ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 45 (2008) 261-275 PFlor. 1.64: A Re-edition Klaas A. Worp Leiden University Abstract This paper contains a complete re-edition of P.Flor. 1.64, part of an early 4th-century land register from the Hermopolite nome published originally in 1906 and later (in 1928) enlarged by fragments from the collection of the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria. The re-edition integrates various parts of the original register and contains a number of corrections of reading and interpretation. The papyrus collection in the Istituto papirologico "G. Vitelli" in Florence keeps in its rich collection a set of three fragments of a land register from the Hermopolite nome, datable by considerations of prosopography and handwriting to the early 4th century CE. More than a century ago, in 1906, this text was published for the first time by G. Vitelli as P.Flor. 1.64, fragments a-c. Later Vitelli discovered an additional fragment, joining P.Flor. 1.64 fragm. c, in the Graeco-Roman Museum at Alexandria and published it in BSAA 23 = n.s. 6 (1928) 299-300 (cf. BL 2.2:58) without mentioning an Alexandrian inventory number for the fragment. It may be inferred that at a certain moment Vitelli succeeded in having this fragment transferred from Alexandria to Florence. The fragment is not listed in the inventory lists in P.Alex., which appeared in 1964. Remarkably enough, P.Alex. does not even mention Vitelli's publication in BSAA; evidently it had escaped notice (cf. the introduction, pp. vi, viii). Moreover, when P.J. Sijpesteijn and I myself worked on the Florentine papyrus three decades ago (see ZPE 29, 1978, 267-269), because it bore some similarity with texts that we had published in P.Herm.Landlisten, we obtained through the kindness of Rosario Pintaudi (Florence) black and white photos of the Florentine papyrus fragments which showed the Alexandrian fragment mounted in its correct position with respect to fragment c; this photo was printed in ZPE 29, Taf. XVI. In the past various scholars have proposed corrections for this text that were reported in BL 1:144-145, 456 (listing as the authors of such corrections U. Wilcken, G. Vitelli, F. Preisigke, B.P. Grenfell, and A.S. Hunt), 7:49-50 (P.J. Sijpesteijn and K.A. Worp), and 8:125 (M. Drew-Bear). For a better under
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