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Author Title Year Type
Larson, Laurence MarcellusThe earliest Norwegian laws: being the Gulathing law and the Frostathing law1935page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Brooke, Rosalind B.Early Franciscan government: Elias to Bonaventure1959page image
Wolters, O. W.Early Indonesian commerce: a study of the origins of Srivijaya1967page image
Donner, Fred McGrawThe early Islamic conquestsc1981page image
Wickham, ChrisEarly medieval Italy: central power and local society, 400-10001981page image
Bachrach, Bernard S.Early medieval Jewish policy in Western Europec1977page image
Doehaerd, Renée.The early Middle Ages in the West: economy and society1978page image
Totman, Conrad D.Early modern Japan1995, c1993page image
Sauer, Carl OrtwinThe early Spanish Main1966page image
Berlo, Janet CatherineThe Early years of Native American art history: the politics of scholarship and collectingc1992page image
Rothschild, JosephEast Central Europe between the two World Wars1977, c1974page image
Mathisen, Ralph W.Ecclesiastical factionalism and religious controversy in fifth-century Gaulc1989page image
Gras, Norman Scott BrienThe economic and social history of an English village (Crawley, Hampshire) A.D. 909-19281930page image
Burgin, MironThe economic aspects of Argentine federalism, 1820-18521946page image
Curtin, Philip D.Economic change in precolonial Africa: Senegambia in the era of the slave trade1975page image
Issawi, Charles PhilipAn economic history of the Middle East and North Africa1982page image
Schaps, David M.Economic rights of women in ancient Greece1981, c1979page image
Ginzburg, CarloEcstasies: deciphering the witches' Sabbathc1991page image
Riché, PierreEducation and culture in the barbarian West: from the sixth through eighth century1978, c1976page image
Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.The education of a Christian prince1968, c1964page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Freeberg, ErnestThe education of Laura Bridgman: first deaf and blind person to learn language2001page image
Baron, BethEgypt as a woman: nationalism, gender, and politicsc2005page image
Schölch, AlexanderEgypt for the Egyptians!: the socio-political crisis in Egypt, 1878-18821981page image
Bagnall, Roger S.Egypt in late antiquity1996page image
Pommer, RichardEighteenth-century architecture in Piedmont: the open structures of Juvarra, Alfieri & Vittone1967page image
Robbins, CarolineThe eighteenth-century commonwealthman: studies in the transmission, development and circumstance of English liberal thought from the restoration of Charles II until the war with the thirteen colonies1968, c1959page image
Lanning, John TateThe eighteenth-century enlightenment in the University of San Carlos de Guatemala1956page image
Nye, David E.Electrifying America: social meanings of a new technology, 1880-1940c1990page image
Hacker, Barton C.Elements of controversy: the Atomic Energy Commission and radiation safety in nuclear weapons testing, 1947-1974c1994page image
Feinberg, MelissaElusive equality: gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950c2006page image
Morrison, Kenneth M.The embattled Northeast: the elusive ideal of alliance in Abenaki-Euramerican relationsc1984page image
Morrison, Kenneth M.The embattled Northeast: the elusive ideal of alliance in Abenaki-Euramerican relations2008, c1984encoded text
Jayawardena, KumariEmbodied violence: communalising women's sexuality in South Asiac1996page image
Yoshihara, MariEmbracing the East: white women and American orientalismc2003page image
Litchfield, R. BurrEmergence of a bureaucracy: the Florentine patricians, 1530-17901986page image
Bushnell, DavidThe emergence of Latin America in the nineteenth century1994page image
Mellars, PaulThe emergence of modern humans: an archaeological perspectivec1990page image
Altman, IdaEmigrants and society: Extremadura and America in the sixteenth centuryc1989page image
Grabar, AndréL'empereur dans l'art byzantin: recherches sur l'art officiel de l'empire d'Orient1936page image
Hart, John M. (John Mason)Empire and revolution: the Americans in Mexico since the Civil Warc2002,encoded text
Commager, Henry SteeleThe empire of reason: how Europe imagined and America realized the enlightenment1977page image
Bryer, AnthonyThe Empire of Trebizond and the Pontos1980page image
Doyle, Michael W.Empires1986page image
Hindle, BrookeEmulation and invention1983, c1981page image
Deeb, LaraAn enchanted modern: gender and public piety in Shi'i Lebanonc2006page image
Simpson, Lesley ByrdThe encomienda in New Spain: the beginning of Spanish Mexico1950page image
Simpson, Lesley ByrdThe encomienda in New Spain: the beginning of Spanish Mexico2008, c1950encoded text
Lock, Margaret M.Encounters with aging: mythologies of menopause in Japan and North Americac1993page image
Domańska, EwaEncounters: philosophy of history after postmodernismc1998page image
Schuker, Stephen A.The end of French predominance in Europe: the financial crisis of 1924 and the adoption of the Dawes planc1976page image
Scally, Robert JamesThe end of hidden Ireland: rebellion, famine, and emigration1995page image
Yunck, John A.Eneas: a twelfth-century French romance1974page imageRecords of civilization, sources and studies ;zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
MacMullen, RamsayEnemies of the Roman order: treason, unrest, and alienation in the Empire1966page image
Davis, Lennard J.Enforcing normalcy: disability, deafness, and the body1995page image
Botman, SelmaEngendering citizenship in Egyptc1999page image
Gilmartin, Christina K.Engendering the Chinese revolution: radical women, communist politics, and mass movements in the 1920sc1995page image
Spencer, William J.Engines of innovation: U.S. industrial research at the end of an erac1996page image
Quinn, David B.England and the discovery of America, 1481-1620: from the Bristol voyages of the fifteenth century to the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth : the exploration, exploitation, and trial-and-error colonization of North America by the English1974, c1973page image
Steele, Ian KennethThe English Atlantic, 1675-1740: an exploration of communication and community1986page image
Ellis, BethAn English girl's first impressions of Burmah1899page image
Hilton, R. H. (Rodney Howard)The English peasantry in the later Middle Ages: the Ford lectures for 1973 and related studies1975page image
Hilton, R. H. (Rodney Howard)The English rising of 13811950page image
Keen, Maurice HughEnglish society in the Later Middle Ages, 1348-15001990page image
Homans, George CasparEnglish villagers of the thirteenth century1975, c1941page image
Walicki, AndrzejThe Enlightenment and the birth of modern nationhood: Polish political thought from noble republicanism to Tadeusz Kosciuszkoc1989page image
May, Henry FarnhamThe Enlightenment in America1976page image
Paulson, William R.Enlightenment, Romanticism, and the blind in Francec1987page image
Hellie, RichardEnserfment and military change in Muscovy1971page image
Hovenkamp, HerbertEnterprise and American law, 1836-19371991page image
Miller, NathanThe enterprise of a free people: aspects of economic development in New York State during the canal period, 1792-18381962page image
McReynolds, LouiseEntertaining tsarist Russia: tales, songs, plays, movies, jokes, ads, and images from Russian urban life, 1779-1917c1998page image
Vlasto, A. P.The entry of the Slavs into Christendom: an introduction to the medieval history of the Slavs1970page image
Festugière, A. J. (André Jean)Epicurus and his gods: Epicure et ses dieux1956page image
Johnson, Penelope D. (Penelope Delafield)Equal in monastic profession: religious women in Medieval France1991page image
Dangerfield, GeorgeThe era of good feelingsc1952page image
Bainton, Roland HerbertErasmus of Christendom[1969]page image
Shaw, Ronald E.Erie water west: a history of the Erie Canal, 1792-18541990page image
Hunt, Lynn AveryEroticism and the body politicc1991page image
Holler, Jacqueline ZuzannEscogidas plantas: nuns and beatas in Mexico City, 1531-16012008, c2001encoded textACLS Gutenberg-e serieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-BookzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Yoshida, Kenkō, 1282?-1350.Essays in idleness: the Tsurezuregusa of Kenkoc1998page imageTranslations from the Asian classicszxyxzRecords of civilization, sources and studieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Díaz Alejandro, Carlos FedericoEssays on the economic history of the Argentine Republic1970page image
Black, Cyril EdwinThe establishment of constitutional government in Bulgaria1943page image
Salvatore, NickEugene V. Debs: citizen and socialistc1982page image
Bucur, MariaEugenics and modernization in interwar Romaniac2002page image
Estes, Kenneth W.A European anabasis: western European volunteers in the German army and SS, 1940-19452008, c2001encoded textACLS Gutenberg-e serieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-BookzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Offen, Karen M.European feminisms, 1700-1950: a political historyc2000page image
Lewis, Archibald R. (Archibald Ross)European naval and maritime history, 300-1500c1985page image
Sperber, JonathanThe European revolutions, 1848-18511994page image
Atkinson, AlanThe Europeans in Australia: a history1997-2004page image
Atkinson, AlanThe Europeans in Australia: a history (vol. 2)1997-2004page image
Canny, Nicholas P.Europeans on the move: studies on European migration, 1500-18001994page image
Hanley, Susan B.Everyday things in premodern Japan: the hidden legacy of material culturec1997page image
Groce, Nora EllenEveryone here spoke sign language: hereditary deafness on Martha's Vineyardc1985page image
Cockrell, DaleExcelsior: journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers, 1842-1846c1989page image
Perdue, Peter C.Exhausting the earth: state and peasant in Hunan, 1500-18501987page image
Modjeska, DrusillaExiles at home: Australian women writers, 1925-19452001, c1981page image
Hirschman, Albert O.Exit, voice, and loyalty: responses to decline in firms, organizations, and states1970page image
Goetzmann, William H.Exploration and empire: the explorer and the scientist in the winning of the American West[1993]page image
Kuriyama, ShigehisaThe expressiveness of the body and the divergence of Greek and Chinese medicine1999page image
Thomson, Rosemarie GarlandExtraordinary bodies: figuring physical disability in American culture and literaturec1997page image

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