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Full Record: x-30362/30362

Large basket weave rectangular basket with handle. Made from strips of wood. Top edge is wrapped

35mm slide: 23198


Full Record: x-30363/30363

Round coiled basket with two staggered rows of dark anthropomorphic figures.

35mm slide: 29605


Full Record: x-30364/30364

Basket- bead decoration.

35mm slide: 23124


Full Record: x-30365/30365

Basket- bead decoration.

35mm slide: 23126


Full Record: x-30366/30366

Marriage basket.

35mm slide: 23127


Full Record: x-30367/30367

Marriage basket.

35mm slide: 23128


Full Record: x-30368/30368

Round twined basket with two thin coiled rows on side.

35mm slide: 29709


Full Record: x-30369/30369

Round twined basket with lighter band near rim. Basket sides are uneven. For acorn paste and bread making.

35mm slide: 29718


Full Record: x-3037/3037

Merrell House - summer quarters. Central Mississippi Valley Archaeological Survey.

Summer 1950

35mm slide: 1500


Full Record: x-30370/30370

Oval woven splint basket with rectangular base and wide warp and narrow weft on sides.

35mm slide: 29606


Full Record: x-30371/30371

Coiled, round basket with dark center and geometric design.

35mm slide: 23131


Full Record: x-30372/30372

Coiled, round basket with dark human and animal design. Dark edged.

35mm slide: 23132


Full Record: x-30373/30373

Large rectangular basket with handle.

35mm slide: 23200


Full Record: x-30374/30374

Circular twined basket with flat lid. Rim is trimmed with cedar and there is a woven cedar square in the base. The basket is decorated with twined geometric patterns in two colors on sides and has a star pattern on lid.

35mm slide: 29607


Full Record: x-30375/30375

Circular twined box with dark star on lid and base made of woven cedar.

35mm slide: 29608


Full Record: x-30376/30376

Circular twined basket with flat lid. Rim is trimmed with cedar and there is a woven cedar square in the base. Basket has dark twined band on body and woven swastika motif on lid.

35mm slide: 29609


Full Record: x-30377/30377

Miniature basket: brown and white.

35mm slide: 23134


Full Record: x-30378/30378

Open weave basket: three tones of brown, making a repeating stripe pattern. Rim is decorated with arched wrapped reeds. Two arches are missing and two are broken. Base is plaited reeds.

35mm slide: 23135


Full Record: x-30379/30379

Round basket with green and tan handle. Wicker weave bottom. Green and yellow rim, blue and red pattern.

35mm slide: 23137


Full Record: x-3038/3038

Merrell House - summer quarters. Central Mississippi Valley Archaeological Survey.

Summer 1950

35mm slide: 1501


Full Record: x-30380/30380

Round basket. Plain twined weave. Black diamonds in a ring and 2 black rings on interior.

35mm slide: 23138


Full Record: x-30381/30381

Round coiled basket with five plastic beads attached to the rim and three to the base.

35mm slide: 29610


Full Record: x-30382/30382

Coiled, round basket with a dark design. Alternating light/dark rim.

35mm slide: 23140


Full Record: x-30383/30383

Coiled, round basket with dark pattern. Zigzag rim with a final dark ring.

35mm slide: 23141


Full Record: x-30384/30384

Large rectangular basket with handle

35mm slide: 23201


Full Record: x-30385/30385

Coiled, round basket with 4 dark zigzag designs.

35mm slide: 23142


Full Record: x-30386/30386

Coiled, round basket with 1 dark ring and alternating light/dark design.

35mm slide: 23143


Full Record: x-30387/30387

Basket- large.

35mm slide: 23144


Full Record: x-30388/30388

Round open weave basket. Basket is of a light colored reed. Two stripes of orange and brown circle the base and body of basket. Three small brown squares repeat three times on side of basket between stripes. Rim is decorated with arched wrapped reed - 11 arches in total.

35mm slide: 23145


Full Record: x-30389/30389

Gambling plaques.

35mm slide: 23146


Full Record: x-3039/3039

Pulcher family and Scully. Note Feature 4 on left. Central Mississippi Valley Archaeological Survey.

Summer 1950

35mm slide: 1502


Full Record: x-30390/30390

Gambling plaques.

35mm slide: 23147


Full Record: x-30391/30391

Water jug- reed.

35mm slide: 23148


Full Record: x-30392/30392

Square winnowing basket. Twill weave on the bottom and basket weave on sides. Dark in color from use and age. One corner is damaged - missing weave. Rim is wrapped reeds attached after body constructed.

35mm slide: 23110


Full Record: x-30393/30393

Large winnowing basket.

35mm slide: 23117


Full Record: x-30394/30394

Grass bag- large.

35mm slide: 23118


Full Record: x-30395/30395

Rectangular woven splint basket with twill weave base and two handles. Two wefts are dyed but have faded on the exterior.

35mm slide: 29634


Full Record: x-30396/30396

Round hat of a light colored fiber, decorated with bands of darker fiber on the top. Around body of hat are three different bands of zig zag patterns in a dark brown fiber.

35mm slide: 23150


Full Record: x-30397/30397

Woman's hat. Woven in a light brown colored reed with dark brown designs. Top of hat has three rows of brown decoration circling the hat. The sides of the hat have a repeating pattern (3 times) of step patterns. Two more brown rows of decoration circle the rim of the hat.

35mm slide: 23151


Full Record: x-30398/30398

Pima plaque.

35mm slide: 23152


Full Record: x-30399/30399

Pima woven bowl.

35mm slide: 23153


Full Record: x-304/304

Oriental ceramics from the UMMA collection.

Mar. 1989

35mm slide: 18569


Full Record: x-3040/3040

Feature 4 (Stone Box Grave #2) before excavation. Central Mississippi Valley Archaeological Survey.

Summer 1950

35mm slide: 1503


Full Record: x-30400/30400

Pima jar. Coiled foundation is of split cattails covered with willow and parts of Martynia fret work.

35mm slide: 23154


Full Record: x-30402/30402

Pima flaring bowl with five human figures.

35mm slide: 23155


Full Record: x-30403/30403

Coiled, round basket with dark center. Design is triangular and square shapes.

35mm slide: 23156


Full Record: x-30404/30404

Small square rattle with handle, basket weave.

35mm slide: 23208


Full Record: x-30405/30405


35mm slide: 23209


Full Record: x-30406/30406

Rectangular woven splint basket with two part hinged lid. Basket has splints dyed in two colors. The body has thin wefts with occasional wide wefts: the lid is the reverse. The basket has two sets of looped latches and two handles, one of which is wrapped in twine.

35mm slide: 29653


Full Record: x-30407/30407

Basket with handle and orange decoration.

35mm slide: 23214