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L'esclavage dans l'Egypte greco-romaine: Quelques observations en marge de publications recentes Bieżuńska-Małowist, Iza vol. 22
L'Utilisation de l'Ordinateur en Papyrologie Tomsin, A. vol. 6
The Lack of Linen-Weavers Litinas, Nikos vol. 41
Landscape and Memory: al-Nabulsi's Ta'rikh al-Fayyum Keenan, James G. vol. 42
Late Ptolemaic Capitation Taxes and the Poll Tax in Roman Egypt Monson, Andrew vol. 51
A Latin Manumission Tax Tablet in Los Angeles van Minnen, Peter; Worp, Klaas A. vol. 46
Lease of a Vineyard Dry, Shawn vol. 36
A Lease of House-Property from Byzantine Oxyrhynchus Hatzilambrou, Rosalia G. vol. 41
Lease of Land Renner, Timothy T. vol. 7
A Lease of Land from Oxyrhynchus Browne, Gerald M. vol. 4
Lease of Part of a House and Workshop Rabinowitz, Adam vol. 38
A Lease of Urban Property from Hermopolis Connor, Andrew vol. 47
A Legionary Veteran and His Family Gilliam, J.F. vol. 8
Leinenhändler im Herakleopolites in arabischer Zeit: P.Vindob. A.P. 15021 (PERF 576) Reinfandt, Lucian vol. 44
Lender, Borrower and Banker in P.Yale I 65 Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 36
Letter from a Soldier in Pannonia Adamson, Grant vol. 49
A Letter from Harpalos and Sarapion(?) Jones, Brice C. vol. 51
Letter from Hermias to Apollon Vergados, Athanassios vol. 48
Letter from Simades to Pynas Vergados, Athanassios vol. 46
A Letter Ordering the Release of a Prisoner Bay, Stephen M. vol. 51
A List of Debtors (P. Teb. 639) Keenan, James G. vol. 9
A List of Monastic Garments from Oxyrhynchus Montserrat, Dominic vol. 29
A List of the Villages in the Arsinoite Nome Sijpesteijn, P.J. vol. 10
A Loan of Money with Interest Katz, Philip vol. 51
A Loan of Wheat Ullucci, Daniel vol. 50
Loan Through a Bank Sheridan, Jennifer A. vol. 23
Logion 97 des Thomasevangeliums Merkelbach, Reinhold vol. 22
The Long and Short of Callimachus Aetia Fr. 1.9-12 McNamee, Kathleen vol. 19
Lydus, De Magistratibus 1.27 and the Quaestors of 267 B.C. Smith, Morton vol. 15
Lydus, De Magistratibus 1.27: A Reply Harris, William V. vol. 16