ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 45 (2008) 5-6 For Jim Keenan Occasionally over the past five years or so - by way of testing the waters - I have joked with Jim Keenan about a Festschrift. It was clear from the outset that my mentor, with characteristic modesty, was at best ambivalent about such publications, and then there was the issue of quality: he would remind me how much scholarly dreck had ended up in Festschriften. Nevertheless, in spite of Jim's lukewarm responses, I decided in the end to "follow my gut" My respect for the man is great, but my affection for him (to say nothing of my debt to him) is greater. I did, however, want to do some things differently. Most Festschriften are ragbags; they lack unity because the interests of the honorand's friends and colleagues are necessarily diverse. I desired - and thought Jim would better appreciate - a work that was more coherent. To help achieve this end, it was decided to limit the chronological scope of the contributions: though Jim's scholarship has extended into the Roman and Ptolemaic periods, it is the study of late antique Egypt, a focus of his research long before it was fashionable,
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