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Author Title Year Type
Barber, KarinI could speak until tomorrow: oriki, women and the past in a Yoruba townc1991page image
Payne, Charles M.I've got the light of freedom: the organizing tradition and the Mississippi freedom struggle1996, c1995page image
Klein, Richard G.Ice-age hunters of the Ukraine1973page image
Bryer, AnthonyIconoclasm: papers given at the ninth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University of Birmingham, March 19751977page image
Warner, Donald F. (Donald Frederick)Idea of continental union: agitation for the annexation of Canada to the United States, 1849-18931960page image
Helg, AlineThe Idea of race in Latin America, 1870-1940c1990page image
Ladner, Gerhart B. (Gerhart Burian)The idea of reform: its impact on Christian thought and action in the age of the Fathers1959page image
Holladay, Joan A.Illuminating the epic: the Kassel Willehalm Codex and the landgraves of Hesse in the early fourteenth century1996, c1997page imageACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzMonographs on the fine arts ;zxyxzCollege Art Association monographs.zxyxz
Jenkins, ReeseImages and enterprise: technology and the American photographic industry, 1839 to 19251987, c1975page image
Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. (Benedict Richard O'Gorman)Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalismc2006page image
Murdoch, LydiaImagined orphans: poor families, child welfare, and contested citizenship in London2007, c2006encoded text
Inden, Ronald B.Imagining India2000page image
Kim, LinsuImitation to innovation: the dynamics of Korea's technological learningc1997page image
Baily, Samuel L.Immigrants in the lands of promise: Italians in Buenos Aires and New York City, 1870-19141999page image
Nicol, Donald MacGillivrayThe immortal emperor: the life and legend of Constantine Palaiologos, last emperor of the Romans1992page image
Rigney, AnnImperfect histories: the elusive past and the legacy of romantic historicismc2001page image
Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell)The imperial administrative system in the ninth century: with a revised text of the Kletorologion of Philotheos1958page image
Miller, Dean A.Imperial Constantinople1969page image
McClintock, AnneImperial leather: race, gender and sexuality in the colonial contest1995page image
Morrison, Karl FrederickImperial lives and letters in the eleventh century: translated by Theodor E. Mommsen and Karl F. Morrison ; with an historical introduction by Karl F. Morrison ; edited by Robert L. Benson.1962page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Hobson, J. A. (John Atkinson)Imperialism: a study1975page image
Stock, BrianThe implications of literacy: written language and models of interpretation in the eleventh and twelfth centuriesc1983page image
Palermo, Joseph A.In his own right: the political odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy2003, c2001encoded text
Horton, James OliverIn hope of liberty: culture, community, and protest among northern free Blacks, 1700-18601998, c1997page image
Trinkaus, Charles EdwardIn our image and likeness: humanity and divinity in Italian humanist thought1995page image
Trinkaus, Charles EdwardIn our image and likeness: humanity and divinity in Italian humanist thought (vol. 2)1995page image
Van Seters, JohnIn search of history: historiography in the ancient world and the origins of Biblical historyc1983page image
Maier, Charles S.In search of stability: explorations in historical political economy1987page image
Schwartz, Benjamin IsadoreIn search of wealth and power: Yen Fu and the West1964page image
Stevens, RosemaryIn sickness and in wealth: American hospitals in the twentieth centuryc1989page image
Carson, ClayborneIn struggle: SNCC and the Black awakening of the 1960s1995page image
Tsing, Anna LowenhauptIn the realm of the diamond queen: marginality in an out-of-the-way placec1993page image
Gold, Ann GrodzinsIn the time of trees and sorrows: nature, power, and memory in Rajasthan2002page image
EnheduannaInanna, Lady of Largest Heart: poems of the Sumerian high priestess Enheduanna2000page image
Kinsbruner, JayIndependence in Spanish America: civil wars, revolutions, and underdevelopmentc2000page image
Shepperson, GeorgeIndependent African: John Chilembwe and the origins, setting and significance of the Nyasaland native rising of 19151969, c1958page image
Braroe, Niels WintherIndian & white: self-image and interaction in a Canadian Plains community1975page image
Bricker, Victoria ReiflerThe Indian Christ, the Indian king: the historical substrate of Maya myth and ritualc1981page image
Utley, Robert MarshallThe Indian frontier, 1846-18902003page image
Wilson, RaymondIndian lives: essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Native American leadersc1993page image
Foreman, GrantIndian removal: the emigration of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians1953page image
Bayly, C. A. (Christopher Alan)Indian society and the making of the British Empire1990, c1988page image
Harmon, AlexandraIndians in the making: ethnic relations and Indian identities around Puget Sound2000, c1998page image
Newcomb, William W. (William Wilmon)The Indians of Texas: from prehistoric to modern times2002, c1961page image
Drucker, PhilipIndians of the Northwest coast1963, c1955page image
Carlson, Leonard A.Indians, bureaucrats, and land: the Dawes act and the decline of Indian farming1981page image
Haskett, Robert StephenIndigenous rulers: an ethnohistory of town government in colonial Cuernavacac1991page image
Leur, J. C. van (Jacob Cornelis)Indonesian trade and society: essays in Asian social and economic history1967page image
Dean, WarrenThe industrialization of Sao Paulo, 1880-1945c1969page image
Marble, Sanders"The infantry cannot do with a gun less": the place of the artillery in the British Expeditionary Force, 1914-19182008, c2002encoded textACLS Gutenberg-e serieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-BookzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Reeves, MarjorieThe influence of prophecy in the later Middle Ages: a study in Joachimismc1969page image
Catton, TheodoreInhabited wilderness: Indians, Eskimos, and national parks in Alaskac1997page image
Hyslop, JohnInka settlement planningc1990page image
Ebrey, Patricia BuckleyThe inner quarters: marriage and the lives of Chinese women in the Sung periodc1993page image
Carlson, W. BernardInnovation as a social process: Elihu Thomson and the rise of General Electric, 1870-19001991page image
Finnane, MarkInsanity and the insane in post-famine Ireland1981page image
Blee, Kathleen M.Inside organized racism: women in the hate movementc2002page image
Zubok, V. M. (Vladislav Martinovich)Inside the Kremlin's cold war: from Stalin to Khrushchev1996page image
Wang, Yangming, 1472-1529.Instructions for practical living, and other Neo-Confucian writings1963page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Forbes, AnnaInsulinde: experiences of a naturalist's wife in the Eastern Archipelago1887page image
Davis, Richard BealeIntellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763c1978page image
Davis, Richard BealeIntellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763 (vol. 2)c1978page image
Davis, Richard BealeIntellectual life in the Colonial South, 1585-1763 (vol. 3)c1978page image
Rogin, Michael PaulThe intellectuals and McCarthy: the radical specterc1967page image
Kahin, George McTurnanIntervention: how America became involved in Vietnamc1986page image
Nandy, AshisThe intimate enemy: loss and recovery of self under colonialism1988, c1983page image
Hurtado, Albert L.Intimate frontiers: sex, gender, and culture in old Californiac1999page image
Hopkins, James K.Into the heart of the fire: the British in the Spanish Civil War1998page image
Cassiodorus, Senator, ca. 487-ca. 580.An introduction to divine and human readings1969, c1946page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Walsh, W. H. (William Henry)An introduction to philosophy of history1951page image
Langlois, Charles VictorIntroduction to the study of history1932page image
Fitzhugh, William W.Inua: spirit world of the Bering Sea Eskimo1982page image
Axtell, JamesThe invasion within: the contest of cultures in Colonial North America1985page image
Heinzen, James W.Inventing a Soviet countryside: state power and the transformation of rural Russia, 1917-1929c2004page image
Douglas, Susan J. (Susan Jeanne)Inventing American broadcasting, 1899-19221989, c1987page image
Wolff, LarryInventing Eastern Europe: the map of civilization on the mind of the enlightenment1994page image
Mudimbe, V. Y.The invention of Africa: gnosis, philosophy, and the order of knowledge1988page image
Hunt, Lynn AveryThe Invention of pornography: obscenity and the origins of modernity, 1500-18001993page image
Torrey, E. Fuller (Edwin Fuller)The invisible plague: the rise of mental illness from 1750 to the present2003, c2001encoded text
Morony, Michael G.Iraq after the Muslim conquestc1984page image
Mac Niocaill, GearóidIreland before the Vikings1972page image
Miller, Kerby A.Irish immigrants in the land of Canaan: letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary America, 1675-18152004, c2003encoded text
O'Farrell, PatrickThe Irish in Australiac1987page image
Feldman, Gerald D.Iron and steel in the German inflation, 1916-1923c1977page image
Miller, Marc S.The irony of victory: World War II and Lowell, Massachusettsc1988page image
Sutton, ImreIrredeemable America: the Indians' estate and land claimsc1985page image
Mir-Hosseini, ZibaIslam and gender: the religious debate in contemporary Iranc1999page image
Kramer, Martin S.Islam assembled: the advent of the Muslim congresses1986page image
Smith, Wilfred CantwellIslam in modern history1957page image
Anderson, J. N. D. (James Norman Dalrymple), SirIslamic law in the modern world1959page image
Lassner, JacobIslamic revolution and historical memory: an inquiry into the art of ʻAbbasid apologetics1986page image
Brunt, P. A.Italian manpower, 225 B.C.-A.D. 141971page image
Piccone, PaulItalian Marxism1983page image
Albrecht-Carrié, RenéItaly at the Paris Peace Conference1966, c1938page image
Salomone, A. William (Arcangelo William)Italy in the Giolittian era: Italian democracy in the making, 1900-1914[1960]page image
Alpers, Edward A.Ivory and slaves: changing pattern of international trade in East Central Africa to the later nineteenth century1975page image

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