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01 A Tribute to Prof. Alain Krief PDF
02 A new diterpene enone from the soldier beetle Cantharis livida (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) Christophe Durvaux, Pascal Laurent, Désiré Daloze, Jean-Claude Braekman, Roland Lupoli, Jean-Luc Dimarcq and Jacques Pasteels PDF
03 Recent advances in bismuth mediated aldol and Mannich reactions Thierry Ollevier, Valerie Desyroy and Etienne Nadeau PDF
04 Stereoselective addition reactions with chalcogen electrophiles Franz W. Bürgler, Gianfranco Fragale and Thomas Wirth PDF
05 1,1,3,3-Tetrakis(alkylthio)-1,3-dilithio-2-silapropanes: Useful reagents for the synthesis of polysilacycloalkanes via dianionic ring formation Masaki Shimizu, Masayuki Iwakubo, Yasushi Nishihara, Katsunari Oda and Tamejiro Hiyama PDF
06 Synthesis and complexing properties of calix dendrimers Jacques Vicens PDF
07 Benzyl β-malolactonate: synthesis, copolymerization and design of novel biodegradable macromolecular surfactants Olivier Coulembier, Jessica Ghisdal, Philippe Degée and Philippe Dubois PDF
08 A straightforward synthesis of 3-substituted azetidinic amino acids Mangaleswaran Sivaprakasham, François Couty, Gwilherm Evano, B. Srinivas, R. Sridhar and K. Rama Rao PDF
09 Preparation of enantiomerically pure 1,3-anti-diols by sequential ruthenium-mediated asymmetric hydrogenation reactions Olivier Labeeuw, Jean-Baptiste Bourg, Phannarath Phansavath and Jean-Pierre Genêt PDF
10 Oxidation of olefins catalyzed by new binaphthyl-ruthenium(III) complexes Laurent Provins and Shun-Ichi Murahashi PDF
11 Metal-mediated synthesis of furans and pyrroles Nitin T. Patil and Yoshinori Yamamoto PDF
12 Microwave mediated syntheses of β-enamino thioic acid derivatives Alan R. Katritzky, Hui Tao and Kostyantyn Kirichenko PDF
13 Metalated heterocycles in organic synthesis: Recent applications Rafael Chinchilla, Carmen Nájera and Miguel Yus PDF
14 A convergent approach for the synthesis of fluorinated sphingosine analogues Harriet Teare, Florian Huguet, Matthew Tredwell, Sébastien Thibaudeau, Sajinder K. Luthra and Véronique Gouverneur PDF
15 Asymmetric synthesis of 4H-1,3-dioxins and investigations in the metal catalyzed aziridination: aziridination versus insertion and stereoselective course Susanne Flock and Herbert Frauenrath PDF
16 A facile synthesis of 7 or 8 substituted 1-ethyl-3-methyl-11-phenyl-1,4-dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[3,4-c][1,5]benzodiazocin-5-one. A new ring system Onofrio Migliara, Patrizia Diana, Vita Di Stefano, Fabiana Plescia and Anna Carbone PDF
17 Immobilization of engineered proteins on a nickel chelating molecular wire Fabrice Balavoine, Anne Girard-Nguyen, Patrick Schultz, Jacques Haiech and Charles Mioskowski PDF
18 Regioselective preparation of tetrasubstituted alkenes from ketones using Krief`methodology as a key step for a straightforward synthesis of dienynes Marc Petit, Gaëlle Chouraqui, Corinne Aubert and Max Malacria PDF
19 Synthesis of new substituted lactones by "click" chemistry Raphaël Riva, Laila Chafaqi, Robert Jérôme and Philippe Lecomte PDF
20 Efficient synthesis of aryldipyrromethanes in water and their application in the synthesis of corroles and dipyrromethenes Taoufik Rohand, Eduard Dolusic, Thien H. Ngo, Wouter Maes and Wim Dehaen PDF
21 LC-(TIC/EIC)-MS as tool in the analysis of diastereomeric 3,12-aza-analogues of deoxycholic acid Dieter Verzele, Jan L. Goeman and Annemieke Madder PDF
22 The unique reactivity of "super silyl" in organic synthesis: A theoretical study Matsujiro Akakura, Matthew B. Boxer and Hisashi Yamamoto PDF
23 Stereoselectivity of the hydrogenation of galactofuranosyl exoglycals Audrey Caravano, Weidong Pan and Stéphane P. Vincent PDF
24 Reactivity of 1-alkyl-2-(bromomethyl)aziridines towards n-butyllithium Matthias D’hooghe and Norbert De Kimpe PDF
25 Synthesis of new substituted thieno[2,3-d]imidazolone from hydantoin Lalla Aïcha Ba, Gilbert Kirsch and Jérémie Castello PDF
26 New N-bridgehead heterocyclic compounds. II. Carbamoyl-substituted azaindolizines Emilian Georgescu, Florentina Georgescu, Paula C. Iuhas, Constantin Draghici, Mariana G. Danila and Petru I. Filip PDF