Anthology of magazine verse for 1920 and year book of american poetry
William Stanley Braithwaite


What are the Islands to me,
what is Greece,
what is Rhodes, Samos, Chios,
what is Paros facing west,
what is Crete?
What is Samothrace,
rising like a ship,
what is Imbros redning the storm-waves
with its breast?
What is Naxos, Paros, Milos,
what the circle about Lycia,
what, the Cyclades'
white necklace?
What is Greece —
Sparta, rising like a rock,
Thebes, Athens,
what is Corinth?
Page  39
What is Euboia
with its island violets,
what is Euboia, spread with grass,
set with swift shoals,
what is Crete?
What are the islands to me,
what is Greece?