ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 47 (2010) 75-85 A Delayed Money Transfer' Cavan Concannon Macquarie University Abstract Edition of a fragmentary Greek letter from the first or second century CE in which a priest of Thoeris instructs the addressee to go after a money order (Tr[01Kflrl). P.Vindob. G 31907 is a fragmentary letter. The writing is evenly spaced, and letters are generally written separately, though occasional ligatures affect the shape of some of them. For example, a cursive kappa written in two movements of the hand occurs side-by-side with one written in three movements (compare Kcat in lines 3 and 10). The letter forms date the letter to the first or second century CE.2 Of particular note is the strangely formed nu.3 It is shaped like a pi with a serif on the final foot and can only be distinguished from a pi by the slight downward slope of the second movement of the hand; the second movement of pi slopes slightly upward. The verso contains part of the address, mentioning the author of the letter. The verso also contains a mark in the form of an X, which lacks its center after the removal of the string that closed the original document, which was rolled up horizontally from the right. This is usually found in the middle, which suggests that line 2 here was the middle of the text on the recto. Since greetings start in line 9, we can further assume that the letter would have drawn to a close shortly after where the text breaks off. The margins on the left and right are preserved. A blank space may have followed the end of the text, but if we discount this, the complete document will have measured roughly 20 x 11 cm. I want to thank Peter van Minnen for his help and support. Without him, this paper would not have been possible. Any remaining errors are mine. 2 W. Schubart, Griechische Paliographie (Mfinchen 1925) 47ff. 3 The best parallel to this form of the nu is in Schubart's Abb. 34, P.Berol. inv. 6854, written during the reign of Trajan (Schubart [n. 2] 59-60).
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