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Author Title Year Type
Johnson, Lyman L.The faces of honor: sex, shame, and violence in Colonial Latin Americac1998page image
Richter, Daniel K.Facing east from Indian country: a Native history of early America2003, c2001page image
Kocka, JürgenFacing total war: German society, 1914-19181984page image
Straus, Kenneth M.Factory and community in Stalin's Russia: the making of an industrial working classc1997page image
Tsurumi, E. PatriciaFactory girls: women in the thread mills of Meiji Japan1990page image
Quale, G. Robina (Gladys Robina)Families in context: a world history of population1992page image
Yans-McLaughlin, VirginiaFamily and community: Italian immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-19301977page image
Borges, Dain EdwardThe family in Bahia, Brazil, 1870-19451992page image
Desan, SuzanneThe family on trial in revolutionary Francec2004page image
Coleman, SamuelFamily planning in Japanese society: traditional birth control in a modern urban culturec1991page image
Hunt, Lynn AveryThe family romance of the French Revolutionc1992page image
Loewen, RoydenFamily, church, and market: a Mennonite community in the Old and New Worlds, 1850-1930c1993page image
Pedersen, SusanFamily, dependence, and the origins of the welfare state: Britain and France, 1914-19451993page image
Stone, LawrenceThe family, sex and marriage in England, 1500-1800c1977page image
Garnsey, PeterFamine and food supply in the Graeco-Roman world: responses to risk and crisis1988page image
Kemble, FannyFanny Kemble's journalsc2000page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Hinton, WilliamFanshen: a documentary of revolution in a Chinese village1997, c1966page image
Tannenbaum, Edward R.The Fascist experience: Italian society and culture, 1922-19451972page image
Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804.The Federalist1961page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Terada, ReiFeeling in theory: emotion after the "death of the subject"c2001page image
Allen, Ann TaylorFeminism and motherhood in Germany, 1800-1914c1991page image
Jayawardena, KumariFeminism and nationalism in the Third World1994, c1986page image
Croll, ElisabethFeminism and socialism in China1980page image
Badran, MargotFeminists, Islam, and nation: gender and the making of modern Egyptc1995page image
Russell-Wood, A. J. R.Fidalgos and philanthropists: the Santa Casa da Misericordia of Bahia, 1550-17551968page image
Reynolds, SusanFiefs and vassals: the medieval evidence reinterpreted2001page image
Brown, Gregory S. (Gregory Stephen)A field of honor: writers, court culture and public theater in French literary life from Racine to the Revolution2007, c2001encoded textACLS Gutenberg-e serieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-BookzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
White, Hayden V.Figural realism: studies in the mimesis effect2000, c1999page image
Ibn al-Nadīm, Muḥammad ibn Isḥāq, fl. 987.The Fihrist of al-Nadim: a tenth-century survey of Muslim culturec1970page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Ibn al-Nadīm, Muḥammad ibn Isḥāq, fl. 987.The Fihrist of al-Nadim: a tenth-century survey of Muslim culture (vol. 2)c1970page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Fanning, CharlesFinley Peter Dunne & Mr. Dooley: the Chicago yearsc1978page image
Matthews, ShellyFirst converts: rich pagan women and the rhetoric of mission in early Judaism and Christianityc2001page image
Ferling, John E.The first of men: a life of George Washingtonc1988page image
Offer, AvnerThe First World War: an agrarian interpretationc1989page image
Bisson, Thomas N.Fiscal accounts of Catalonia under the early count-kings (1151-1213)c1984page image
Bisson, Thomas N.Fiscal accounts of Catalonia under the early count-kings (1151-1213) (vol. 2)c1984page image
McEvoy, Arthur F.The fisherman's problem: ecology and law in the California fisheries, 1850-19801986page image
Collcutt, MartinFive Mountains: the Rinzai Zen monastic institution in medieval Japan1981page image
Bilstein, Roger E.Flight in America: from the Wrights to the astronauts2001page image
Roper, Laura WoodFLO, a biography of Frederick Law Olmsted1983, c1973page image
Litchfield, R. BurrFlorence ducal capital, 1530-1630c2008encoded text
Brucker, Gene A.Florentine politics and society, 1343-13781962page image
Furth, CharlotteA flourishing Yin: gender in China's medical history, 960-1665c1999page image
Cohen, Mark NathanThe food crisis in prehistory: overpopulation and the origins of agriculture1977page image
Super, John C.Food, conquest, and colonization in sixteenth-century Spanish Americac1988page image
Sherman, William L.Forced native labor in sixteenth-century Central Americac1979page image
Petravage, Carol A.The Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas[1988]page image
Nevins, AllanFord1954-1963page image
Nevins, AllanFord (vol. 2)1954-1963page image
Nevins, AllanFord (vol. 3)1954-1963page image
Nevins, AllanFord2008, c1963encoded text
Nevins, AllanFord (vol. 2)2008, c1963encoded text
Nevins, AllanFord (vol. 3)2008, c1963encoded text
Grafton, AnthonyForgers and critics: creativity and duplicity in Western scholarshipc1990page image
Nash, Gary B.Forging freedom: the formation of Philadelphia's Black community, 1720-18401988page image
Hess, Andrew C.The forgotten frontier: a history of the sixteenth century Ibero-African frontier1978page image
Tilly, CharlesThe Formation of national states in Western Europe1975page image
Dilthey, WilhelmThe formation of the historical world in the human sciencesc2002page image
Pipes, RichardThe formation of the Soviet Union: communism and nationalism, 1917-1923 : with a new preface1997page image
Bolon, Carol R.Forms of the goddess Lajja Gauri in Indian art1992page imageACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzMonographs on the fine arts ;zxyxzCollege Art Association monographs.zxyxz
Corbin, AlainThe foul and the fragrant: odor and the French social imagination1986page image
Akita, GeorgeFoundations of constitutional government in modern Japan, 1868-19001967page image
Tierney, BrianFoundations of the conciliar theory: the contribution of the medieval canonists from Gratian to the Great Schism1955page image
Jensen, MerrillThe founding of a nation: a history of the American Revolution, 1763-17761968page image
Greven, Philip J.Four generations: population, land, and family in colonial Andover, Massachusetts1970page image
Nelson, William E.The Fourteenth Amendment: from political principle to judicial doctrine1988page image
Cummings, Abbott LowellThe framed houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-17251979page image
Wandycz, Piotr StefanFrance and her eastern allies, 1919-1925: French-Czechoslovak-Polish relations from the Paris Peace Conference to Locarno1962page image
Zeldin, TheodoreFrance, 1848-19451973-1977page image
Zeldin, TheodoreFrance, 1848-1945 (vol. 2)1973-1977page image
Asher-Greve, Julia M.Frauen in altsumerischer Zeit1985page image
Billington, Ray AllenFrederick Jackson Turner: historian, scholar, teacher1973page image
Kennedy, David M.Freedom from fear: the American people in depression and war, 1929-19451999page image
Butler, Kim D.Freedoms given, freedoms won: Afro-Brazilians in post-abolition, Sao Paulo and Salvadorc1998page image
Pottinger, David T. (David Thomas)The French book trade in the ancien regime, 1500-17911958page image
Wohl, RobertFrench communism in the making, 1914-19241966page image
Moses, Claire GoldbergFrench feminism in the nineteenth centuryc1984page image
Wilson, Arthur McCandlessFrench foreign policy during the administration of Cardinal Fleury, 1726-1743: a study in diplomacy and commercial development1936page image
Stoianovich, TraianFrench historical method: the Annales paradigm1976page image
Berque, JacquesFrench North Africa: the Maghrib between two world wars1967page image
Margadant, Ted W.French peasants in revolt: the insurrection of 1851c1979page image
Pinkney, David H.The French revolution of 18301972page image
Stein, Robert LouisThe French sugar business in the eighteenth centuryc1988page image
Holt, Mack P.The French wars of religion, 1562-16291995page image
Freed, John B.The friars and German society in the thirteenth century1977page image
Cohen, JeremyThe friars and the Jews: the evolution of medieval anti-Judaismc1982page image
Stanley, Amy DruFrom bondage to contract: wage labor, marriage, and the market in the age of slave emancipation1998page image
Halfin, IgalFrom darkness to light: class, consciousness, and salvation in revolutionary Russiac2000page image
Clark, J. Desmond (John Desmond)From hunters to farmers: the causes and consequences of food production in Africac1984page image
Cinel, DinoFrom Italy to San Francisco: the immigrant experience1982page image
Godman, PeterFrom Poliziano to Machiavelli: Florentine humanism in the high Renaissancec1998page image
Bushman, Richard L.From Puritan to Yankee: character and the social order in Connecticut, 1690-17651967page image
Major, J. Russell (James Russell)From Renaissance monarchy to absolute monarchy: French kings, nobles, & estatesc1994page image
Humphreys, R. StephenFrom Saladin to the Mongols: the Ayyubids of Damascus, 1193-12601977page image
Hounshell, David A.From the American system to mass production, 1800-1932: the development of manufacturing technology in the United Statesc1985page image
Thompson, Leonard MonteathThe Frontier in history: North America and Southern Africa comparedc1981page image
Argote-Freyre, FrankFulgencio Batista: from revolutionary to strongman2007, c2006encoded text
Geary, Patrick J.Furta sacra: thefts of relics in the central Middle Agesc1990page image

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