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Author Title Year Type
Stanley, David100 years of American folklore studies: a conceptual history1988page image
Webb, Stephen Saunders1676, the end of American independence1984page image
Abou-El-Haj, Rifaʻat AliThe 1703 rebellion and the structure of Ottoman politics1984page image
Taft, Michael1988-1994 supplement to The centennial indexc1994page image
Kalman, LauraAbe Fortas: a biographyc1990page image
Petchesky, Rosalind P.Abortion and woman's choice: the state, sexuality, and reproductive freedomc1990page image
Norgren, Christiana A. E.Abortion before birth control: the politics of reproduction in postwar Japanc2001page image
McPherson, James M.Abraham Lincoln and the second American Revolutionc1991page image
Beik, WilliamAbsolutism and society in seventeenth-century France: state power and provincial aristocracy in Languedoc1985page image
Lanning, John TateAcademic culture in the Spanish colonies1940page image
Monge M., Carlos (Monge Medrano)Acclimatization in the Andes: historical confirmation of climatic aggression in the development of Andean man1948page image
Hirst, J. B. (John Bradley)Adelaide and the country, 1870-1917: their social and political relationship1973page image
Webb, William S. (William Snyder)The Adena people2001, c1974page image
Morison, Samuel EliotAdmiral of the ocean sea: a life of Christopher Columbus1942page image
Dunn, Ross E.The adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim traveler of the fourteenth centuryc2005page image
Dunn, Ross E.The adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim traveler of the fourteenth century2008, c2005encoded text
Furner, Mary O.Advocacy & objectivity: a crisis in the professionalization of American social science, 1865-1905[1975]page image
Greenberg, Joshua R.Advocating the man: masculinity, organized labor, and the household in New York, 1800-1840c2007encoded textACLS Gutenberg-e serieszxyxzACLS Humanities E-BookzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Mullin, MichaelAfrica in America: slave acculturation and resistance in the American South and the British Caribbean, 1736-1831c1992page image
Hansen, Karen TranbergAfrican encounters with domesticityc1992page image
Iliffe, JohnThe African poor: a history1987page image
Bowser, Frederick P.The African slave in colonial Peru, 1524-16501974page image
Kanogo, Tabitha M.African womanhood in colonial Kenya, 1900-502005page image
Hay, Margaret JeanAfrican women & the law: historical perspectivesc1982page image
Coquery-Vidrovitch, CatherineAfrican women: a modern history1997page image
Prahlad, AnandAfrican-American proverbs in contextc1996page image
Inikori, J. E.Africans and the industrial revolution in England: a study in international trade and development2002page image
Hall, Gwendolyn MidloAfricans in colonial Louisiana: the development of Afro-Creole culture in the eighteenth centuryc1992page image
Powdermaker, HortenseAfter freedom: a cultural study in the deep South1939page image
Huyssen, AndreasAfter the great divide: modernism, mass culture, postmodernismc1986page image
Macías, AnnaAgainst all odds: the feminist movement in Mexico to 1940c1982page image
Jones, Howard MumfordThe age of energy: varieties of American experience, 1865-19151971page image
Parry, J. H. (John Horace)The age of reconnaissancec1981page image
Hofstadter, RichardThe age of reform: from Bryan to F.D.R.1955page image
Palmer, R. R. (Robert Roswell)The age of the democratic revolution: a political history of Europe and America, 1760-18001959-64page image
Palmer, R. R. (Robert Roswell)The age of the democratic revolution: a political history of Europe and America, 1760-1800 (vol. 2)1959-64page image
Burrow, J. A. (John Anthony)The ages of man: a study in medieval writing and thought1988page image
Thompson, Homer A.The Agora of Athens: the history, shape and uses of an ancient city center1972page image
Smith, Thomas C. (Thomas Carlyle)The agrarian origins of modern Japan1959page image
Malefakis, Edward E.Agrarian reform and peasant revolution in Spain: origins of the Civil War1970page image
Gamble, Robert S.The Alabama catalog: Historic American Buildings Survey : a guide to the early architecture of the statec1987page image
Price, RichardAlabi's worldc1990page image
Bennett, Judith M.Ale, beer and brewsters in England: women's work in a changing world, 1300-16001996page image
Malia, Martin E. (Martin Edward)Alexander Herzen and the birth of Russian socialism1965page image
Momigliano, ArnaldoAlien wisdom: the limits of Hellenization1975page image
Thorne, Christopher G.Allies of a kind: the United States, Britain, and the war against Japan, 1941-1945c1978page image
Adorno, RolenaAlvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: his account, his life, and the expedition of Panfilo de Narvaezc1999page image
Adorno, RolenaAlvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: his account, his life, and the expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez (vol. 2)c1999page image
Adorno, RolenaAlvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: his account, his life, and the expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez (vol. 3)c1999page image
Norton, Augustus R.Amal and the Shiʻa: struggle for the soul of Lebanon1987page image
Hofstadter, RichardAmerica at 1750: a social portrait1971page image
Fischer, Claude S.America calling: a social history of the telephone to 19401992page image
Fye, BruceAmerican cardiology: the history of a specialty and its collegec1996page image
Fasce, FerdinandoAn American family: the Great War and corporate culture in America2002page image
Zumwalt, Rosemary LévyAmerican folklore scholarship: a dialogue of dissentc1988page image
Bradley, Harold WhitmanThe American frontier in Hawaii: the pioneers, 1789-18431942page image
Howe, George F. (George Frederick)The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature: board of editors, George Frederick Howe ... [et al.] ; assisted by section editors, a central editor and others.1961page imageAHA guides to historical literature.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Gerardi, PamelaThe American Historical Association's guide to historical literature1995page imageACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzAHA guides to historical literature.zxyxz
Gerardi, PamelaThe American Historical Association's guide to historical literature (vol. 2)1995page imageACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzAHA guides to historical literature.zxyxz
Rourke, ConstanceAmerican humor: a study of the national character[1953]page image
Dunn, DorothyAmerican Indian painting of the Southwest and Plains areas1968page image
Rotundo, E. AnthonyAmerican manhood: transformations in masculinity from the Revolution to the modern erac1993page image
Cassedy, James H.American medicine and statistical thinking, 1800-18601984page image
Silbey, Joel H.The American party battle: election campaign pamphlets, 1828-1876c1999page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Silbey, Joel H.The American party battle: election campaign pamphlets, 1828-1876 (vol. 2)c1999page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Davids, JulesAmerican political and economic penetration of Mexico, 1877-19201976page image
Hofstadter, RichardThe American political tradition: and the men who made it1948page image
Matthiessen, F. O. (Francis Otto)American renaissance: art and expression in the age of Emerson and Whitman1941page image
McIlwain, Charles HowardThe American revolution: a constitutional interpretation1923page image
Auanger, LisaAmong women: from the homosocial to the homoerotic in the ancient world2002page image
Dahlhaus, CarlAnalysis and value judgmentc1983page image
McGovern, James R.Anatomy of a lynching: the killing of Claude Neal1992, c1982page image
Mandelbaum, MauriceThe anatomy of historical knowledgec1977page image
Brose, David S.Ancient art of the American Woodland Indiansc1985page image
Finley, M. I. (Moses I.)The ancient economy1999page image
Malherbe, Abraham J.Ancient epistolary theoristsc1988page image
Finley, M. I. (Moses I.)Ancient history: evidence and models1986, c1985page image
Harris, William V. (William Vernon)Ancient literacy1989page image
Helms, Mary W.Ancient Panama: chiefs in search of powerc1979page image
Ullman, B. L. (Berthold Louis)Ancient writing and its influence1963page image
Otwell, John H.And Sarah laughed: the status of woman in the Old Testamentc1977page image
Mayer, EnriqueAndean kinship and marriagec1977page image
Floyd, Troy S.The Anglo-Spanish struggle for Mosquitiac1967page image
Montejano, DavidAnglos and Mexicans in the making of Texas, 1836-19861987page image
Palladino, GraceAnother Civil War: labor, capital, and the state in the anthracite regions of Pennsylvania, 1840-68c1990page image
Cohn, Bernard S.An anthropologist among the historians and other essaysc1987page image
Jones, Grant D.Anthropology and history in Yucatanc1977page image
Thomson, AlistairAnzac memories: living with the legend1994page image
Mathiesen, Thomas J.Apollo's lyre: Greek music and music theory in antiquity and the Middle Agesc1999page image
Obeyesekere, GananathThe apotheosis of Captain Cook: European mythmaking in the Pacificc1997page image
Wellhausen, JuliusThe Arab Kingdom and its fall (vol. 7)2000page image
Tucker, Judith E.Arab women: old boundaries, new frontiersc1993page image
Usāmah ibn Munqidh, 1095-1188.An Arab-Syrian gentleman and warrior in the period of the Crusades: memoirs of Usamah ibn-Munqidh (Kitab al-Iʻtibar)c2000page imageRecords of Western civilizationzxyxzRecords of civilization, sources and studies.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxzACLS Humanities E-Bookzxyxz
Philby, H. St. J. B. (Harry St. John Bridger)Arabia of the Wahhabis1977page image
Khalidi, TarifArabic historical thought in the classical period1994page image
Hourani, Albert HabibArabic thought in the liberal age, 1798-19391983page image
Daniel, NormanThe Arabs and mediaeval Europe1975page image
Lewis, BernardThe Arabs in history1993page image
Latour, BrunoAramis, or, The love of technology1996page image
Fowler, LorettaArapahoe politics, 1851-1978: symbols in crises of authority1986, c1982page image
Stone, DorisThe Archaeology of lower Central Americac1984page image
Snow, Dean R.The archaeology of North America1976page image
Downing, Antoinette ForresterThe architectural heritage of Newport, Rhode Island: 1640-1915c1967page image
Lane, Barbara MillerArchitecture and politics in Germany, 1918-19451985, c1968page image
Slezkine, YuriArctic mirrors: Russia and the small peoples of the North1994page image
Hodges, Donald ClarkArgentina, 1943-1976: the national revolution and resistancec1976page image
Scobie, James R.Argentina: a city and a nationc1964page image
Barton, SimonThe aristocracy in twelfth-century Leon and Castile1997page image
Dewald, JonathanAristocratic experience and the origins of modern culture: France, 1570-1715c1993page image
Cardoza, Anthony L.Aristocrats in bourgeois Italy: the Piedmontese nobility, 1861-19301997page image
Archer, Christon I.The army in Bourbon Mexico, 1760-1810c1977page image
Pérez, Louis A.Army politics in Cuba, 1898-1958c1976page image
McNeill, William HardyArnold J. Toynbee: a life1990, c1989page image
Makk, FerencThe Arpads and the Comneni: political relations between Hungary and Byzantium in the 12th century1989page image
MacCormack, SabineArt and ceremony in late antiquityc1981page image
Maguire, HenryArt and eloquence in Byzantium1994, c1981page image
Holt, ClaireArt in Indonesia: continuities and changec1967page image
Unger, Richard W.The Art of medieval technology: images of Noah the shipbuilderc1991page image
Chang, Kwang-chihArt, myth, and ritual: the path to political authority in ancient Chinac1983page image
Taft, RobertArtists and illustrators of the Old West, 1850-19001953page image
Helms, Mary W.Asang: adaptations to culture contact in a Miskito community1971page image
McCaskie, T. C.Asante identities: history and modernity in an African village, 1850-1950c2000page image
Panikkar, K. M. (Kavalam Madhava)Asia and Western dominance: a survey of the Vasco da Gama epoch of asian history, 1498-19451959page image
Zuhur, SherifaAsmahan's secrets: woman, war and songc2000page image
Urton, GaryAt the crossroads of the earth and the sky: an Andean cosmologyc1981page image
Franzoi, BarbaraAt the very least she pays the rent: women and German industrialization, 1871-1914c1985page image
Barnes, Timothy DavidAthanasius and Constantius: theology and politics in the Constantinian empire1993page image
Cohen, Edward E.Athenian economy and society: a banking perspective1992page image
Davies, John KenyonAthenian propertied families, 600-300 B.C.1971page image
Setton, Kenneth MeyerAthens in the Middle Ages1975page image
Rodgers, Daniel T.Atlantic crossings: social politics in a progressive age1998page image
Clemens, Paul G. E.The Atlantic economy and colonial Maryland's Eastern Shore: from tobacco to grain1980page image
Liss, Peggy K.Atlantic empires: the network of trade and revolution, 1713-1826c1983page image
Curtin, Philip D.The Atlantic slave trade: a census1969page image
Hewlett, Richard G.Atoms for peace and war, 1953-1961: Eisenhower and the Atomic Energy Commission1989page image
Schedvin, C. B.Australia and the great depression: a study of economic development and policy in the 1920s and 1930s1988, c1970page image
Wilcox, CraigAustralia's Boer War: the war in South Africa, 1899-1902c2002page image
Ward, Russel BraddockThe Australian legend2003, c1966page image
Brett, JudithAustralian liberals and the moral middle class: from Alfred Deakin to John Howard2003page image
Brett, JudithAustralian liberals and the moral middle class: from Alfred Deakin to John Howard2008, c2003encoded text
Smith, BernardAustralian painting, 1788-2000c2001page image
Jalland, PatriciaAustralian ways of death: a social and cultural history, 1840-19182002page image
Mayr, OttoAuthority, liberty, & automatic machinery in early modern Europe1989, c1986page image
Jefferson, JosephThe autobiography of Joseph Jefferson1964page imageJohn Harvard libraryzxyxzACLS Humanities E-Book.zxyxz
Gandhi, MahatmaAn autobiography, or, The story of my experiments with truth1996page image
Flink, James J.The automobile age1990, c1988page image
Adamson, Walter L.Avant-garde Florence: from modernism to fascism1993page image
O'Donnell, James JosephAvatars of the word: from papyrus to cyberspace1998page image
Butler, JonAwash in a sea of faith: Christianizing the American people1992, c1990page image

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