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Author Title Year Type
Chabod, FedericoMachiavelli & the Renaissance1958page image
Gilbert, FelixMachiavelli and Guicciardini: politics and history in sixteenth-century Florence1984page image
Pocock, J. G. A. (John Greville Agard)The Machiavellian moment: Florentine political thought and the Atlantic republican tradition2003page image
Adas, MichaelMachines as the measure of men: science, technology, and ideologies of Western dominance1989page image
Muir, EdwardMad blood stirring: vendetta in Renaissance Italyc1998page image
Margadant, Jo BurrMadame le professeur: women educators in the Third Republicc1990page image
Broughton, T. Robert S. (Thomas Robert Shannon)The magistrates of the Roman Republic1951-52page image
Broughton, T. Robert S. (Thomas Robert Shannon)The magistrates of the Roman Republic (vol. 2)1951-52page image
Hise, GregMagnetic Los Angeles: planning the twentieth-century metropolis1999, c1997page image
Kotkin, StephenMagnetic mountain: Stalinism as a civilization1997, c1995page image
Lewis, Gordon K.Main currents in Caribbean thought: the historical evolution of Caribbean society in its ideological aspects, 1492-19001987, c1983page image
McCann, JamesMaize and grace: Africa's encounter with a New World crop, 1500-20002005page image
Chikamatsu, Monzaemon, 1653-1725Major plays of Chikamatsuc1990page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Pomeranz, KennethThe making of a hinterland: state, society, and economy in inland North China, 1853-1937c1993page image
Wigen, KärenThe making of a Japanese periphery, 1750-19201995page image
Ladd, Doris M.The making of a strike: Mexican silver workers' struggles in Real del Monte, 1766-1775c1988page image
Whittow, MarkThe making of Byzantium, 600-1025c1996page image
Fick, Carolyn E.The making of Haiti: the Saint Domingue revolution from belowc1990page image
Brown, Peter Robert LamontThe making of late antiquity1978page image
Merritt, JohnThe making of the AWU1986page image
Kaplan, Marion A.The making of the Jewish middle class: women, family, and identity in Imperial Germany1991page image
Jansen, Katherine LudwigThe making of the Magdalen: preaching and popular devotion in the later Middle Ages2001page image
Southern, R. W. (Richard William)The making of the middle Ages[1953]page image
White, Theodore H. (Theodore Harold)The making of the President, 1964c1965page image
Kent, Susan KingsleyMaking peace: the reconstruction of gender in interwar Britainc1993page image
Taylor, Joseph E.Making salmon: an environmental history of the Northwest fisheries crisisc1999page image
Olson, Alison GilbertMaking the empire work: London and American interest groups, 1690-17901992page image
Holquist, PeterMaking war, forging revolution: Russia's continuum of crisis, 1914-19212002page image
Jones, P. J. (Philip James)The Malatesta of Rimini and the Papal State: a political history1974page image
Amadiume, IfiMale daughters, female husbands: gender and sex in African societyc1987page image
Brown, Karen McCarthyMama Lola: a Vodou priestess in Brooklync2001page image
Klein, Richard G.Man and culture in the late Pleistocene: a case study[1969]page image
Hartog, HendrikMan and wife in America: a history2002page image
Peradotto, JohnMan in the middle voice: name and narration in the Odysseyc1990page image
Phillips, JockA man's country?: the image of the Pakeha male : a history1996page image
Gruzinski, SergeMan-gods in the Mexican highlands: Indian power and colonial society, 1520-18001989page image
Ener, MineManaging Egypt's poor and the politics of benevolence, 1800-1952c2003page image
Bowers, Alfred W.Mandan social and ceremonial organizationc1950page image
Hodgdon, TimManhood in the Age of Aquarius: masculinity in two countercultural communities, 1965-832009, c2007encoded textACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Gutenberg-e series.zxyxz
Barker, John W.Manuel II Palaeologus (1391-1425): a study in late Byzantine statesmanship1969page image
Downs, Laura LeeManufacturing inequality: gender division in the French and British metalworking industries, 1914-19391995page image
Fine, Gary AlanManufacturing tales: sex and money in contemporary legendsc1992page image
Berlin, IraMany thousands gone: the first two centuries of slavery in North America1998page image
 The Manyoshu: the Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai translation of One thousand poems1969, c1965page imageACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzUNESCO collection of representative works.zxyxzRecords of civilization, sources & studies ;zxyxz
 Manzikert to Lepanto: the Byzantine world and the Turks 1071-1571 : papers given at the nineteenth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham, March 19851991page image
Wilkinson, Henry RobertMaps and politics: a review of the ethnographic cartography of Macedonia1951page image
Capper, CharlesMargaret Fuller: an American romantic life1992-page image
Watson, Rubie S. (Rubie Sharon)Marriage and inequality in Chinese societyc1991page image
Jeater, DianaMarriage, perversion, and power: the construction of moral discourse in Southern Rhodesia, 1894-19301993page image
Hogan, Michael J.The Marshall Plan: America, Britain, and the reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-19521987page image
Stahl, William HarrisMartianus Capella and the seven liberal arts1971-1977page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Walicki, AndrzejMarxism and the leap to the kingdom of freedom: the rise and fall of the Communist utopia1995page image
Ober, JosiahMass and elite in democratic Athens: rhetoric, ideology, and the power of the people1990page image
Freyre, GilbertoThe masters and the slaves (Casa-grande & senzala): a study in the development of Brazilian civilization1956page image
Smith, Lesley (Lesley Janette)Masters of the sacred page: manuscripts of theology in the Latin West to 12742001page image
Noyes, John K. (John Kenneth)The mastery of submission: inventions of masochism1997page image
Middlekauff, RobertThe Mathers: three generations of Puritan intellectuals, 1596-17281999page image
Wilkins, MiraThe maturing of multinational enterprise: American business abroad from 1914 to 19701974page image
Walker, BarbaraMaximilian Voloshin and the Russian literary circle: culture and survival in revolutionary timesc2005page image
Booth, MarilynMay her likes be multiplied: biography and gender politics in Egyptc2001page image
Thompson, John Eric Sidney, SirMaya history and religion 1970page image
Panofsky, ErwinMeaning in the visual arts: papers in and on art history1955page image
Giedion, S. (Sigfried)Mechanization takes command: a contribution to anonymous history1948page image
Scranton, Robert L. (Robert Lorentz)Mediaeval architecture in the central area of Corinth1957page image
De Roover, RaymondThe Medici Bank: its organization, management, operations and decline1948page image
Saslow, James M.The Medici wedding of 1589: Florentine festival as Theatrum Mundic1996page image
Garton, StephenMedicine and madness: a social history of insanity in New South Wales, 1880-1940c1988page image
Ackerknecht, Erwin HeinzMedicine at the Paris hospital, 1794-1848c1967page image
McVaugh, M. R. (Michael Rogers)Medicine before the plague: practitioners and their patients in the crown of Aragon, 1285-13451993page image
Siraisi, Nancy G.Medieval & early Renaissance medicine: an introduction to knowledge and practicec1990page image
Herlihy, DavidMedieval and Renaissance Pistoia: the social history of an Italian town, 1200-14301967page image
Bisson, Thomas N.Medieval crown of Aragon: a short history2000page image
Richardson, HaroldThe medieval fairs and markets of York1961page image
McNeill, John T. (John Thomas)Medieval handbooks of penance: a translation of the principal "libri poenitentiales" and selections from related documentsc1990page imageRecords of western civilizationzxyxzRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Brooke, Christopher Nugent LawrenceThe medieval idea of marriage2002page image
Grunebaum, Gustave E. von (Gustave Edmund von)Medieval Islam: a study in cultural orientation1953page image
Duby, GeorgesMedieval marriage: two models from twelfth-century Francec1991page image
Coleman, JanetMedieval readers and writers, 1350-14001981page image
Vernadsky, GeorgeMedieval Russian laws1979, c1947page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
White, Lynn TownsendMedieval technology and social changec1962page image
Lopez, Robert SabatinoMedieval trade in the Mediterranean world: illustrative documents[1967?]page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Ennen, EdithThe medieval woman1989page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza1967-1993page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza (vol. 2)1967-1993page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza (vol. 3)1967-1993page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza (vol. 4)1967-1993page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza (vol. 5)1967-1993page image
Goitein, S. D.A Mediterranean society: the Jewish communities of the Arab world as portrayed in the documents of the Cairo Geniza (vol. 6)1967-1993page image
Beasley, W. G. (William G.)The Meiji restoration1972page image
Paul, Susan, fl. 1837.Memoir of James Jackson: the attentive and obedient scholar, who died in Boston, October 31, 1833, aged six years and eleven monthsc2000page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Mundy, John HineMen and women at Toulouse in the age of the Cathars1990page image
Lockhart, JamesThe men of Cajamarca: a social and biographical study of the first conquerors of Peru1972page image
Blewett, Mary H.Men, women, and work: class, gender, and protest in the New England shoe industry, 1780-1910c1988page image
Brenner, RobertMerchants and revolution: commercial change, political conflict, and London's overseas traders, 1550-16532003page image
White, Hayden V.Metahistory: the historical imagination in nineteenth-century Europe1973page image
Nicholas, DavidThe metamorphosis of a medieval city: Ghent in the Age of the Arteveldes, 1302-1390c1987page image
Bodin, Jean, 1530-1596.Method for the easy comprehension of history1969, c1945page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Sabbadini, RemigioIl metodo degli umanisti1922page image
Tannenbaum, FrankThe Mexican agrarian revolution1929page image
Weber, David J.The Mexican frontier, 1821-1846: the American Southwest under Mexicoc1982page image
Greenleaf, Richard E.The Mexican Inquisition of the sixteenth centuryc1969page image
Wallis, Wilson D. (Wilson Dallam)The Micmac Indians of eastern Canadac1955page image
Malone, Michael S. (Michael Shawn)The microprocessor: a biographyc1995page image
Irwin, RobertThe Middle East in the Middle Ages: the early Mamluk sultanate, 1250-1382c1986page image
Marcus, AbrahamThe Middle East on the eve of modernity: Aleppo in the eighteenth century1989page image
Hunt, Margaret R.The middling sort: commerce, gender, and the family in England, 1680-1780c1996page image
Hoskins, W. G. (William George)The Midland peasant: the economic and social history of a Leicestershire village1957page image
Franklin, John HopeThe militant South, 1800-18611970page image
Smith, Merritt RoeMilitary enterprise and technological change: perspectives on the American experiencec1985page image
Kuethe, Allan J.Military reform and society in New Granada, 1773-18081978page image
Porter, RoyMind-forg'd manacles: a history of madness in England from the Restoration to the Regency1987page image
Bakewell, P. J. (Peter John)Miners of the Red Mountain: Indian labor in Potosi, 1545-1650c1984page image
Twinam, AnnMiners, merchants, and farmers in colonial Colombia1982page image
Tyler, RoyallThe miracles of the Kasuga deityc1990page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Fairhead, JamesMisreading the African landscape: society and ecology in a forest-savanna mosaic1996page image
Lipp, Frank J.The Mixe of Oaxaca: religion, ritual, and healing1998, c1991page image
LaCapra, DominickModern European intellectual history: reappraisals and new perspectivesc1982page image
Berghahn, Volker RolfModern Germany: society, economy, and politics in the twentieth century1987page image
Salibi, Kamal S. (Kamal Suleiman)The modern history of Lebanon1965page image
Iliffe, JohnA modern history of Tanganyika1979page image
Silverblatt, Irene MarshaModern Inquisitions: Peru and the colonial origins of the civilized world2004page image
ʻInāyat, Ḥamīd.Modern Islamic political thoughtc1982page image
Gibb, H. A. R. (Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen), SirModern trends in Islam1947page image
Bozdoğan, SibelModernism and nation building: Turkish architectural culture in the early republicc2001page image
Pirenne, HenriMohammed & Charlemagne2001page image
Garon, Sheldon M.Molding Japanese minds: the state in everyday lifec1997page image
Knowles, DavidThe monastic order in England: a history of its development from the times of St. Dunstan to the Fourth Lateran Council, 940-12161976, c1963page image
Lane, Frederic ChapinMoney and banking in medieval and Renaissance Venicec1985page image
Spufford, PeterMoney and its use in medieval Europec1988page image
Huet, Marie HélèneMonstrous imaginationc1993page image
Silverblatt, Irene MarshaMoon, sun, and witches: gender ideologies and class in Inca and colonial Peruc1987page image
Steinberg, MarkMoral communities: the culture of class relations in the Russian printing industry, 1867-1907c1992page image
Urban, Joan BarthMoscow and the Italian Communist Party: from Togliatti to Berlinguer1986page image
Reynolds, Christopher A.Motives for allusion: context and content in nineteenth-century musicc2003page image
Brush, Stephen B.Mountain, field, and family: the economy and human ecology of an Andean valley1977page image
Wickham, ChrisThe mountains and the city: the Tuscan Appennines in the early Middle Ages1988page image
Mourning DoveMourning Dove: a Salishan autobiography1994, c1990page image
Isaacman, Allen F.Mozambique: the Africanization of a European institution : the Zambesi prazos, 1750-19021972page image
Richards, John F.The Mughal Empirec1995page image
Jelavich, PeterMunich and theatrical modernism: politics, playwriting, and performance, 1890-19141996, c1985page image
Galbert, de Bruges, d. 1134.The murder of Charles the Good, count of Flanders1967page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Bailey, PeterMusic hall: the business of pleasure1986page image
Lapidus, Ira M. (Ira Marvin)Muslim cities in the later Middle Ages1967page image
Piscatori, James P.Muslim travellers: pilgrimage, migration, and the religious imaginationc1990page image
Strobel, MargaretMuslim women in Mombasa, 1890-19751979page image
Levtzion, NehemiaMuslims and chiefs in West Africa: a study of Islam in the Middle Volta Basin in the pre-colonial period1968page image
Knox, MacGregorMussolini unleashed, 1939-1941: politics and strategy in fascist Italy's last war1982page image
Atkinson, Clarissa W.Mystic and pilgrim: the Book and the world of Margery Kempe1983page image
Herskovits, Melville J. (Melville Jean)The myth of the Negro pastc1941page image
McNeill, William HardyMythistory and other essays1986page image

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