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[Book Review] Serge Sauneron, Le Papyrus Magique Illustré de Brooklyn [...] Sadek, M. vol. 8
An Assessment from Karanis Sampson, C. Michael vol. 51
Receipt from Alexandros to Anoubion Sampson, C. Michael vol. 50
The Mysterion of P.Mich. inv. 4061 Sampson, C. Michael vol. 50
A New Epic Fragment on Achilles’ Helmet? Sampson, C. Michael vol. 49
Reviews and Comments Samuel, A.E. vol. 7
P.Beinecke inv. 4, A New Fragment of Demosthenes Samuel, A.E. vol. 2
How Many Gnostics? Samuel, Alan E. vol. 22
The Money Economy and the Ptolemaic Peasantry Samuel, Alan E. vol. 21
Reviews and Comments Samuel, Alan E. vol. 5
R. Roca-Puig, Himne a la Verge Maria Samuel, Alan E. vol. 4
The Beinecke Papyri, Lot II Samuel, Alan E. vol. 2
Illumination By Castor Oil - P. Cornell 1 Samuel, Alan E. vol. 1
The Beinecke Papyri Samuel, Alan E. vol. 1
Taxation at Socnopaiou Nesos in the Early Third Century Samuel, Deborah H. vol. 14
New Editions of Two Vienna Papyri Samuel, Deborah H. vol. 14
[Book Review] Eric G. Turner, The Papyrologist at Work [...] Samuel, Deborah H. vol. 12
A Byzantine Letter in the Yale Collection Samuel, Deborah Hobson vol. 4
[Review] Lin Foxhall, Olive Cultivation in Ancient Greece: Seeking the Ancient Economy Sandy, D. Brent vol. 46
[Review] Andrew T. Wilburn, Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain Sanzo, Joseph E. vol. 50
Privatization and Subdivision of Urban Properties in the Early Byzantine Centuries: Social and Cultural Implications Saradi, Helen vol. 35
Privatization and Subdivision of Urban Properties in the Early Byzantine Centuries: Social and Cultural Implications Saradi, Helen vol. 35
[Book Review] Bagnall, Roger S., B.W. Frier, and I.C. Rutherford, The Census Register P.Oxy 984: The Reverse of Pinder's Paeans [...] Scheidel, Walter vol. 38
The Death Declarations of Roman Egypt: A Re-appraisal Scheidel, Walter vol. 36
Twins in Roman Egypt: Postscript to BASP 33 (1996) Scheidel, Walter vol. 34
What's in an Age? A Comparative View of Bias in the Census Returns of Roman Egypt Scheidel, Walter vol. 33
Incest Revisited: Three Notes on the Demography of Sibling Marriage in Roman Egypt Scheidel, Walter vol. 32
Reçu de Loyer Délivré à un Nauclère pour la Location d’un Bateau (P. Sorb.inv. 2395) Scherer, Jean vol. 15
[Book Review] M.G. Sirivianou et al., The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume LVI. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, No. 76 [...] Schibli, H.S. vol. 28
[Book Review] M.L. Haslam, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume LIII. Graeco-Roman Memoirs, No. 71 [...] Schibli, H.S. vol. 24
The Copy of the Apokrimata Subscripts Schiller, A. Arthur vol. 14
A Checklist of Coptic Documents and Letters Schiller, A. Arthur vol. 13
J. Modrzejewski, Mode Hellenistique: A Bibliography Schiller, A. Arthur vol. 4
Iudicia perierunt Schiller, A. Arthur vol. 3
[Review] Laura Miguélez Cavero, Poems in Context. Greek Poetry in the Egyptian Thebaid, 200-600 AD Schubert, Paul vol. 46
THe King's Son in the Wȃdi Naṭrūn Schulman, Alan R. vol. 15
The "Rate" of the Prosdiagraphomena Schuman, Verne B. vol. 16
P.Col. 1 Verso 3, Cols. 1-7 Schuman, Verne B. vol. 15
The Income of the Office of the Πράκτορεϲ ’Αργνρικω˜ν of Karanis A.D. 172-173 Schuman, Verne B. vol. 12
An Archive in the Old Style Schuman, Verne B. vol. 9
Five Giessen Papyri Schuman, Verne B. vol. 4
Vestiges Alexandrins dans quelques Acta Martyrum Schwartz, [Jacques] vol. 21
[Review] Richard L. Phillips, In Pursuit of Invisibility: Ritual Texts from Late Roman Egypt Schwarz, Sarah L. vol. 48
An Early Coptic Witness to the Dormito Mariae at Yale: P.CtYBR inv. 1788 Revised Sellew, Philip vol. 37
The Interchange of ι and η in Spelling χριστ- in Documentary Papyri Shandruk, Walter vol. 47
Three Homeric Papyri from the Michigan Collection Shelmerdine, Cynthia W. vol. 12
[Book Review] Gerald M. Browne, Michigan Papyri (P. Mich. XII) [...] Shelton, John vol. 15
New Fragments of P.Mich. 223 Shelton, John vol. 14
Notes on the Theban Tax Roll Shelton, John vol. 13
Certificate for Five Day's Work (P.Brooklyn gr. 8) Shelton, John vol. 3
Account (P.Hib. 135) Shelton, John vol. 3
[Book Review] A.E. Samuel, W.K. Hastings, A.K. Bowman and R.S. Bagnall, Death and Taxes: Ostraka in the Royal Ontario Museum [...] Shelton, John C. vol. 10
Critical Notes on Greek Papyrus and Ostracon Texts Shelton, John C. vol. 7
A Textual Note on P.Grenfell II 41 Shelton, John C. vol. 7
Textual Observations on Stud. Pal. IV, pp. 62 ff. Shelton, John C. vol. 6
Two Tebtunis Papyri from the Collection at Berkeley Shelton, John C. vol. 6
[Review] H. Maehler, C.E. Römer, and R. Hatzilambrou (eds.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 75 Sheridan Moss, Jennifer vol. 48
[Review] Nikos Litinas, Tebtynis III: Vessels’ Notations from Tebtynis Sheridan Moss, Jennifer vol. 47
[Review] Nikos Litinas, Greek Ostraca from Chersonesos (Ostraca Cretica Chersonesi) Sheridan Moss, Jennifer vol. 47
[Book Review] Worp, K.A. Greek Papyri from Kellis: I (P.Kell.G.) Nos. 1-90 [...] Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 35
Women without Guardians: An Updated List Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 33
Greek Ostraka from Mons Porphyrites (Gebel 'Abu Dukhan) Sheridan, Jennifer A.; Roth, Jonathan vol. 29
Revised Bid for the Lease of Confiscated Property Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 24
Loan Through a Bank Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 23
Shenoute Quotations in an Unpublished British Library MS Shisha-Halevy, Ariel vol. 17
Two Papyri from Vassar College Shumaker, John W. vol. 7
A New Fragment of A Homeric Lexicon Shumaker, John W. vol. 7
Two Papyri from the McCormick Theological Seminary Shumaker, John W. vol. 7
Six Dyke Certificates Sijpersteijn, P.J. ; Worp, K.A. vol. 16
Sale of Two Slaves Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 33
SB XVI 12837: An Addition Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 32
P.Mich. inv. 33: A Fragment of a Martyrology? Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 31
Remarks on Two κατ’ οἰκίαν άπογραϕαί Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 31
Sale of an Olive Crop Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
P.Yale I 73: A Republication Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
P.Bon. I 33: A Republication Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 30
Two Chronologically Interesting Papyri from the Michigan Collection Sijpesteijn, P.J.; Worp, K.A. vol. 30
The Proper Name *Πεπορᾶς Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 29
Two London Papyri Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 28
The "Proper Name" Καπαρ(ε)ῖς Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 28
P.Duke inv. G9: Some Corrections Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 28
A Female Βονλεντής Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 24
Three Papyri from the University of Michigan Papyrus Collection Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 22
Der Veteran Aelius Syrion Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 21
SPP XX 49 Rekto + 62 Rekto Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 20
Neuedition von SPP XXII 39 Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 20
A Scribe at Work Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 16
P.Mich. III 213: A Note Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 16
P.Oxy. XXII 2347 Reconsidered Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 15
A Sixth "Narratio" Document Sijpesteijn, P.J.; Worp, K.A. vol. 15
P.Hafn. inv. 24 (Verso) Again Sijpesteijn, P.J. ; Worp, K.A. vol. 14
Some Remarks on the Epicrisis of οἱ ἀπὸ γνμναϲίον in Oxyrhynchus Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 13
Two Papyri from the Michigan Collection Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 13
Two Papyri from the Michigan Collection Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 12
A List of the Villages in the Arsinoite Nome Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 10
Checklist of Arabic Papyri (Beta Version) Sijpesteijn, Petra; Oates, John; Kaplony, Andreas vol. 42
[Review] Locating Arabic Papyrology: Fiscal Politics in Medieval Egypt as a Test-Case for Setting Disciplinary Boundaries and Standards Sijpesteijn, Petra M. vol. 51
A Note on Tebtunis Papyrus Skeat, T.C. vol. 18
[Review] Thomas J. Kraus and Tobias Nicklas (eds.), Early Christian Manuscripts: Examples of Applied Method and Approach Smith, Geoffrey S. vol. 49
Lydus, De Magistratibus 1.27 and the Quaestors of 267 B.C. Smith, Morton vol. 15
Chairemon: Alexandrian Citizen, Royal Scribe, Gymnasiarch, Landholder at Bacchias, and Loving Father Smolders, Ruben vol. 42
Due frammenti di un unico rotolo? P.Duke inv. 756 e P.Mil. Vogl. inv. 1358 (Herodotus IV 144.2-145.1 e 147.4-5) Soldati, Agostino vol. 42
A Report of Accidental Dath Sparks, Irving Alan vol. 8
Palmyrenian Irregulars at Koptos Speidel, M.P. vol. 21
Thracian Horsemen in Egypt's Ala Veterana Gallica (P.Lond. 482) Speidel, Michael P. vol. 19
[Book Review] Proceedings of the XIV International Congress of Papyrologists, Oxford, 24-31 July 1974 [...] Speidel, Michael P. vol. 14
[Book Review] Elinor M. Husselman, ed., Papyri from Karanis [...] Speidel, Michael P. vol. 8
Text and Context in the Archive of Tiberianus (Karanis, Egypt; 2nd Century AD) Stephan, Robert P.; Verhoogt, Arthur vol. 42
The "Arginusae" Theme in Greek Rhetorical Theory and Practice Stephens, S.A. vol. 20
[Review] Peter Bing and Jon Steffan Bruss (eds.), Brill’s Companion to Hellenistic Epigram down to Philip Stephens, Susan A. vol. 46
A Eulogy for Christian Martyrs? Stephens, [Susan] A. vol. 22
Minoan Mathematics or Music? Stieglitz, Robert R. vol. 15
Three Fragments from a Coptic Codex of the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles Suciu, Alin vol. 49
The Reply of Jesus to King Abgar: A Coptic New Testament Apocryphon Reconsidered (P.Mich. Inv. 6213) Sullivan, Kevin P.; Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 42
A Petition of Beekeepers at Oxyrhynchus Sullivan, R.D. vol. 10
[Book Review] Tiziano Dorandi, ed., Theodor Gomperz: eine Auswahl herkulanischer kleiner Schriften (1864-1909) [...] Summers, Kirk vol. 32
Some Satyric Fragments from Oxyrhynchus Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 15
P.Bodm. XXVIII: Some First Impressions Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 14
P.Oxy. XXXV 2737: New Light on the Production of Old Comedy Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 13
Three Notes on P.Oxy. XXVII 2455 (Euripidean Hypotheses) Sutton, Dana Ferrin vol. 13
Two Papyri in The Library of the McCormick Theological Seminary Swarney, Paul R. vol. 5
Monthly Report of Sitologi Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew; Renner, Timothy T. vol. 7
Heraclides to Petepsais about an Order of Food Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew vol. 7