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Three Loans from the Berlin Collection Nelson, C.A. vol. 36
Another Memphis Poll Tax Receipt Nelson, C.A. vol. 32
Four Papyri From the Berlin Collection Nelson, C.A. vol. 32
Receipt for Tax on Prostitutes Nelson, C.A. vol. 32
Two Official Documents from the Berlin Collection Nelson, C.A. vol. 12
Vernasius Facundus, Prefect of Egypt Nelson, C.A. vol. 9
Astronomical Table Nelson, C.A. vol. 7
Papyrus Bodmer IV: The Distinction of Hands and the Date Nelson, C.A.; Raymond, Joanne L. vol. 4
Planetary Motion in P. Mich. 149 Neugebauer, O. vol. 9
[Review] Gisèle Hadji-Minaglou, Tebtynis IV. Les habitations à l’est du temple de Soknebtynis Nevett, Lisa C. vol. 47
[Review] Claudio Gallazzi and Gisèle Hadji-Minaglou, Tebtynis I. La reprise des fouilles et le quartier de la chapelle d’Isis-Thermouthis Nevett, Lisa C. vol. 47
A Ptolemaic Letter at the University of Minnesota Nichipor, Walter; Ricketts, Linda vol. 18
P.Oxy. XXIV 2422 Revised: Report of a Collection of Meat Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 36
A Woman of Property: Techosous alias Eudaimonis Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 31
[Book Review] Mons Claudianus. Ostraca Graeca et Latina I (O. Claud I à 190), edited with translations and notes by Jean Bingen [et al., ...] Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 30
Three Oxyrhynchus Papyri at Union Theological Seminary, New York Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 29
Apollophanes son of Exakon in P.Köln V 223 Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 28
An Acknowledgement of a Loan of Wheat Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 27
Payment of a Financial Obligation from Tebtynis Nocchi Macedo, Gabriel vol. 49
Grenfell and Hunt on the Dates of Early Christian Codices: Setting the Record Straight Nongbri, Brent vol. 48