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O.Bodl. II 2182 and 2185 Youtie, Louise C. vol. 14
O.Col. inv. 1366: A Coptic Prayer from Deir el-Bahri with a Quotation from Tobit 12:10 Mairs, Rachel vol. 43
[Obituary] Alessandra Gara [Bagnall], [Roger S. ] vol. 30
[Obituary] Allen P. Wikgren Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 35
[Obituary] C. Bradford Welles: August 9, 1901 - October 8, 1969 vol. 6
[Obituary] Edwin J. Beinecke vol. 7
[Obituary] Elinor Mullett Husselman Wilfong, Terry G. vol. 33
[Obituary] G. Michael Browne (1943-2004) Bay, Stephen M.; Parca, Maryline G. vol. 41
Obituary: Herbert Chayyim Youtie, 28 August 1904 - 13 February 1980 [Browne], [Gerald M.] vol. 17
[Obituary] John C. Shelton [Keenen], [J.G.] vol. 29
[Obituary] Louise C. Youtie (1909-2004) Hanson, Ann E. vol. 41
[Obituary] Pieter Johannes Sijpesteijn Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 33
[Obituary] Sarah J. Clackson Wilford, T. G. vol. 40
[Obituary] William H. Willis Oates, John F. vol. 37
[Obituary] William Matt Brashear Maehler, Herwig; Renner, Timothy vol. 37
Observations on Menander: Dyscolus 95-102 Morris, Walton vol. 4
An Odyssey Fragment from Oxyrhynchus Goldberg, Sander M. vol. 15
Official and Private Violence in Roman Egypt Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 26
An Official Letter to an Agoranomus: P.Oxy. I 170 Raschke, M. G. vol. 13
An Official Report Morris, Royce L.B.; Oates, John F. vol. 22
The Old Nubian Verbal System Browne, Gerald M. vol. 19
On the High Priest of Egypt Rigsby, Kent J. vol. 22
On the Restoration of Two Passages in A Valentinian Exposition (Nag Hammadi Codex XI, 2) Emmel, Stephen vol. 31
Optatus and The Roman Army: P.Lond. 2851. 1-22 Davies, R.W. vol. 5
An Order For Nails Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 5
The Original Text of Gos. Thom., Saying 30 Attridge, Harold W. vol. 16
The Origins of Ptolemaic Cleruchs Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 21
The Orphic Papyrus Roll of Thessalonica Kapsomenos, S.G. vol. 2
Orsamus M. Pearl: Bibliography vol. 16
Ostraca and Mummy Labels in Los Angeles Muhs, Brian P.; Worp, Klaas A.; van der Vliet, Jacques vol. 43
Ostraca from Western Thebes: Provenance and History of the Collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Columbia University O'Connell, Elisabeth R. vol. 43
Ostraka from the Yale Collection Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 16
Oxyrhynchite Documents Among the Robinson Papyri Willis, William H. vol. 25
An Oxyrhynchite Marriage Contract as School Exercise? Garvey, Tom vol. 47
Oxyrhynchus in the Early Fourth Century: "Municipalization" and Prosperity Bowman, Alan vol. 45
An Oxyrhynchus Papyrus Constantinides, Elizabeth vol. 6
The Oxyrhynchus Papyrus of Philo Royse, James R. vol. 17