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Author Title Year Type
O'Farrell, Patrick JamesVanished kingdoms: Irish in Australia and New Zealand : a personal excursion1990page image
James, WilliamThe varieties of religious experience: a study in human nature : being the Gifford lectures on natural religion delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902c1929page image
Stein, Stanley J.Vassouras, a Brazilian coffee county, 1850-1900: the roles of planter and slave in a plantation society1985page image
Mernissi, FatimaThe veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women's rights in Islamc1991page image
King, Margaret L.Venetian humanism in an age of patrician dominancec1986page image
Queller, Donald E.The Venetian patriciate: reality versus mythc1986page image
Bellavitis, GiorgioVeneziac1985page image
Brown, Patricia FortiniVenice & antiquity: the Venetian sense of the pastc1996page image
Bouwsma, William JamesVenice and the defense of republican liberty: Renaissance values in the age of the Counter Reformation1968page image
Martin, John JeffriesVenice's hidden enemies: Italian heretics in a Renaissance cityc1993page image
Lane, Frederic ChapinVenice, a maritime republic[1973]page image
Davis, Robert C. (Robert Charles)Venice, the tourist maze: a cultural critique of the world's most touristed city2005, c2004encoded text
Hodgson, Marshall G. S.The venture of Islam: conscience and history in a world civilization1974page image
Hodgson, Marshall G. S.The venture of Islam: conscience and history in a world civilization (vol. 2)1974page image
Hodgson, Marshall G. S.The venture of Islam: conscience and history in a world civilization (vol. 3)1974page image
Beaglehole, J. C. (John Cawte)Victoria University College: an essay towards a history1949page image
Belich, JamesThe Victorian interpretation of racial conflict: the Maori, the British, and the New Zealand wars1989, c1986page image
Gerson, Jean, 1363-1429.La vie de nostre benoit sauveur Ihesuscrist & La Saincte vie de Nostre Dame: translatee a la requeste de tres hault et puissant prince Iehan, duc de Berry1977page imageMonographs on archaeology and fine arts ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzCollege Art Association monographs.zxyxz
Marr, David G.Vietnam 1945: the quest for powerc1995page image
Woodside, AlexanderVietnam and the Chinese model: a comparative study of Vietnamese and Chinese government in the first half of the nineteenth century1988, c1971page image
Marr, David G.Vietnamese tradition on trial, 1920-19451984, c1981page image
Cartmill, MattA view to a death in the morning: hunting and nature through history1996, c1993page image
Ransel, David L.Village mothers: three generations of change in Russia and Tatariac2000page image
Martines, LauroViolence and civil disorder in Italian cities, 1200-15001972page image
Smith, Henry NashVirgin land: the American West as symbol and myth1970, c1950page image
Díaz, María ElenaThe Virgin, the king, and the royal slaves of El Cobre: negotiating freedom in colonial Cuba, 1670-17802000page image
Elm, SusannaVirgins of God: the making of asceticism in late antiquity1996page image
Chandler, Alfred D. (Alfred Dupont)The visible hand: the managerial revolution in American business1977page image
Morgan, Edmund SearsVisible saints: the history of a Puritan idea1965, c1963page image
Bloch, Ruth H.Visionary republic: millennial themes in American thought 1756-18001985page image
Thompson, E. P. (Edward Palmer)Visions of historyc1983page image
Nolan, MaryVisions of modernity: American business and the modernization of Germany1994page image
McGinn, BernardVisions of the end: apocalyptic traditions in the Middle Agesc1979page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Newman, BarbaraVoice of the living light: Hildegard of Bingen and her worldc1998page image
Newman, BarbaraVoice of the living light: Hildegard of Bingen and her world2008, c1998encoded text
Brinkley, George A.The Volunteer Army and Allied intervention in South Russia, 1917-1921: a study in the politics and diplomacy of the Russian Civil War1966page image
Göpfert, Herbert GeorgVom Autor zum Leser: Beitrage zur Geschichte des Buchwesensc1977page image

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