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Author Title Year Type
Roediger, David R.The wages of whiteness: race and the making of the American working class2007page image
Bagnall, A. G. (Austin Graham)Wairarapa: an historical excursion1976page image
Davies, WendyWales in the early Middle Ages1982page image
Gregory, RossWalter Hines Page: ambassador to the Court of St. James's.[1970]page image
Harris, William V. (William Vernon)War and imperialism in Republican Rome, 327-70 B.C.1985page image
Tomasevich, JozoWar and revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945: occupation and collaboration2001page image
Whitehead, Neil L.War in the tribal zone: expanding states and indigenous warfare2000page image
Higginbotham, DonThe war of American independence: military attitudes, policies, and practice, 1763-17891983page image
Brown, Michael F. (Michael Fobes)War of shadows: the struggle for utopia in the Peruvian Amazon1993, c1991page image
Dower, John W.War without mercy: race and power in the pacific war1993, c1986page image
Niblo, Stephen R.War, diplomacy, and development: the United States and Mexico, 1938-19541995page image
Kaeuper, Richard W.War, justice, and public order: England and France in the later Middle Ages1988page image
Powe, L. A. ScotThe Warren court and American politics2000page image
Roberts, Richard L.Warriors, merchants, and slaves: the state and the economy in the Middle Niger Valley, 1700-19141987page image
Philippe, of Novara, 13th centThe wars of Frederick II against the Ibelins in Syria and Cyprus1936page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Young, James SterlingThe Washington community, 1800-18281966page image
Green, Constance McLaughlinWashington1962-1963page image
Green, Constance McLaughlinWashington (vol. 2)1962-1963page image
Arnesen, EricWaterfront workers of New Orleans: race, class, and politics, 1863-19231991page image
Miller, Joseph CalderWay of death: merchant capitalism and the Angolan slave trade, 1730-1830c1988page image
West, ElliottThe way to the West: essays on the Central Plainsc1995page image
K., LalitaWe were making history: life stories of women in the Telangana people's struggle1989page image
Scott, James C.Weapons of the weak: everyday forms of peasant resistancec1985page image
Liu, Tessie P.The weaver's knot: the contradictions of class struggle and family solidarity in western France, 1750-1914c1994page image
Rüsen, JörnWestern historical thinking: an intercultural debatec2002page image
Kahf, MohjaWestern representations of the Muslim woman: from termagant to odalisquec1999page image
Strobel, MargaretWestern women and imperialism: complicity and resistancec1992page image
Heineman, Elizabeth D.What difference does a husband make?: women and marital status in Nazi and postwar Germanyc1999page image
McPherson, James M.What they fought for, 1861-1865c1994page image
Singer, Milton B.When a great tradition modernizes: an anthropological approach to Indian civilization1972page image
Reagan, Leslie J.When abortion was a crime: women, medicine, and law in the United States, 1867-1973c1997page image
Gutiérrez, Ramón A.When Jesus came, the corn mothers went away: marriage, sexuality, and power in New Mexico, 1500-18461991page image
Carter, Dan T.When the war was over: the failure of self-reconstruction in the South, 1865-1867c1985page image
Packard, Randall M.White plague, black labor: tuberculosis and the political economy of health and disease in South Africac1989page image
Foley, NeilThe white scourge: Mexicans, Blacks, and poor whites in Texas cotton culturec1997page image
Fredrickson, George M.White supremacy: a comparative study in American and South African history1981page image
Jacobson, Matthew FryeWhiteness of a different color: European immigrants and the alchemy of race1999page image
Gatrell, PeterA whole empire walking: refugees in Russia during World War I2005, c1999page image
Reid, Donald M. (Donald Malcolm)Whose pharaohs?: archaeology, museums, and Egyptian national identity from Napoleon to World War I2003, c2002encoded text
Boyd, Nan AlamillaWide-open town: a history of queer San Francisco to 19652003page image
Fitzhardinge, L. F.William Morris Hughes: a political biography.1964page image
Link, Arthur StanleyWilson1947-1965page image
Link, Arthur StanleyWilson (vol. 2)1947-1965page image
Link, Arthur StanleyWilson (vol. 3)1947-1965page image
Link, Arthur StanleyWilson (vol. 4)1947-1965page image
Link, Arthur StanleyWilson (vol. 5)1947-1965page image
Dean, WarrenWith broadax and firebrand: the destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic forest1997, c1995page image
Banac, IvoWith Stalin against Tito: Cominformist splits in Yugoslav Communism1988page image
Campbell, Mary B.The witness and the other world: exotic European travel writing, 400-16001991, c1988page image
Hammond, Thomas TaylorWitnesses to the origins of the cold war1986, c1982page image
Bay, Edna G.Wives of the leopard: gender, politics, and culture in the Kingdom of Dahomeyc1998page image
Palmié, StephanWizards and scientists: explorations in Afro-Cuban modernity and tradition2002page image
Dunlay, Thomas W.Wolves for the blue soldiers: Indian scouts and auxiliaries with the United States Army, 1860-901982page image
Hopkins, James K.A woman to deliver her people: Joanna Southcott and English millenarianism in an era of revolutionc1982page image
Zagarri, RosemarieA woman's dilemma: Mercy Otis Warren and the American revolutionc1995page image
Kessler-Harris, AliceA woman's wage: historical meanings and social consequencesc1990page image
Davin, DeliaWoman-work: women and the party in revolutionary China1976page image
Berger, IrisWomen and class in Africa1986page image
Gilman, Charlotte PerkinsWomen and economics: a study of the economic relation between men and women as a factor in social evolution1998page image
Walker, CherrylWomen and gender in southern Africa to 19451990page image
Arjava, AnttiWomen and law in late antiquity1996page image
Chojnacki, StanleyWomen and men in Renaissance Venice: twelve essays on patrician society2000page image
Klein, Martin A.Women and slavery in Africac1997page image
Brinton, Mary C.Women and the economic miracle: gender and work in postwar Japan1992page image
Wolf, MargeryWomen and the family in rural Taiwan1972page image
Bay, Edna G.Women and work in Africa1982page image
Dublin, ThomasWomen at work: the transformation of work and community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860c1993page image
Hirschfeld, MagnusWomen east and west: impressions of a sex expert1935page image
Hafkin, Nancy J.Women in Africa: studies in social and economic change1976page image
Geiger, SusanWomen in African colonial historiesc2002page image
Fell, Christine E.Women in Anglo-Saxon Englandc1984page image
Fell, Christine E.Women in Anglo-Saxon England2008, c1984encoded text
Wolf, MargeryWomen in Chinese society1975page image
Afkhami, MahnazWomen in exilec1994page image
Pomeroy, Sarah B.Women in Hellenistic Egypt: from Alexander to Cleopatra1984page image
Tucker, Judith E.Women in nineteenth-century Egypt1985page image
Jochens, JennyWomen in Old Norse society1995page image
Ryan, Mary P.Women in public: between banners and ballots, 1825-18801992, c1990page image
Berger, IrisWomen in sub-Saharan Africa: restoring women to historyc1999page image
Peradotto, JohnWomen in the ancient world: the Arethusa papersc1984page image
Wang, ZhengWomen in the Chinese enlightenment: oral and textual historiesc1999page image
Saso, MaryWomen in the Japanese workplace1990page image
Beck, LoisWomen in the Muslim world1978page image
Nelson, JenniferWomen of color and the reproductive rights movementc2003page image
Arrom, Silvia MarinaThe women of Mexico City, 1790-18571985page image
Iggers, WilmaWomen of Prague: ethnic diversity and social change from the eighteenth century to the presentc1995page image
Najmabadi, AfsanehWomen with mustaches and men without beards: gender and sexual anxieties of Iranian modernityc2005page image
Dronke, PeterWomen writers of the Middle Ages: a critical study of texts from Perpetua (+203) to Marguerite Porete (+1310)1984page image
Dean-Jones, LesleyWomen's bodies in classical Greek science1994page image
Lesko, Barbara S.Women's earliest records: from ancient Egypt and western Asia1989page image
Bagnall, Roger S.Women's letters from ancient Egypt, 300 BC-AD 8002008, c2006encoded text
Stites, RichardThe women's liberation movement in Russia: feminism, nihilism, and bolshevism, 1860-19301991, c1990page image
Venarde, Bruce L.Women's monasticism and medieval society: nunneries in France and England, 890-12151997page image
Clark, AnnaWomen's silence, men's violence: sexual assault in England, 1770-1845c1987page image
Hause, Steven C.Women's suffrage and social politics in the French Third Republicc1984page image
Lavrín, Asunción.Women, feminism, and social change in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, 1890-19401998, c1995page image
Roces, MinaWomen, power, and kinship politics: female power in post-war Philippines1998page image
Howell, Martha C.Women, production, and patriarchy in late medieval cities1986page image
Goldberg, P. J. P.Women, work, and life cycle in a Medieval economy: women in York and Yorkshire c.1300-15201992page image
Cohen, David WilliamWomunafu's Bunafu: a study of authority in a nineteenth-century African communityc1977page image
Nadis, FredWonder shows: performing science, magic, and religion in America2006, c2005encoded text
Basham, A. L. (Arthur Llewellyn)The wonder that was India: a survey of the culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims1959page image
Daston, LorraineWonders and the order of nature, 1150-17501998page image
Levin, Norman GordonWoodrow Wilson and world politics: America's response to war and revolution1968page image
Bragdon, Henry W. (Henry Wilkinson)Woodrow Wilson: the academic years1967page image
Shaw, Barton C.The wool-hat boys: Georgia's Populist Partyc1984page image
Mandala, Elias CoutinhoWork and control in a peasant economy: a history of the lower Tchiri Valley in Malawi, 1859-1960c1990page image
Sewell, William HamiltonWork and revolution in France: the language of labor from the Old Regime to 18481980page image
Rodgers, Daniel T.The work ethic in industrial America, 1850-19201979, c1978page image
Rossman, Jeffrey J.Worker resistance under Stalin: class and revolution on the shop floor2005page image
Nelson, BruceWorkers on the waterfront: seamen, longshoremen, and unionism in the 1930s1990, c1988page image
Camagay, Maria Luisa T.Working women of Manila in the 19th centuryc1995page image
Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672.The works of Anne Bradstreetc1967page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Aveni, Anthony F.World archaeoastronomy: selected papers from the 2nd Oxford International Conference on Archaeoastronomy, held at Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, 13-17 January 19861988page image
Weinberg, Gerhard L.A world at arms: a global history of World War II1994page image
Rostow, W. W. (Walt Whitman)The world economy: history & prospectc1978page image
Mi Mi KhaingThe world of Burmese women1984page image
Stein, JudithThe world of Marcus Garvey: race and class in modern societyc1986page image
Schwartz, Benjamin IsadoreThe world of thought in ancient China1985page image
May, Ernest R.The World War and American isolation, 1914-19171959page image
Justice, StevenWriting and rebellion: England in 1381c1994page image
Offen, Karen M.Writing women's history: international perspectivesc1991page image
Abu-Lughod, LilaWriting women's worlds: Bedouin storiesc1993page image
Cribiore, RaffaellaWriting, teachers, and students in Graeco-Roman Egyptc1996page image

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