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Author Title Year Type
Perry, John R.Karim Khan Zand: a history of Iran, 1747-17791979page image
Martin, CalvinKeepers of the game: Indian-animal relationships and the fur tradec1978page image
McNeill, William HardyKeeping together in time: dance and drill in human history1995page image
Milner, Anthony CrothersKerajaan: Malay political culture on the eve of colonial rulec1982page image
Engelstein, LauraThe keys to happiness: sex and the search for modernity in fin-de-siecle Russia1992page image
Reilly, Bernard F.The Kingdom of Leon-Castilla under King Alfonso VI, 1065-1109c1988page image
Reynolds, SusanKingdoms and communities in Western Europe, 900-13001997page image
Vansina, JanKingdoms of the savanna1966page image
Alford, StephenKingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI2002page image
Alford, StephenKingship and politics in the reign of Edward VI2008, c2002encoded text
Barrow, G. W. S.Kingship and unity: Scotland, 1000-13061981page image
Brown, Richard D.Knowledge is power: the diffusion of information in early America, 1700-18651989page image
Schmid, AndreKorea between empires, 1895-1919c2002page image
Yü, Chün-fangKuan-yin: the Chinese transformation of Avalokitesvarac2001page image
Kūkai, 774-835.Kukai: major works1972page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzUNESCO collection of representative works.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz

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