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[Special Review Article] Austin, C. and G. Bastanianni. Posidppi Pellaei Quae Supersunt Omnia [...] Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin; Renner, Timothy vol. 39
[Special Review Article] Bastianni, Guido and Claudio Gallazzi (eds.), Papiri dell'Università degli Studi di Milano - VIII. Posidippo di Pella: Epigrammi (P.Mil.Vogl. VIII 309) [...] Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin; Renner, Timothy vol. 39
Natural Resources in Roman Egypt: Extraction, Transport, and Administration Adams, Colin vol. 50
Letter from a Soldier in Pannonia Adamson, Grant vol. 49
Editing Coptic Texts Alcock, Anthony vol. 23
A Coptic Magical Text Alcock, Anthony vol. 19
[Book Review] Tomas Hägg and Bo Utas, The Virgin and Her Lover: Fragments of an Ancient Greek Novel and a Persian Epic Poem. [...] Alvares, Jean vol. 44
Una Ricetta del Medico Cassio Andorlini, Isabella vol. 18
P.Grenf. I 52: Note Farmacologiche Andorlini, Isabella vol. 18
[Review] Karlheinz Schüssler (ed.), Biblia Coptica, die koptischen Bibeltexte, Vol. 4, fasc. 3 (sa 673–720) Askeland, Christian vol. 49
Greek Equivalents of Two Coptic Phrases: CG I, 1.65, 9-10 and CG II,2.43.26 Attridge, Harold W. vol. 18
The Original Text of Gos. Thom., Saying 30 Attridge, Harold W. vol. 16
Transfer of Tax-Money from the Village of Theadelphia to the Village of Apias: P.Col. inv. 192 Aubert, J.-J. vol. 24
The Appointment of Temple Personnel in the Second Century A.D.:P.Col. inv. 438 Aubert, Jean-Jacques vol. 28
[Review] Byzantine Egypt Revisited Azzarello, Giuseppina vol. 48
Panettieri, prestiti e Apioni Azzarello, Giuseppina vol. 45