ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 45 (2008) 59-67 Compromissum' Traianos Gagos University of Michigan For Jim Keenan: friend, collaborator, and mentor, for his inspiring scholarship, humanity, and humility. EppW o, Uyiatvs Kai[ 6i6aKc Fc Tq roXXk. Abstract A compromissum between Flavius Cyrillus, a stratelates from Arsinoe, and Apollos, son of a deceased Phoebammon, to appoint a certain Theodoros, deacon and estate manager of Heraiskos, another stratelates, as arbiter in a dispute concerning the rendering of accounts by Apollos. P.Corn. inv. II 482 is written along the fibers of the papyrus. With the exception of a ca. 1 cm margin on the left, there is virtually no blank papyrus. Damage on the left side (mostly the top and middle sections) and several vertical creases suggest that the papyrus was at one time folded from the right to the left, exposing the latter side to wear and tear. The back contains a docket. At least two scribes were involved in the writing of this document: The first wrote the invocations and date (11. 1-5), and the second was responsible for the body (11. 6-24). Then, perhaps a third individual made some minor corrections using brown ink (11. 10, 13, and 17). Palaeographically, the first hand is much more fluid, practiced, and orthographic, while the second appears to be somewhat hesitant and less experienced. The presence of two hands in the body of the document is a bit odd, but not unparalleled, since this feature is recorded in several Arsinoite and a few Heracleopolite documents of late date (mostly from the end of the sixth and the beginning of the seventh centuries). 'I wish to thank J.-L. Fournet and N. Gonis for making articles available to me ahead of publication. For information and suggestions thanks are due to B. Palme, T. Hickey, N. Gonis, S. Kovarik, and N. Litinas. I am responsible for all remaining inaccuracies and deficiencies. 2 he papyrus was acquired by Cornell University in 1922 from M. Nahman through the "cartel" that was run by the British Museum.
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