Funerary Religion [...] Dijkstra, Jitse vol. 44
[Book Review] Clackson, Sarah J. Coptic and Greek Texts Relating to the Hermopolite Monastery of Apa Apollo [...] Wilfong, T.G. vol. 40
[Book Review] Clarysse, Willy, and Vandorpe, Katelijn. Zénon, un homme d'affaires grecs à l'ombre des pyramides [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 32
[Book Review] Claudio Gallazzi and Luigi Lehnus (eds.), Achille Vogliano cinquant’anni dopo, Vol. 1. Quaderni di Acme 59. [...] van Minnen, Peter vol. 43
[Book Review] Clédat, Jean, Le Monastère et la nécropole de Baouit [...] Clackson, Sarah J. vol. 39
[Book Review] Colin Adams, Land Transport in Roman Egypt: A Study of Economics and Administration in a Roman Province. [...] Jördens, Andrea vol. 44
[Book Review] Constantine Zuckerman, Du village à l'Empire: autour du Registre fiscal d'Aphroditô (525/526). Keenan, James G. vol. 42
[Book Review] Corpus der ptolemäischen Sklaventexte: 3 Teile, hrsg. von R. Scholl [...] Hengstl, Joachim vol. 29
[Book Review] Corpus Papyronum Raineri Band XVIIA, Griechische Texte XII A, Die Archive der Aurelii Adelphios und Asklepiades, herausgegeben von Klaas A. Worp [...] Gagos, Traianos vol. 29
[Book Review] Corpus Papyronum Raineri Band XVIIB, Griechische Texte XII B, Papyri aus Panopolis, herausgegeben von Pieter J. Sijpesteijn [...] van Minnen, Peter vol. 29
[Book Review] Corpus Papyrorum Raineri archducis Austriae, Band X, Griechische Texte VII, edited by Monika Hasitzka, Michaela Müller, Brigiite Rom, Wolfgang Hameter, Bernhard Palme, Hans Taeuber, Johann Diethart, Hermann Harrauer, Klaas A. Worp [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 24
[Book Review] Corpus Papyrorum Raineri Archeduis Austriae, Bd. XIV [...], edited by Georgina Fantoni [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 25
[Book Review] Cotton, Hannah M. and Ada Yardeni. Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek Documentary Texts from Naḥal Ḥever and Other Sites, with an Appendix Containing Alleged Qumran Texts (The Seiyâl Collection II). Discoveries in the Judean Desert XXVII [...] Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 36
[Book Review] Cribiore, Raphaella. Writing, Teachers and Students in Graeco-Roman Egypt. [...] Bucking, Scott vol. 36
[Book Review] Cuvigny, Hélène Papyrus Graux II (P.Graux 9 à 29) [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 35
[Book Review] Daris, Sergio Papiri documentari greci del Fondo Palau-Ribes (P.Palau.Rib) [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 32
[Book Review] Denis Feissel and Jean Gascou (eds.), La pétition à Byzance. Keenan, James G. vol. 42
[Book Review] DePauw, Mark. A Companion to Demontic Studies. Papyrologica Bruxellensia 28 [...] O'Brien, Alexandria A. vol. 36
[Book Review] Diem, Werner. Arabische amtliche Briefe des 10. bis 16. Jahrhunderts aus der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien [...] Cobb, Paul M. vol. 35
[Book Review] Diem, Werner. Arabische Privatbriefe des 9. bis 15. Jahrhunderts aus der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien [...] Cobb, Paul M. vol. 35
[Book Review] Dirk Obbink, editor. Philodemus and Poetry: Poetic THeory and Practice in Lucretius, Philodemus, and Horace [...] Tsakiropoulou-Summers, Tatiana vol. 33
[Book Review] Donald B. Redford, From Slave to Pharaoh. The Black Experience of Ancient Egypt. Verhoogt, Arthur vol. 42
[Book Review] Dorothy J. Crawford, Kerkeosiris. An Egyptian Village in the Ptolemaic Period. [...] Pleket, H.W. vol. 9
[Book Review] Dwight Wayne Young. Coptic Manuscripts from the White Monastery: Works of Shenute [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 32
[Book Review] Edda Bresciani, Antonio Giammarusti, Rosario Pintaudi, and Flora Silvano (eds.), Medinet Madi. Venti anni di esplorazione archeologica, 1984-2005. [...] van Minnen, Peter vol. 44
[Book Review] Elinor M. Husselman, ed., Papyri from Karanis [...] Speidel, Michael P. vol. 8
[Book Review] Elsa Gibson, The "Christians for Christians" Inscriptions of Phrygia [...] Rigsby, Kent J. vol. 18
[Book Review] Emanuela Battaglia, 'Artos.' Il Lessico della panificazione nei papiri greci [...] Farber, J. Joel vol. 25
[Book Review] Emil Kiessling and Hans-Albert Rupprecht, Akten des XIII. Internationalen Papyrologenkongresses, Marburg/Lahn, 2.-6. August 1971 [...] Philips, F. Carter vol. 14
[Book Review] Emil Kiessling, Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten, Band X [...] Browne, Gerald M. vol. 9
[Book Review] Eric G. Turner, Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World [...] Donovan, Bruce E. vol. 8
[Book Review] Eric G. Turner, The Papyrologist at Work [...] Samuel, Deborah H. vol. 12
[Book Review] Filodemo, L'ira. Edizione, traduzione e commento a cura di Giovanni Indelli [...] Obbink, Dirk vol. 28
[Book Review] Filodemo. Memorie epicuree (P.Herc 1418 e 310). Edizone, traduzione e commento a cura di Cesira Militello [...] Perdicoyianni-Paléologou, Hélène vol. 37
[Book Review] Fournet, Jean-Luc. Hellénisme dans l'Égypte du Vle siècle: La bibliothèque et l'oeuvre de Dioscore d'Aphrodité [...] MacCoull, Leslie S.B. vol. 37
[Book Review] Frösén, Jaakko, Antti Arjava and Marjo Lehtinen (eds.), The Petra Papyri. Volume I [...] Keenan, James G. vol. 40
[Book Review] G.M. Browne, J.D. THomas, E.G. Turner, Marcia Weinstein, et. al. (ed.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Vol. XXXVIII [...] Lidov, Joel B. vol. 12
[Book Review] Gerald M. Browne, Michigan Papyri (P. Mich. XII) [...] Shelton, John vol. 15
[Book Review] Gerald M. Browne, The Papyri of the Sortes Astrampsychi (Beiträge zur klassischen Philologie, Heft 58) [...] Coles, Revel vol. 13
[Book Review] Gigante, Marcello. Altre ricerche Filodeme [...] Perdicoyianni-Paléologou, Hélène vol. 37
[Book Review] Günter Burkard, Spätzeitliche Osiris-Liturgien im Corpus der Asasif-Papyri: Übersetzung, Kommentar, Formale und inhaltliche Analyse [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 34
[Book Review] Günter Poethke, Epimerismos. Betrachtungen zur Zwangspacht in Aegypten während der Prinzipatszeit [...] Bowman, Alan K. vol. 8
[Book Review] H. C. Youtie, Scriptiunculae II [...] Weinstein, Marcia E. vol. 13
[Book Review] Hans Julius Wolff, Das Recht der griechischen Papyri Ägyptens in der Zeit der Ptolemaeer und des Prinzipats, Erster Band: Bedingungen und Triebkräfte der Rechtsentwicklung. [...] van Minnen, Peter vol. 43
[Book Review] Harrill, J. Albert. The Manumission of Slaves in Early Christianity [...] Teeter, Timothy vol. 36
[Book Review] Hasitzka, Monika R. M. Ein neues Archiv koptischer Ostraka [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 35
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[Book Review] Hoogendijk, F.A.J., and van Minnen, P., edd. [...]Papyri, Ostraca, Parchments and Waxed Tablets in the Leiden Papyrological Institute [...] Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 30
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[Book Review] L'État et les institutions en Égypte des premiers pharaons aux empereurs romains. By Geneviève Husson & Dominique Valbelle [...] Manning, J.G. vol. 32
[Book Review] Lapp, Günther The Papyrus of Nu (BM EA 10477) [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 35
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[Book Review] Monika R.M. Hasitzka, Koptisches Sammelbuch I [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 32
[Book Review] Monika R.M. Hasitzka. Neue Texte und Dokumentation zum Koptisch-Unterricht [...] Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 30
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