ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 46 (2009) 15-22 A Latin Manumission Tax Tablet in Los Angeles Peter van Minnen University of Cincinnati and Klaas A. Worp Leiden University Abstract Edition of a late second/third-century Latin ink-written text on a wooden tablet from Egypt, recording the payment of the manumission tax (vicesima libertatis). The Egyptian collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) holds, inter alia,' two Latin tablets, both said to be mummy labels with a Greek inscription. These objects (inv. M80-202-488 and M80-202-491) were donated to the Museum in 1980 by Mr. Jerome F. Snyder. The second tablet came to Mr. Snyder (perhaps through an intermediary) from the Greek-Egyptian collector G.A. Michaelides and was earlier published (as a kind of birth certificate)2 as P.Michael. 61 (CPL 164; for a digital image of inv. M80-202-491 see http://collectionsonline.lacma.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=record;id =46125;type=101). The first tablet may also (ultimately) derive from the Michaelides collection,3 but has not been published as far as we know. 1 For a previous installment of LACMA texts see B.P. Muhs, K.A. Worp, and J. van der Vliet, "Ostraca and Mummy Labels in Los Angeles," BASP 43 (2006) 9-58, where the present contribution was already hinted at (p. 50). As in that case, we are grateful to Dr. R. Demaree (Leiden), who first drew our attention to the LACMA collection, to Dr. K. Cooney (Stanford), who liaisoned with the LACMA, and to Giselle Arteaga-Johnson and Piper Wynn Severance of the LACMA itself. We also wish to thank Professors Hans Ankum (Amsterdam) and Werner Eck (Cologne) and the (other) editors of BASP for their helpful comments. We have not seen the original. 2 On Roman birth certificates see now G. Geraci, "Le dichiarazioni di nascita e di morte a Roma e nelle provincie," MEFRA 113 (2001) 675-711, with the reaction by C. S&inchez-Moreno Ellart, "Notes on Some New Issues Concerning the Birth Certificates of Roman Citizens," JJP 34 (2004) 107-119. 3 On the dispersal of the Michaelides collection see S.J. Clackson, "The Michaelides Manuscript Collection," ZPE 100 (1994) 223-226. Some tablets that were auctioned
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