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Abbreviations in Greek Literary Papyri and Ostraca: Supplement, with List of Ghost Abbreviations McNamee, Kathleen vol. 22
Abstracts of Papers Delivered at the Thirteenth International Congress of Papyrology, Marburg, August 2-6, 1971 vol. 8
Account (P.Hib. 135) Shelton, John vol. 3
An Acknowledgement of a Loan of Wheat Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 27
AD CG II 7, 139:20 Browne, Gerald M. vol. 15
Addenda and Corrigenda to Inventory of Compulsory Services (ICS) Lewis, Naphtali vol. 12
Addenda to ICS Lewis, Naphtali vol. 6
[ADDENDUM] T. Gagos and R.S. Bagnall (eds.), Essays and Texts in Honor of J. David Thomas. Am.Stud.Pap 42(2001). vol. 38
An Addition and Multiplication Table Litinas, Nikos; Bay, Stephen M. vol. 49
An Addition to P.Yale I 24 (Demosthenes, Against Phaenippus 14–15) Wilkinson, Kevin W. vol. 42
An Additional Note on the Dura Papyri Welles, C. Bradford vol. 3
Additional Remarks on P.Princ. III 140 Worp, [Klaas] A. vol. 27
[Advertisement] vol. 46
Aeschylus Choephori 32-41 Lloyd-Jones, Hugh vol. 22
Affitti da Tebtynis Galazzi, Claudio vol. 15
Agreement Concerning Succession to a Komarchy Delia, Diana; Haley, Evan vol. 20
Agricultural Land and Economic Life in Soknopaiou Nesos Hobson, Deborah vol. 21
Alan Edouard Samuel (1932-2008) Bagnall, Roger S. vol. 46
Alexander's Non-European Troops and Ptolemy I's Use of Such Troops Hammond, N.G.L. vol. 33
An Alternative Context for the Brooklyn Pridianum Whitehorne, J.E.G. vol. 20
American Society of Papyrologists vol. 51
American Studies in Papyrology vol. 50
American Studies in Papyrology vol. 51
American Studies in Papyrology vol. 48
American Studies in Papyrology vol. 45
American Studies in Papyrology vol. 44
Amphora Production in the Roman World. A View from the Papyri Gallimore, Scott vol. 47
Annotations on Demosthenes 23.103 (In Aristocratem) McNamee, Kathleen vol. 41
Annotazioni sui Fragmenta Cairensia delle Elleniche di Ossirinco Cuniberti, Gianluca vol. 46
Announcement vol. 40
[Announcement] vol. 37
Announcement vol. 34
Announcement vol. 33
Announcement vol. 15
Announcement vol. 14
Announcement vol. 13
Announcements vol. 28
Announcements vol. 12
Annual Report vol. 10
Annual Report 1964-65 vol. 2
Another Memphis Poll Tax Receipt Nelson, C.A. vol. 32
Anthologia Palatina 9.538, The Alphabet and the Calligraphic Examination in the Coptic Scriptorium Bellet, Paulinus vol. 19
Antinoite Citizenship under Hadrian and Antoninus Pius. A Prosopographical Study of the First Thirty Years of Antinoopolis Malouta, Myrto vol. 46
Aphrodito Before Dioskoros Ruffini, Giovanni vol. 45
The Aphrodito Murder Mystery: A Return to the Scene of the Crimes Keenan, James G. vol. 32
Apokrimata, Decreta, and the Roman Legal Procedure Turpin, William vol. 18
Apollophanes son of Exakon in P.Köln V 223 Nielsen, Bruce E. vol. 28
The Appian Papyrus from Dura-Europus (P.Dura 2) Babcock, Robert G.; Johnson, William A. vol. 31
Application to Lease Katoikic Land Lapin, Hayim vol. 28
The Appointment of Temple Personnel in the Second Century A.D.:P.Col. inv. 438 Aubert, Jean-Jacques vol. 28
Apprentice Contract Pearl, Orsamus vol. 22
Apprenticeship Contract for Carpentry Eckerman, Chris vol. 48
Archilochus, the Hasty Emendation (P.Colon. inv. 7511.27) Van Sickle, John vol. 15
An Archive in the Old Style Schuman, Verne B. vol. 9
The Archive of a Family of Moneylenders from Jème Wilfong, [Terry] G. vol. 27
The Archive of Isidoros of Psophthis and P. Ostorius Scapula, Praefectus Aegypti Hanson, Ann Ellis vol. 21
The Arginusae Papyrus Welles, C.B. vol. 2
The "Arginusae" Theme in Greek Rhetorical Theory and Practice Stephens, S.A. vol. 20
Aristarchus of Samos and Copernicus Rosen, Edward vol. 15
An Arsinoite Loan of Money with Interest in Kind Blouin, Katherine vol. 47
Artabas of Grain or Artabas of Grains? Clarysse, Willy vol. 51
Artemidoriana Qualiacumque Pack, Roger A. vol. 16
ASP Resolution Concerning the Illicit Trade in Papyri vol. 44
An Assessment from Karanis Sampson, C. Michael vol. 51
Astrological Papyri Van Heusen, Henry B. vol. 1
Astronomical Table Nelson, C.A. vol. 7
Attestations of ἡ κοινή in BKT 10.4 (Hom. Od. 15.531-553 with marginal annotations) Haslam, Michael vol. 50
Aurelius Mercurius -- A "Ghost" Prefect? Bowman, Alan K. vol. 6
Aurelius Phoibammon, Son of Triadelphus: A Byzantine Egyptian Land Entrepeneur Keenan, James G. vol. 17
The Authorship of P.Cair.Zen. 3.59308 Evans, Trevor vol. 49