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Scientific Editors

  • Raul Alvarez-Idaboy (Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
  • Mikael Begtrup (University of Copenhagen)
  • Girolamo Cirrincione (Universita degli Studi di Palermo, Italy)
  • Martin A. Iglesias-Arteaga (Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
  • Hiriyakkanavar Ila (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)


Recently Published

Synthesis of activated spirocyclopentanes via a cascade Michael/alkylation reaction of ethyl-4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate and 2-arylidene-1,3-indandiones

Nian Hua Luo; Da Gui Zheng; Xue Jing Zhang; Ming Yan

Published On 2015-08-08 In Vol. 2015, Issue 5

Advances in the synthesis and application of isoindigo derivatives

Andrei V. Bogdanov; Lenar I. Musin; Vladimir F. Mironov

Published On 2015-08-06 In Vol. 2015, Issue 6

Novel synthesis of quinazolino[3,2-a][1,5]benzodiazepines: an experimental and computational study

Gema Mikulskiene, Regina Janciene, Tomas Javorskis, Ausra Vektariene, Gytis Vektaris and Kazimieras Algirdas Klimavicius

Published On 2015-07-26 In Vol. 2015, Issue 5

Synthesis of novel AB2 monomers for the construction of highly branched macromolecular architectures

Rebecca M. Triano, Matthew P. Tracey, Scott Pomarico, Michele L. Paccagnini, John R. Coombs, Tom P. Carberry and Amy M. Balija

Published On 2015-07-22 In Vol. 2015, Issue 5

Synthesis of dipeptide mimics based on amino phosphinate backbones and cyclic derivatives

Florian Rüping, Christian-H. Küchenthal and Wolfgang Maison

Published On 2015-02-27 In Vol. 2015, Issue 2

P-Chirogenic silylphosphine-boranes: synthesis and phospha-Michael reactions

Eric Bonnefille, Arnaud Tessier, Hélène Cattey, Pierre Le Gendre and Sylvain Jugé

Published On 2015-07-01 In Vol. 2015, Issue 2

Synthesis, stereochemical characteristics, and coordination behavior of 2,2’-binaphthyl-1,1’-biisoquinoline as a new axially chiral bidentate ligand

Takahiro Kawatsu, Hiroki Tokushima, Yuya Takedomi, Tatsushi Imahori, Kazunobu Igawa, Katsuhiko Tomooka and Ryo Irie

Published On 2015-07-06 In Vol. 2015, Issue 4

A tribute to Dr. Jhillu S. Yadav

Srivari Chandrasekhar

Published On 2015-07-01 In Vol. 2016, Issue 2

Synthesis of ethynylated biaryls and asymmetric diethynylated benzene via sequential Sonogashira and Suzuki couplings in water

Hamdi M. Hassaneen, Kamal M. Dawood, Mohamed S. M. Ahmed, Hyam A. Abdelhadi and Mohamed A.-M. Mohamed

Published On 2015-07-03 In Vol. 2015, Issue 5

Synthesis and antibacterial, antifungal activity of N-(4-fluorophenyl)-N-carboxyethylaminothiazole derivatives

Rita Vaickelionienė, Vytautas Mickevičius, Giedrius Vaickelionis, Maryna Stasevych,Olena Komarovska-Porokhnyavets and Volodymyr Novikov

Published On 2015-06-29 In Vol. 2015, Issue 5